Sandy Hook- It’s Not Irresponsible to Question

On December 14, 2012, twenty elementary school children and six adults were reportedly killed by a deranged shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The fact that I use the qualifier “reportedly” is an indication of just how murky and unsettled this whole story remains.

I became interested in the Sandy Hook incident primarily because of the excellent work of many on the internet, who as always asked the questions and did the investigating that professional journalists don’t. I was particularly astounded by the helicopter footage taken that day, during the time period when there should have been signs of real pandemonium, which instead revealed a rather lackluster scene. No ambulances, no parents rushing about hysterically, no school officials or police running about trying to establish order. And no signs of the mass evacuation of the school, and its estimated 450-650 students (the estimates vary quite a bit in accounts). In short, there appeared to be nothing unusual going on at Sandy Hook Elementary School on the day of the alleged shooting.

I was also drawn to the many videos analyzing the media appearances of one Gene Rosen. Even without dissecting his testimony, Rosen appeared to be a very unique character. Rosen reported that six children had managed to escape from the clutches of purported shooter Adam Lanza and find their way to his home. What was obvious right away was not only Rosen’s histrionic demeanor, but the ever-changing details in his account. He claimed that he first saw the children sitting on his lawn after feeding his cats and preparing to go to breakfast, for example, but in another version he encountered them upon returning home from breakfast at a local diner.

Rosen claimed that a bus driver had dropped the children off at his home. Needless to say, it is impossible to imagine this still unidentified bus driver (described in various interviews as both a man and a woman) leaving children in the custody of a single elderly male, who wasn’t related to any of them. How did the bus driver pick the children up at such an unscheduled hour? Rosen lived practically next door to the firehouse where all the parents and children were supposedly being taken in the aftermath of the shooting. So why not drop them there? There is so much more to the Gene Rosen story alone, but suffice to say a truly independent media, filled with skeptical reporters, would not have treated Rosen as some kind of “hero” for inviting the children into his home and giving them juice, as they played with his extensive stuffed animal collection.

The public is asked to believe that no medical personnel went inside Sandy Hook Elementary School that day. In other words, there wasn’t even an effort to treat any of the shooting victims. Is this remotely believable? Wouldn’t the personnel at least have gone inside and checked out what was going on? As we can see from the helicopter footage that day, even if they’d wanted to, the ambulances were blocked from even going down the path that led from the firehouse to the school. That is another subject, for an extensive investigation- the curious manner in which all vehicles, including the few emergency ones that can be seen, were parked.

A telling aspect of the Sandy Hook case has been the unprecedented amount of secrecy surrounding it. Why would the FBI consider a school shooting classified? Wolfgang Halbig was warned by police in his home state of Florida to drop his investigation into the alleged events at Sandy Hook, and Connecticut police blocked the entrance to the Newtown branch of the United Way when he attempted to inquire about indications that the group had initiated a Sandy Hook relief fund prior to the alleged shootings.

The questions are endless. Why were port-a-potties on the scene? Why were refreshments seemingly being served at the firehouse in the aftermath of the event? Why were the names, ages and sexes of the alleged victims not included in the state of Connecticut’s official report on the investigation? Why weren’t any death certificates released to the public? Why was normal protocol violated here; for instance, why was no triage area set up? Why weren’t the newly installed surveillance cameras at the school working? Why weren’t at least some of the parents allowed to view their child’s remains? Why did the Newtown Bee publish a report that featured quotes about the shooting from Principal Dawn Hochsprung, who was allegedly one of the victims?

Halbig and others have been unable to discover the identity of the certified environmental bio-hazard decontamination company contracted by Newtown Public Schools to remove the estimated 50 gallons or more of blood, body debris, damaged carpets, etc. from the crime scene. Why shouldn’t that be information that is public knowledge? As happens routinely now with all high- profile crime scenes of this nature (Waco, Oklahoma City, etc.), Sandy Hook Elementary School was completely demolished afterwards, at a cost of some $50 million to taxpayers.

I won’t go too far down the rabbit hole here, and analyze the arguably bizarre behavior of many of the parents connected to the events at Sandy Hook. I did email local reporter Andrea McCarren, who interviewed the Sandy Hook school nurse, and described in detail her comments about alleged shooter Adam Lanza’s mother being a “great kindergarten teacher” at the school. As it turned out, of course, all the early reports about the mother being a teacher at the school were unfounded. She was not connected to Sandy Hook Elementary School at all. So I asked McCarren about that. She admitted to being curious at first, too, but at length wrote, “There is no conspiracy here.” I never mentioned conspiracy; I simply wondered about this startling contradiction.

I also won’t explore all the reasons why Adam Lanza couldn’t have been the shooter, if there was a shooter. In my view, the most basic aspects of the crime scene are not consistent with a real event, but instead convey the impression that some kind of drill was going on. This is perhaps best demonstrated by the fact that the state of Connecticut’s official web site listed a drill, “Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters,” as being scheduled on their calendar for the very date that the Sandy Hook shooting allegedly took place, at a location only fourteen miles away from the school.

More questions; what about the early interview, later disappeared into the memory hole, with a local Catholic priest, where he can be heard audibly laughing as he speaks about the horrifying events at Sandy Hook? What about the bullet holes in substitute teacher and alleged shooting victim Lauren Rousseau’s car, one of which had all the earmarks of an exit hole, but was in the top of the interior portion of the door? Why did early reports state that Lanza had also shot his father, and included the details about finding a body in his home? What can we make of medical examiner Wayne Carver’s animated performance at a heavily scrutinized press conference? It absolutely must be seen to be believed, and certainly helped fuel all the rumors that the event was a hoax.

The mainstream media has succeeded in demonizing those who question the dubious narrative of Sandy Hook as being ghoulish, reckless and insensitive to the families who lost loved ones there. My heart goes out to anyone who loses a child so suddenly, but these are all legitimate questions. It isn’t being disrespectful to parents, or the memory of any children, to ask why no emergency personnel entered Sandy Hook Elementary School that day, or why no signs of any ongoing crisis were captured during hours of helicopter footage, or why there has been so much secrecy connected to every aspect of this case, or why nearly everyone who isn’t a so-called “truther” seems to resent any questions at all being raised.

Sandy Hook is ultimately like all the events I covered in my book Hidden History, in its implausibility and the slew of unanswered questions surrounding it. This alleged tragedy has been used to further an agenda not only to control guns, but to tighten security everywhere and erode our personal liberty. As we have seen increasingly in recent years, “live shooter” drills have become frighteningly commonplace in our schools, as has an increased police presence that often fosters a prison-like atmosphere.

The official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting is unconvincing, to say the least. It should be the duty of any self-respecting journalist to investigate themselves, instead of automatically assuming that those who are asking the questions are irresponsible and denigrating the memory of the children.

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Author of the critically acclaimed best sellers "Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover Ups in American Politics,""Survival of the Richest: How the Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All," and the newly released "Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963." Author of the 2007 sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Unreals," which has been described as a cross between The Wizard of Oz and The Twilight Zone, and compared to A Confederacy of Dunces and classic Russian literature. A second edition of "The Unreals" was published in February 2015 by Pocol Press. Long time JFK assassination researcher. Seeker of truth, proponent of justice and fairness. Enemy of corruption. Sender of as many "tiny ripples of hope" as possible.

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  1. brett vaniderstine

    Nice piece i feel exactly like you. I have a 4 and 5 year old and if they got slaughtered like they say it happened there is no way in hell i would do a tv interview and be smiling at all 24 hours later.Plus if this really did happen why dont these parents of dead kids make there own youtube videos and tell all the hoaxers this is real and fuck off you insensitive jerks.

  2. flyingtigercomics

    I agree there is a lot to question re Sandy Hook.

    There is the video documented presence of Process Church cultists – including likely some of the parents.

    A long established “special school” of the type John Keel stumbled across back in the 1960s and which since then has inspired various slow leak from disinfo types like Strieber as well as hollyweird movies like the original Stepford series and Westworld.

    Adam Lanza’s contact online with surviving Trenchcoat Mafia suspects – who in turn link to both military base traumatic mind control, “Smallville” aka Littleton Colorado and …the Process Church again. And then further link back to the Blade trilogy of films and the Matrix trilogy, as well as Goyer’s involvement in the film Dark City.

    Dark, dark stuff, much more aligned to Aquino type luciferian sacrifice than most people want to imagine.

    As I have said elsewhere, different religions treat children very differently, and have much different attitudes to sacrifice. Non-Christian faiths of great antiquity saw nothing wrong with sacrificing children to achieve temporal power and rewards. In fact, the more special the child sacrificed, the bigger the reward.

    And then dear old Mr. Rosen – who originally pretended to be a “psychologist” at the local House of Horror hospital (complete with its underground tunnels) but who it turns out was an orderly transporting victims between “surgery” and their “cells” – via underground tunnels resembling brick lined sewers.

    The website “remembering” victims and staff of the place has been taken down now…

    • Can you share more about the Process Church connection you mention? I have previously heard about them having a Connecticut presence; are you saying that cultists were videotaped at Sandy Hook that day? I’m also interested in your mention of Lanza being in contact with Trench Coat Mafia members, since I knew he idolized the Columbine shooters and wore similar clothing to them, but was not aware of him actually being in contact with the TCM.

      • The Process Church was actually mentioned in one of the comments, not by me. I don’t know any more than what the poster wrote about that. The same poster also mentioned the Trench Coat Mafia. Again, I have no knowledge about any connection between them and Lanza, although certainly his purported personality fits their profile. Thanks.

      • Hi Donald, thanks for the quick reply. My comment was meant to be a response to flyingtigercomics, I hope it came through looking like that (it was supposed to) and not as a top-level comment. The pedophile and cult networks in Colorado especially are a big focus of some cases I am investigating so anything I ever come across in that realm is of interest to me.

      • Watch this video. It actually suggest Baha’i church involvement.


  4. Sir,
    Since you like asking questions I have a few for you:

    How many people were involved in this “hoax”? All the parents? All the police? Everyone at that school? All the EMTs? And, of course, Obama and the media! How many people is that? And they have all stayed silent about this for the past 9 years? Again, how many people were involved in this “hoax”. Tell me.

    What was the MOTIVE for such a vast “hoax”? Gun grab? No laws have changed.

    Who PAID for this vast hoax?

    I have spoken with some Sandy Hook parents. I am being duped? Are they all really “crisis actors”?
    If you had the courage of your convictions you’d go to Newtown and get arrested. Become a political prisoner until this “hoax” is exposed!

    How many were involved?
    What was the motive?
    Who paid for it?
    Am I being duped when I talk to Sandy Hook Parents?
    Confine your reply to answering these questions.

    • People ask me this same question in regards to the JFK assassination, Apollo flights, 9/11, and other issues. “How could so many people have kept a secret?” It’s the old “someone would have talked” response. Plenty of people have talked, in regards to every subject I write about. Many who did suffered terrible consequences for doing so. You act as if I were part of any conspiracy- or “hoax” as you (not I) call it. They didn’t ask for my input, so I have no idea about the logistics involved. All I do is make observations and ask questions. You are appealing to authority and normalcy here, as many who refuse to accept the extent of the corruption do. Watch the live helicopter footage from that day, from local news stations. You tell me if it looks like anything out of the ordinary is happening at that school. As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words. One video might be worth a million words. Then you might start questioning. Ask the Sandy Hook parents why no EMT people were let inside the school, to attempt to treat any shooting victims. Ask why video shows that access to the school, even if ambulances had tried to get there, was blocked. Ask why reporter Andrea McCarren was told by the school nurse, in great detail, how beloved Adam Lanza’s mother was, as a kindergarten teacher there. Ask why she would have said that, since we were subsequently told his mother had no affiliation with the school whatsoever. Which Sandy Hook parents did you talk to? Why? Are you a researcher? I have no “theory” about anything. I’m just looking for the truth. We are lied to about everything.

      • You are looking for the truth?
        Adam Lanza killed his mother. Drove to that school and killed 20 kids and six adults. He then shot himself.
        You’re wrong to say “we’re lied to about everything.”
        I don’t care what conspiracy videos you saw on youtube.
        You need to change. Don’t give me this crap about “just asking questions”.
        You mention Orwell all the time. You have luxuries and freedom to “ask questions” that Winston Smith did not.

  5. You are just regurgitating the same things. Look at the live coverage from the local news helicopter, taken in the immediate aftermath of the event. Videos don’t lie. They aren’t “conspiracy theories.” This was a video taken by a mainstream television station, not a “conspiracy theorist,” so presumably you’d find it credible. Look at the video and come back and explain where the pandemonium is. Where the people are- the police, medical personnel, students, parents, teachers, etc. I won’t continue to feed you. If you’re interested in the truth, look at all the flaws in the official narrative. And thanks to the tyranny which is engulfing all of us more everyday, I may not have the luxury of asking questions much longer. Joe Biden may very well create that “Disinformation Task Force” that many want. And it will be accepted, because most Americans no longer support freedom of speech.

  6. Post the link of the video you want me to watch.
    You’re the bmade who is just regurgitating conspiracy crap.
    And why are you too scared to answer my questions about motive? You’re implying it was a hoax. You’re not just “asking questions.”

    Here are the people you want to see.

  7. You’re “asking questions” now, so how are you living under a tyranny?
    Tyranny my ass. You’ve never lived under a tyranny, boomer. You’re overfed. You live a life of luxury.
    AGAIN, am I being “duped” when I talk to Sandy Hook parents? They are far more convincing that a failed sci fi writer on blogpress.

  8. You have not answered me.
    Am I being “duped” when I talk to Sandy Hook parents?

  9. You haven’t answered me. Which Sandy Hook parents did you speak to? How do you know them? And why are you posting comments here under two different user names (the IP address is the same)?

  10. Has anyone anywhere been able to track down the audio of Monsignor Robert Weiss where he allegedly laughs during a phone interview with nbc? The article with the partial transcript of the interview definitely exists. You can find it in the waybackmachine using this link. But it seems like the audio is completely scrubbed, or maybe was never uploaded online. I’ve found early forums from 2012 and 2013 and it seems like it was already impossible to find then. was an amateur journalist website, and the author of the article was Danny Cox. You can find his linkedin pretty easily with appropriate search words. Maybe he has it? I would be very interested in hearing it, I feel like I need to hear it to make a definitive conclusion.

    I believe in plenty of conspiracies but always assumed this was completely crazy. I’m still not 100% convinced, but I will say that the doctor Wayne Carver’s behavior was absolutely insane. Especially the line: “it wasn’t a tent, it was a magnificent… thing.” The rest of his behavior I could maybe chalk up to him being weird, but that one line was simply maddening. And Rosen’s story was pretty suspicious too. I also agree that blocking the road was negligent at the very least (although I don’t know all the details of the helicopter video). I’m still conflicted about the whole thing, and part of me thinks the victims could have been legitimate, so Lord forgive me if it was real. But I do find Parker’s behavior, as well as some of the other family members’ behavior, extremely odd. Also this video memorial of Victoria Soto describes her as loving “the color green, the number four, Christmas, and chicken parmigian.” Does that sound like a normal way than an adult is described in the news when they die? Am I going insane lol?

    That said I see a lot of conflicting information and it’s excruciating doing any research on this stuff when it’s so censored, so I’m not sure. But there are a hell of a lot of people who talk like somebody wrote their lines. I can’t even describe it. It’s just sounds like improv actors who were given some bullet points about their characters and the plotline, rather than people actually processing and discussing something that happened to them. They just constantly go back to the same bullet points, or else extrapolate a tangential anecdote in a weirdly elaborate but also vague way, rather than naturally holding a conversation. Again, Lord forgive me if I’m wrong. But I’m definitely curious too now. And I really want that audio of Weiss. Cox is very confident that Weiss was laughing, but I want to confirm it with my own ears.

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