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Transitioning to Substack

I hope all of you will follow me over to Substack, and check out my regular articles there. I may still post occasionally here, but am going to concentrate on Substack. You can access my Substack, this blog, my books, my social media, my podcasts, a PayPal donation button, and more at my new web site, Thanks to my good friend Tony Arterburn for setting that up, and even paying for it.

I can’t thank those who have been loyal readers here enough for their support. Your comments were just the inspiration I needed to keep writing. I think most of you probably follow me at Substack, but if you don’t, I hope you’ll do so soon. I grew to recognize the names of some regular commentators here, and was shocked and gratified when former Rep. Cynthia McKinney introduced herself to me in a comment about the post I wrote some years back on the Boston Bombing charade of a trial. All feedback means a lot to me, but that was truly special.

This blog goes back many years. I first posted in June 2011, when I asked “Who is Don Jeffries?” For reasons I don’t remember, it wasn’t until January 2014 that I began posting regularly here. So that’s over eight years worth of archived material. I hope it proves to be valuable to those who want to read more of my work. Included here are bonus chapters from my books Hidden History and Survival of the Richest, which weren’t in the published editions. I’ve written about political conspiracies, of course, current events, hidden history, and even personal information.

I’m putting the finishing touches on my seventh book, Hidden History 3: More From the American Memory Hole. There will be lots of shocking information about the JFK assassination, inside Kennedy stuff, 9/11, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Founding of the Republic, Lincoln’s tyranny, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Joe McCarthy, the assassination of JFK, Jr., and much more. A big shoutout to the “Threesearchers,” Chris Graves, Peter Secosh, and Bob Wilson, who unearthed a lot of the material for me. It’s amazing to me that I now have people enthused enough about my work to volunteer their time like that.

Blogs and independent platforms are more important now than ever. So are programs like The Donald Jeffries Show, which airs every Wednesday from 6-8 pm eastern on, but also plays on a tape delayed basis on several terrestrial radio stations, and is rerun four times every week on Jeff Rense’s large network. I also appear every Monday evening from 9-10 pm eastern on Rense’s show. “I Protest” now live streams every Friday, from 5-7 pm eastern, on, and my You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter social media pages. “America Unplugged,” a weekly recap of current events, airs on the same platforms every Saturday at 12 noon eastern, with myself and fellow truth seekers Tony Arterburn and Billy Ray Valentine. And the archives of all my shows are at the America Unplugged page on

Don’t think the censorship will stop at the big social media platforms. They hate the idea that common riff-raff like me can express my thoughts, without the filter of a state media controlled talking head. And they obviously don’t like radio shows and podcasts circumventing FCC regulations and providing an outlet for unvarnished free speech. They are coming. So we all need to act quickly to rally around alternative blogs and podcasts. Support the opposition to this tyranny. It will be harder for them to clamp down on us if the audiences become large, loud, and enthusiastic.

My daughter wasn’t even a teenager when I started this blog. Now she’s twenty eight. I was still devoting six days out of every week back then, to coaching my kids’ sports teams. Hard to believe that much time has passed. When children become adults, it leaves a hole in your life, if you were as involved a parent as I was. Thankfully, this belated new career of mine, writing and communicating on broadcasts, has helped to fill that void. My best friends now are all people I “met” online. I’ve physically met only a few of them, and talked to a few more on the phone. It’s a different world. I cherish these friendships. Every day, I hear from people all over the world, who tell me how much they love my work. It’s very heady stuff.

Please move with me to Substack. It’s a big, growing free speech platform where well-known names like Glenn Greenwald do all their writing. If you’re fed up with the Orwellian authoritarianism, and value human life and liberty, show your support. Like the Proles in Orwell’s 1984, we have the numbers. But we have to show we have the will, and the spirit.