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From 9/11 to Mandates- Elvis Has Left the Building

The twenty year anniversary of the “terrorist” attacks of September 11, 2001 came and went without much fanfare. They don’t want to focus too much on it, because that might cause some sheeple to notice just how laughable the “evidence” in the official narrative is. The less said about it, the better from their perspective.

I am not a fan of Spike Lee. In fact, I am repulsed by pretty much everything he says. His movies have tended to be variations on the hackneyed “life in the ‘hood” theme, glorifying the ignorance and violence of our inner cities. But he appears to be somewhat of a 9/11 skeptic. He knows enough to talk knowledgably about the melting of steel and other impossible aspects of the official fairy tale. And he garnered the wrath of the establishment by talking to a few “conspiracy theorists” during his miniseries about New York, which recently aired on HBO.

The Left and Right don’t agree on much of anything anymore, ever since the actor Trump was inserted into the political scene to divide the country. But they remain in lockstep opposition to any and all notions of conspiratorial activity on the part of our horrendous leaders. Thus, Lee- a normally sacrosanct figure in “Woke” society due to his outspoken African-Americanness, was condemned equally by Breitbart and Salon. And he quickly backed down, contradicting his public persona as an angry Black man that has no respect for “the Man” who has made him filthy rich.

Another angry Black, female rapper Nicki Minaj, recently advised people on Twitter to be skeptical about the vaccines. It was actually a very reasonable tweet, full of common sense, if you discount the typically potty-tinged example of swollen testicles. Although the same predictable establishment firestorm erupted; unlike Lee, Minaj isn’t backing down. Yet, anyhow. If any hope in Orwell’s Oceana lay in the Proles, perhaps our hope in this dying society lies in rappers, and other high profile angry Blacks. They are the only ones in this authoritarian mess that still appear to enjoy the right of free speech.

Remembering 9/11, in terms of the mainstream media, meant rehashing the emotion again, detailing stories of tragic, personal loss and purported heroism. Glorification of “first responders,” who are now maybe even more deified than the troops. Lots of photos of victims- many of them suspiciously blurry and low quality. I don’t know what that means, but those memorial photos are often shockingly sub par. We have thousands of photos of our family, and none look like that.

Outside of Spike Lee’s initial snippets of input from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, there wasn’t a single discouraging word uttered anywhere in our state controlled media about the impossible 9/11 narrative. While they never hid the fact that the public largely doubted the Oswald-did-it nonsense, our “journalists” and politicians have always acted as if the very mention of dissent on 9/11 is beyond the pale. How dare you? Don’t you care about the families? Or the firefighters?

An alarming number of those firefighters, and other witnesses, initially reported hearing explosions in the Twin Towers, and in Building 7, which also collapsed that day. The magical “jet fuel cocktail” fingered as the unlikely culprit in the Twin Towers could not be blamed for Building 7 coming down in its own footprint as well. No plane hit Building 7, thus there could have been no jet fuel to not get hot enough to melt its steel frame. But still, that’s the claim. Evidence schmevidence.

If you’ve bothered to look at the impact site at the Pentagon, you’ll see a hole that is far too small for the huge jet aircraft claimed to have hit it. There is no mark of impact from the wings, and the wings weren’t sheared off outside. So where did they go? Where, in fact, did all that wreckage go? Since the Pentagon has more security cameras than any other spot in the world, it is truly remarkable than we’ve never seen footage of whatever it was that struck it. As both Don King and George W. Bush were fond of saying, “Only in America!” Or as forgotten comedian Yakov Smirnoff used to say, “What a country!”

I documented many of the most glaring lunacies of the official 9/11 story, which is most certainly a conspiracy theory by any definition, in my book Hidden History. In Hidden History 3, which I’m working on now, I will delve deeper into the subject. The jumpers, for instance. We are told that at least a few hundred people in the Twin Towers plunged to their deaths that day, in a macabre bit of mass suicide. I’ve never found it plausible that so many presumably non-suicidal people could lose the will to live so quickly. And now I’ve found that the government’s own “investigation” determined that the first person to jump from the North Tower did so four minutes after the plane impacted the building. Really? Is that remotely believable?

Consider the witnesses our state controlled media turned to on the streets of New York City. They were all smooth, savvy, and instantly aware that this had been a “terrorist” attack. One of those they singled out was Rachel Uchitel, who had lost her fiance on 9/11. Amazingly, this woman would make the news years later as one of the higher profile mistresses of troubled golfer Tiger Woods. Some people just lead exciting lives, I guess.

Just as with the JFK assassination, and so many other important political events, 9/11 has an impressive Body Count associated with it. I detailed some of them in my book, and will be chronicling others in Hidden History 3. I’m having a hard time reaching anyone to interview about that day, even some who were very vocal early on about hearing explosives. It’s little wonder most family members choose to remain silent. 97% of the families agreed to accept payouts from a $7 billion fund.

Given the dishonest and fanciful state of reporting in this country, it’s impossible to say how many real heroes rose to the occasion on 9/11. We do know for certain that there were no heroes then, and none since, among our political “representatives” and their mouthpieces in the state-run media. No “truther” is going to get elected to public office. And no one- and I mean no one- questions the narrative in the mainstream media. It is a career ender to do so.

I participated in a roundtable discussion about 9/11 on September 11, 2021, with Billy Ray Valentine, Tony Arterburn and others, on America Unplugged Radio. The forums I have available to me are the only places where these questions can be asked, and alternative views aired. Otherwise, we are looking at Tass-Pravda here. The only thing we’re missing is a Siberia to send naysayers to. And that might be exactly what those FEMA camps are for.

The vast majority of Americans bought the illogical, incredibly stupid “19 crazed Arabs armed with boxcutters and plastic knives” theory without batting an eye. So by the time the great Plandemic was introduced last year, they had years of experience under their belt, in terms of absorbing ridiculous scenarios and explanations. Lewis Carroll notably wrote about believing six impossible things before breakfast. Millions of our countrymen believe more than six impossible things every day. Just consider how many impossible things are promulgated during the average television broadcast.

Even the most rational voices on large public platforms; Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan, Glenn Greenwald, to name just a few, are very reluctant to entertain any “conspiracy theories.” Or, more appropriately, any questioning of the authorities in the most widely reported “big events,” from JFK to Waco to Oklahoma City to 9/11 to Sandy Hook. Our leaders are more than dishonest and corrupt. Many are criminally culpable to varying degrees in these “big events.” Concealing, losing, and destroying evidence. Failing to investigate anything. Accepting the tyrannical clamp down on civil liberties which inevitably follows. They fit the definition of conspirators.

Donald Trump, who Roger Stone assured me “knows about all the conspiracies,” certainly isn’t questioning anything. He initially talked about there being explosions in the WTC, but in four years as president didn’t raise a single doubt. About 9/11, JFK, or any other Deep State crime. Mark Twain once said that if America had a native criminal class, it was Congress. I would extend that criminal class to elected officials at all levels in this crumbling, once great country. These criminal elites are never held accountable for their actions. They are utterly, undeniably, above the law.

Until we hold them accountable, nothing will change. They will merely continue to kill, plunder, lie, and cover up. As Jim Garrison once said about the CIA, they have no reason to change what they’re doing- it’s been very successful for them. It was delicious to contemplate all those perp walks, promised repeatedly by QAnon. But no arrests took place, let alone mass arrests. Hillary wasn’t tried in some secret court. No celebrities were arrested. All these corrupt criminals remain free at large.

I keep records from many of the astounding numbers of unjust convictions under our putrid legal system. You would not believe how many saps are convicted to life sentences on the flimsiest of evidence. Often, only a single uncredible witness, who frequently later recants their testimony, is the extent of the “evidence” against them. Reasonable doubt, like presumption of innocence, is something almost all brain-dead juries pay no heed to. Unless the defendant is that extreme rarity; a celebrity or someone very wealthy.

The “justice” system in the United States exists to “serve” the poor and working class. Anyone with enough financial means is immune from lordly judges, aggressively dishonest prosecutors, and idiotic jurors. So the system as presently constructed will never prosecute the Deep State villains, the most ferocious swamp creatures. The swamp can’t be drained, because the entirety of the machinery is controlled by it. As Bob Dylan once said, “The pump don’t work, cause the vandals took the handles.”

Because I’ve investigated so many of these Deep State crimes and cover ups, and been awake for so very long, I am really losing patience with those who refuse to wake up to the massive corruption everywhere. I’ve been polite, I’ve respected their right to stay asleep. But their willing ignorance and subservience in the face of tyranny is now endangering us all. They’ve allowed these tyrants to keep pushing and pushing, without exhibiting the minutest trace of resistance.

The Plandemic Lie is the stupidest of all the Big Lies a majority of our fellow citizens have meekly accepted over the years. There has never been another vaccine that has to be taken multiple times, within a close period of time. And apparently provides no protection to the recipient, since the demands are still there for others to get it to keep the vaccinated “safe.” The CDC, not Donald Jeffries, tells you that this vaccine has killed more people than all the others combined since 1901. And yet, our state controlled media continues to parrot that it “works.” You need everyone else to get it, and you’ll need lots of follow up “booster” shots, but it “works.”

The “science” our deluded, dumbed down family and friends are believing is not even McScience. It’s anti-science. And it recoils at any real scientific inquiry. But then again, we’ve been here before. They tell us that temperatures in the WTC never reached the temperature “science” has established as the melting point for steel. And yet, with a straight face, they inform us that the explanation for the unprecedented collapse of those massive steel frame structures is that the steel melted.

If this were a science fiction film, or even if we were living through the wonderfully interesting nonsense of Lewis Carroll in real life, there would be an intoxicating entertainment factor. But there is no entertainment value in being a part of this madness. Impossible Things and “curiouser and curiouser” are enjoyable stimulants for the imagination. But it’s not fun when you can’t close the book and return to “normal.” This authoritarian nonsense is the “new normal.” Something about truth being stranger than fiction comes to mind at this point.

I’ll almost certainly become a genuine pariah in my fully vaccinated extended family. They never listened to me about JFK, Waco, 9/11, or anything else. They aren’t going to start now, with those odious Svengalis pumping them with nonstop fear porn every time they turn on their television. Americans who have bought this insanity don’t deserve to be called anything less than brainwashed, Pavlovian rats. They hear a bell from the authorities, and they salivate on cue.

If there is hope, as I noted, it lies in the angriest Blacks. So I will be pushing the line that the vaccines are racist. Why would you trust “the Man” to inject you with something? Remember Tuskegee? That’s really the only chance we have; that the overlords of “Woke” identity politics recoil from this unforeseen change in their programming. Maybe their heads will explode as they confront a BLM-style rage against their sacred vaccines.

For the rest of us, “it ain’t over til it’s over” no longer applies. The bully has beaten you to a bloody pulp. While the teachers cheer them on. You never attempted to fight back, when you still could. Now it’s too late. Trust in God, and pray that Black anger becomes uncontrollable enough to put a wrench into their evil plans.

Raising the White Flag on the Gender War

Back in the days of yore, the 1960s and 1970s, males were large and in charge in America. It was indeed “a man’s world.” Now, keep in mind, this was the era of my childhood. The 1950s and earlier was obviously even more male-centric. Go back to the 1800s, and women had virtually no rights. They couldn’t vote until the 1920s.

“Women’s Liberation” had seeped into the culture by the late 1960s. You could see references to it in all the popular shows; even Granny Clampett came under the wing of some early feminists during the last, shark-jumping season of The Beverly Hillbillies. Andy had an increasingly feminist girlfriend, Helen Crump, on the last few shark- jumping seasons of the great Andy Griffith Show. The early messages were already being sent by our cultural overlords.

And you already had the most prevalent theme in film and television; female characters physically beating up male characters, front and center even then. Wilma and Betty could easily throw Fred and Barney with their judo expertise on The Flintstones. Lily could knock Herman out with one punch on The Munsters. Beaver was being bullied by a tough little girl on Leave it to Beaver. Rob was easily judo flipped by Laura on The Dick Van Dyke Show. The pattern was very clear and universal.

But even in the 1970s, most programming, despite those early examples of politically correct conditioning, was designed exclusively for male viewers. Only daytime soap operas and game shows were structured to appeal to females. My father could choose between male-centric westerns, detective shows, cop shows, variety shows, and comedies where the man wasn’t usually the butt of the joke. We didn’t see any husbands spanking their wives at that point, as Ricky regularly did to Lucy Ricardo, but male role models were still strong, and obviously in charge.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of gradualism, you must study the history of the entertainment medium. At some point, certainly by the 1990s, the script writers stopped using judo and karate as justification for smaller females overpowering and defeating larger male characters. They just had them launch a punch with their dainty fists, and the males went down like David slaying Goliath. We certainly see that in today’s poisonous cinema, where 100 lb. super model/actresses mimic some Matrix-like moves and disarm large males in SWAT team gear. Or head butt a male holding a gun on them. And male audiences lap it up. They seem to think this is “hot.”

This identical, deadly message; that any female can beat up any male, has been drummed into the heads of American audiences for decades now. The propaganda has been so effective that I seem to be about the only observer who has noticed it. This might be understandable if it was played for laughs. It really never is. Tiny Hermione punching out the evil, older blonde guy in the Harry Potter films, Eric Cartman being pummeled mercilessly by a Mike Tyson-like Wendy in South Park, Lois Lane going from being rescued by Superman to punching out every male she encounters. The much younger little sister beating up both her brother and his friend on Drake and Josh. The examples are everywhere. It is the most enduring meme in our modern “culture.”

The empowering of females went beyond fisticuffs. All media began stereotyping young girls as fantastic athletes, who were capable of besting young boys in any competition. Of course, there was The Bad News Bears. And its football counterpart, Little Giants. All children’s programming featured the dominant girl athlete, from Patti Mayonnaise in Doug to Francine on Arthur. Really, this goes back much farther; remember Betty Jo on Petticoat Junction, whose nickname “Shortstop” was a nod to her baseball skills? And female boxing became lauded; a brutal sport which should have been banned long ago was rejuvenated with products like Million Dollar Baby.

But having men be portrayed as the physically weaker sex was not enough. They’d already established, in every sitcom, drama and big budget film imaginable, that females were mentally superior. The next step was to diminish males to such an extent that they became pieces of meat, sex objects if you will. So where films once focused on female nudity, if there was to be any, they simply flipped the script completely, so that today almost all nudity we see in films consists of male bare bottoms. And increasingly even penises. On television, I have never seen any nudity except male bare bottoms. Ever. This goes back to NYPD Blue, where viewers were treated to the likes of Dennis Franz exposing their bottoms. No actresses. Just actors.

I’m not sure why there should be any cartoon nudity, but even there, it only applies to male characters. The Simpsons has shown the butts of its male characters, even little Bart, for decades. But no female characters. The same theme persists on Family Guy, South Park, and Rick and Morty. Consider how ridiculous this is; we’re talking about drawings, lines and shapes. And yet even there, the propagandists can’t stray from the agenda. And that agenda is to humiliate males and “empower” females. The feminists who protested the “objectification” of females have no problem objectifying men.

The “empowering” mantra is the rationale behind all the “tough,” scowling young females that dominate films and television shows. Any trace of femininity has been been eliminated from them with surgical precision. No tender smiles, no kindness or empathy; you know, the characteristics men have historically loved in women. . Just “resting bitch faces.” And obnoxious aggressiveness. The willingness to get physical at the slightest provocation.

But this dominant attitude, and the curious ability to physically defeat larger males, only works on one particular demographic. That would be the hapless White males. So you aren’t going to see any little girls, teenagers, or adult women, grab a strapping Black male by the lapels and fling him up against the wall, as he cowers in fear. Or knock him cold with one powerful blow. No, that is reserved for the cucked out White males of all ages, who have been transformed into “soy boys” who now walk a step behind the strident females who they have accepted as their superiors.

I was inspired to write this after watching one of those DC animated films I generally enjoy. This one was called Superman: Man of Tomorrow. I liked the animation, and the plot was interesting. But they crossed another of those lines, when they decided to show Superman’s bare butt a few times. Not Lois Lane’s. Or any other “female” stick figure. And for good measure, they showed one of the male villain’s asses, too. And the gratuitous profanity was unnecessary as well. Are they purposefully trying not to appeal to children, who should be their strongest audience?

Despite all my personal anecdotal evidence of seeing nothing but male nudity on television, and far more male than female nudity in films in recent years, mainstream media tells us otherwise. I searched and found several recent articles about “studies” that bemoaned how much more female than male nudity existed onscreen. I’m not sure what films they were watching, and I’d like to know of any television show where one of the main female characters was ever naked. In the offbeat show Mr. Robot, every single male leading character bared his bottom at some point for the viewers. Graphic gay sex was shown. But never any female nudity.

Actor Kevin Bacon, virtue signaling for all he was worth, complained on one of those identical late night “Woke” talk shows about five years ago, that there should be more male nudity onscreen. I guess he wasn’t satisfied with the way old Jack Nicholson pointlessly bared his butt in one of this last films, or how poor Robin Williams was humiliated by having one of those patient gowns (and it really only works onscreen for male patients, of course), fly open and show the world his elderly ass, in his last film. I’ll be waiting for such scenes from Meryl Streep or Julia Roberts.

Let’s face it; all nude scenes are gratuitous and unnecessary to the plot of any film or TV show. But they reflect the values of society, and who is setting the boundaries. In the 1960s and 1970s, men were still in charge, and cultural products reflected that. They promoted what most men wanted to see. Now, while men still constitute most of the elite, a decision has been made to demean and weaken the average male, while providing the average onscreen female with the role Ward Cleaver and his ilk once enjoyed during the Golden Age of America.

Much of this onerous agenda comes from toxic feminism. At least that’s how intelligent and healthy males should view it; as onerous and toxic. But I recognize the average American man, especially Whites, have learned to enjoy this twisted reality. One of the most popular porn fetishes now are White male “cuckolds” who get off on watching their wives have sex with Black men. While they are verbally humiliated in the process. I can’t imagine any other males doing this. Picture Chinese men getting excited over being cucked by their wives with Japanese lovers. Is this really any different from predominantly White, western countries welcoming nonwhite migrants with open arms? While not a single nonwhite country does?

While our state controlled media tells us that women still earn only 82 cents or whatever to every male dollar, they have finally acknowledged that females in their twenties are earning more than their male counterparts. And females account for more than half of all college graduates now. Which isn’t surprising, given how long teachers and principals have favored girls over boy students, a subject I explored in my book Bullyocracy. Females of all ages are better at following rules, and not questioning them. Which perhaps at least partially explains this phenomenon.

Those of us left in this new matriarchy have to live with the fact we’ll never be “the man of the house.” Or the king of our castles. If the “new normal” of lowered expectations and standards of living gets its way, we won’t even be king of our cubicles. Approach any female you’re attracted to with extreme trepidation. If she thinks you’re “weird” for wanting to ask her out, you may be subjected to sensitivity training. Or possibly “canceled” from your job. You can’t compliment them. Or criticize them. So what can you do to establish a relationship?

I feel great sympathy for young men today. How do you meet a female now? You are subject to charges of harassment for the slightest alleged transgression. If the woman doesn’t find you attractive (and they don’t seem to find most males attractive now- look up the whole “Chads and Incels” thing), all communication becomes suspect. You’ve come a long way, baby; from secretaries sleeping with the boss being practically a job requirement to having the power to get men you don’t like punished or fired.

I don’t want to be misunderstood. I cringe when I think of what my great-grandmother must have gone through as a genuine second-class citizen. No voting rights. Husbands basically granted the freedom to, as Andy Griffith once put it in an early episode, give their wives “what for.” It was common for women in those days of the patriarchy to be chastised by all for “talking back” to their husbands. Remember, it wasn’t all that long ago that wives promised to “love, honor, and obey” their husbands. And, of course, marriages then were between “man and wife.”

So, I don’t want to go back to those times, when women were confined to their pantries, and spent hours every day on physically grueling housework. Or where they were frightened to express an opinion. But did we have to go from that extreme to a celebration of female obesity, to mass tattoos, to ugly attitudes and chronic unfriendliness, exemplified by those “resting bitch faces?” Did men have to go from bossing their wives to being bossed?

But this matriarchy may not last long. The incomprehensible transgender movement has already consigned much of feminism to the dust bin of history. That whole “my body, my choice” thing will no longer be a key weapon in the feminist arsenal. After all, our cultural overlords now tell us that not only women give birth. And, in fact, that “women” is an offensive term, to the transgender community. So goodbye, toxic feminism, and welcome….toxic transgenderism?

This battle is lost. If it ever was a battle. I’m not sure why there had to be a “war between the sexes,” as the media used to promote it. The matriarchy that’s been established is a soft one. The single mothers, waiting tables and struggling to make ends meet with an inadequate pay check, can’t feel as if they’ve “won’ anything. This is a war where there never was a real winner, in 1921 or 2021. Those pulling the strings are truly in charge, always. And they always win.

As I detailed in Survival of the Richest, the bottom half of American workers make less than $27,000 and have less collectively than 1% of the total wealth. This includes the new, aggressive, dominant females in that lower 50%. Over 70% of workers of all genders and races are living paycheck to paycheck, and have virtually no savings. So what I’m discussing is largely symbolic. The only visible change from patriarchy to matriarchy is likely to be more females as CEOs and upper management. More women running what has turned into a disastrous mess. Maybe they’ll be blamed for it by the newly empowered transgenders.

Admiring a beautiful female should be the most natural thing in the world. The romantic poets and artists of the Enlightenment certainly recognized that. Much as our real rulers are terrified at the prospect of White, Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow hands joining together to fight their common enemy, they certainly fear the sexes uniting against them as well. The average man never had the power to oppress the average woman, and the average woman won’t have that power, either.

At least during that male dominated period, women had some nice benefits. Doors literally being held open. “It’s a woman’s right to change her mind.” And all the males who were taught “you don’t hit girls” and passed that on to their children, must be shaking their heads in irony at all the ass-kicking female depictions now onscreen. Women “held the purse springs.” And most men placed women on a pedestal. They were worshiped and exalted. Albeit while being denied true equality. But still.

The hapless males today aren’t held on any pedestal. They are objects of ridicule, and despite those famous bare behinds being displayed to audiences, very few non-celebrity males are considered sex objects. All those forty year old virgins, which didn’t used to exist and are exemplified by the unfortunately growing numbers of “Incels,” testify to that. Sure they can vote, and aren’t discriminated against in terms of pay, but there doesn’t seem to be much upside to it.

Maybe I’m just waxing rhapsodic over a time that is as extinct as the dodo bird. Ralph Kramden never really would have hit Alice hard enough to send her to the moon. But the line was funny. That was when you didn’t have to think before you laughed. Most men didn’t have it that great back then, either. They just didn’t have to put up with “resting bitch faces” or lectures about “mansplaining.” I guess that’s something. It’s a shame we never tried to see how it would work if the sexes were relatively equal.

Empowerment is a good thing. But it should not be done at the expense of others. I’d like to see all the underpaid, stressed out, frustrated workers be empowered. With decent pay and meaningful benefits, and pleasant working conditions. That alone would significantly improve all social interaction.

However you look at it, the era of male dominance, which endures in the memories of those old enough to have experienced it, and in all the media that was produced during that time, which is in great danger of being “cancelled,” is utterly over. I’m not even sure what it means to be a man now. Being physically powerful? Being sensitive? I guess ask the women in your life. They probably won’t know, either, but they won’t be shy about sharing their perspectives. After all, those that truly decide things have decreed that they’re in charge.