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  1. Great work, Donald…looks like you could use a website This gal is great, she has done my site and never leaves me hostage like most webmasters do.
    Susan Parker is at TheSparkledWeb.com sue@thesparkledweb.com

    • Sorry for the extremely late reply. I don’t get notifications on comments from “About” for some reason. Thanks for the tip!

      • Hi Donald. This blog post hits the nail on the head! I have also experienced some very frustrating issues in regard to your blog. I am hoping you might be able to give me a solution. I am a private energy researcher. I have discovered a way to eliminate almost completely the ravages of hypothermia with a device that recovers the energy stolen from the body because of inhaled ambient air. The device is capable of making working outdoors in cold weather comfortable enough to sleep safely! I contacted the NSF American Seed Fund about this device who declined to help for reasons completely irrelevant to their stated mission. I was surprised. I am a slow learner I guess. Do you know how I might go about getting attention from someone sincere about serious science advancement? There is a billion dollar plus in this worldwide if I can just get all this trash off the tracks!

    • Jeffrey Palmer

      Mark Lane was a super mole to protect the criminal Jewish cartel that murdered Kennedy. And Jim Garrison was co-opted and bribed. The central role in the JFK coup and long-term cover-up was certainly a criminal Jewish cartel

  2. I have an interesting to story to tell you about the untimely “accident” that killed my father. He had top secret government clearance and was involved in work with the defense department in the 1970’s. Please contact me if you are interested in speaking with me and my family.

  3. Listened to you on Coast to Coast. Came across as sane and reasonable. Don’t agree with all of your conclusions, but you seem open to other points of view. Will take another look at your book. Suggest you rethink LBJ involvement in JFK assassination.

  4. I listened to your interview with Len Osanic on Black Op, and ordered your book. It is back-ordered at Amazon, but I am backed up on reading anyway. You seem like a smart guy with in inquiring mind.

    I try to live by three words, not always successful. They are “use your brain,” that is, I am not afraid to read or view anything, because if given enough thought I imagine I can fairly evaluate it. You mentioned to movie “Loose Change” in the interview, and I saw it and was impressed. But that was merely a part of the developing evidence of that event, and in my view is now antiquated.

    Listening to James Fetzer, I learned he had developed a particular anger at Dr. Judy Wood, and so I read her book, Where Did the Towers Go. (I do not trust Fetzer.) What I found as an exposition of evidence about 9/11 without an attempt to understand exactly how they pulled this off, much less decide who did it. (“Why” is easy in my mind.)

    Anyway, if you are at a point where Loose Change is answering questions for you, I urge you to read Dr. Wood’s book. It took me a step further and might you as well.

    Good work and thank you for caring about truth. In the end, it is all we have.

    • Mark, thanks for that info on Dr. Judy Wood’s book – Where did the towers go? I just listened to an interview with her on youtube and it certainly changed what i thought I knew for sure about what happened on 9/11. It reminded me to never believe that I know it all.

      Also, if you found – Where did the towers go? – interesting, and you say – you’re not afraid to read or view anything, because if given enough thought you imagine you can fairly evaluate it – perhaps you would be interesting in reading / viewing my webpage:


      and evaluate it.

      Thanks in advance for any input you can give.

      Greg Gerdes
      The National Association of Forensic Historians

      FYI – Our subheading is:

      Using skeptical inquiry and forensics to expose historical, archaeological and scientific fraud.

      Hope you like it, find it interesting and provocative and can find the time to evaluate it.

    • Thanks- I do need to check out Judy Wood’s work.

  5. Hi Mr. Jeffries,

    Do you have an address where regular mail can be sent? Would appreciate an email reply.

  6. Your publicity agent sent me a copy of your book “Hidden History” but failed to include contact information where I could reach you for an interview on my talk radio show. Please email me at wrh@whatreallyhappened.com to set up an interview


  7. Would like to contact you to discuss York book, which I have just read

  8. Enjoyed very much your interview on coasttocoasta, radio this past Saturday. Very much on point. Time seems all to short for us to turn this mess around, but given nothing as more important….

  9. robert willhoit

    On coasttocoastam you made the statement that all the presidential candidates running in either party support the trade deals except Trump. That is not true of the democrats, especially Bernie Sanders. For a political expert you don’t seem to know what you are talking about and are just promulgating right wing talking points. If you are that uninformed then why should anyone believe anything else you say? Our corporate media will not give Democratic candidates a voice except for Hillary and when she is mentioned it is in a negative light. Why is her email situation a scandal when former secretary Colin Powell also had a private email and server system and the entire Bush administration had an RNC email and server system, lost or erased 22 million emails which was a violation of the Presidential Records Act. This should always be mentioned in the same breath as Hillarys situation but it isn’t. Most vitriolic righties are totally ignorant of these facts. Why? Because of the corporate media conspiracy.

    I just found out this week that a significant number of Bush administration high level officials had dual Israel-USA citizenship. Combine that with the fact a number of Israelis were caught celebrating the 9/11 attack, caught on film and it turns out they had ties to Mossad and one has to think of an Israeli connection to 9/11. If you don’t bring up these type of links then you aren’t doing your job.

    • Sorry for the very late reply. If you read “Hidden History,” or much of my other work, you’ll know that I am an equal opportunity offender. I am no Republican or “conservative” in any way, shape, or form. I’ve written quite a bit about all the Zionist neocons which first came to prominence during the Reagan years.

  10. i find your morality a bit muddy,though you do indeed make viable points. i’m a Chris Hedges guy,he see the culprits for what they are. your dismissiveness of Black lives Matter;is ugly, gratuitous,and,totally missing the point.

    • I believe that all life is precious, and groups like Black Lives Matter promote the divisiveness which is collapsing this country. If you read my book “Survival of the Richest,” you’ll know where I stand. Differences in class, income, and wealth are what should be stressed, because that is what is destroying the economy.

  11. Hello Donald,
    Today I just bought a copy of your Hidden History book
    at my local bookstore.I can’t wait to get started

    Thanks for everything


  12. Mr.Jeffries is a good guy, but his messages are difficult to try and grasp because he, like the guy interviewing him, laugh and guffaw so much. It’s unfortunate that his “you knows”, and laughter outbursts make it painful to listen to him.

    The interviewer on YouTube is even worse..

  13. You sound like a right wing shitbag,trying to sound vaguely progressive

  14. Great job on Coast Monday AM. I have family that work at Honeywell and tell me horror stories about CEO Dave Cote laying off thousands of workers , outsourcing thousands of jobs and relocating to a new Corp HQ in Morris plains New Jersey that is a quarter the size of the old Corp HQ in Morristown New Jersey.

    Peter Egan

  15. Donald: Now I know you are a right-winger as you attacked Hillary, Bernie and Al Gore all in one segment….you are a hypocrite! Are you not aware of the Trump Cabinet….billionaires including one from Goldman-Sachs? And Coast to Coast is a right-wing dirty scoundrel organization who likes the reporting of corrupt liars like you and ALEX JONES…you are just trying to make a buck with your book, obviously!

    • If you read “Hidden History,” you’ll see I’m an independent, and an equal opportunity critic. If you read “Survival of the Richest,” you’ll understand I’m not a right-winger.

  16. Kevin W. Kelley

    On Coast to Coast you noted that your publisher elected to remove many of your great statistics. I think they are great and suggest you do 2 things.

    1. Make a book of nothing but them.. Just all those statistics.. If laid out well – it would be stunning.

    2. Also tweet them – on a set schedule – and keep them coming..

    Good work Thanks

    Kevin Kelley

  17. Found your interview (Coast to Coast, April 10,2017)very enlightening. My father wrote a book in 1937 called Relative Compensation. It is on Google Books. I think this relevant to what you have been writing about. This was his lifetime work.

    • Sorry for the belated reply. For some reason, WordPress doesn’t notify me of comments on this particular part (“About”) of my blog. I will check out your father’s book. Thanks.

  18. charles markham

    you are right on. our government and media support each other and no way out. jfk is turning in his grave. the corruption is unmatched in world history. the u.s. government is the most corrupt ever. how sorry can the people we elect so corrupt. they can’t be christains they hate the poor…..

  19. charles markham

    the cia and fbi kill the defiant, true… read the big bamboozle by Philip marshall, that will wake the right wing… too maybe think how evil they are…

  20. your a genius,keep up the good work, thank you.

  21. Enjoyed listening to you on CoasttoCoast AM the other night but was a bit surprised that you glossed over GHW Bush, future director of the CIA, having been involved in any important way. Best wishes.


  22. I wish I had written Politics:The Greatest Hoax of All — great summary. Thanks for writing it.

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  25. Donald, I was listening to you on Chappaquiddick. In 1970, I was a student at University of Michigan, and one of my teachers from MA said that he had been at that party. He said that Maryjoe got drunk and went out and fell asleep across the back seat of Kennedy’s car. Ted and Rosemary got in and never knew that she was there. (drink involved) He said Kennedy came back to the party and people said ‘Where is Maryjoe?’ Explaining why he went back out there. That she left her purse and key at the party, indicates that she did not set off purposefully for home. Surely some of those at the pary would have more to say. Good sleuthing. It might have saved Ted’s life, because if he’d been president, he probably would have been killed.

  26. Laurent Guyénot

    Hello Donald, I have just bought your book in kindle edition. I came to hear about it while doing a bit of research on JFK Jr., and I decided to buy your book after listening to your interview on https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-episode-093-donald-jeffries-and-the-death-of-jfk-jr/
    I heard you mention about the article published in JFK JR.’s magazine George about Rabin’s assassination. But he also, apparently, showed interest in TWA800, which, strangely crashed in the same area as his plane, three years earlier almost to the day. The December 1996 cover of George has: “TWA Conspiracy theories”. I assume that his interest came from Pierre Salinger (whose career was destroyed after he claimed a missile blew up the plane). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to read the George article. I wonder if you had given any thought to a possible connection between the TWA800 crash and JFK Jr.’s death. Thanks. My name is Laurent Guyénot, and you can read a couple of my latest articles on unz.com

  27. Mr. Jeffries,
    Do you have any advice on finding a publisher? I wrote a very similar book at the end of 2014 but have had no luck bringing the book into print. In fact, the manuscript was immediately bound under contract for 2 years with a “conspiracy” publisher but never printed. I appreciate any advice you have. Please contact me on social media, or email Mennitti4 [at] comcast [dot] net.
    Thank you,
    Phil Mennitti

    • There are basically three publishers that will typically consider “conspiracy” type material. The biggest of these is Skyhorse, which published my first two books and is publishing the next one, due out in May. Trine Day has become more prominent, and they will consider even more extreme material- they are publishing my book on bullying, which will be released this Fall. Feral House is the third one, but the main guy there died suddenly last year, so I’m not sure if they will continue publishing. There is also self- publishing, which doesn’t have the stigma attached to it that it once had. Good luck!

  28. No, you don’t need an agent or a publicist.

  29. Brian Jay Murphy

    Mr. Jeffries,

    Fantastic interview on C2C last evening. SO much of our nation’s history has been buried or lost.

    As a Past Grand Master of Freemasons, I’m compelled to point out that the majority of our founding fathers, i.e. Washington, Adams, Franklin, and countless others… conducted themselves philosophically, intellectually, spiritually, by the tenants of our fraternity.

    Most of the language of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence are DIRECTLY derived from PRE-EXISTING Masonic documents.

    Of course, there’s much more to ponder regarding this topic, but… I find it very interesting that Masonic influences are either ignored or simply lost.

    Thanks again for putting up the good fight.

    ‘Evil can only exist when good men do nothing.’


  30. Sandra Royers-Scheve

    I listened to your presentation last night where more than once you made reference to people who were “hung” in America. I want very much to tell you that objects are “hung”. The correct word when referring to humans is “hanged”.
    I was an English major in college, and this error is quite irritating.

  31. Mr. Jeffries, you are an excellent researcher that has a lot of great information on the truth about crimes and corruption in history and politics. I have listened to a bunch of you’re interviews and have done a lot of research into these things and yet i understand what’s going on when i am only in college at 19. Amazing info!

  32. Excellent show on Coast!
    I totally relate.
    I am currently a victim of work place bullying.

  33. mike fromuniontown

    Hi Mr. Jeffries , Just listened to you on Jeff rense’s show. I am going on 55 and worked until I was 50. Multiple jobs. Starting at age 48 I was encouraged by me then wife, other family and friends to file for SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY INSURANCE due to Physical and Mental issues. I was taught to work since 1977 when I would mow lawns for money. I had a very difficult childhood and mental issues that still plague me but in the last 4 years I am getting treatment. My physical issues are being addressed but are chronic and won’t get better I am overweight and was hospitalized 2 times after EXTREME EFFORTS to lose and maintain weight loss around age 40. There is much more but the bottom line is I filed at age 51 and am waiting for my last appeal to be decided and I think its being delayed because of what you said during Jeff’s show about The Trump Admin wanting to throw about 7 -8 million mostly white men..MOST THAT VOTED FOR HIM so OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN would have A BETTER LIFE AND START then we did in 1983 just south of Pittsburgh in the heart of the rust belt where the newspaper on the front page showed 700 people line up at new restaurant to wash dishes in the fall of 1983. I had just graduated high school…. so I am 18 years old unable to serve in the military due to physical issue and THE STARTING GUN WAS FIRED…..now what do you expect? Well I fought like hell and did what I could at 3.70 an hour for many years and other jobs and some school etc. etc and during the tech boom I had a 4 year window where i bought a small house and my only new truck in my life (which I still drive 20 years later)..I could explain more but If I could just get my SSDI I can keep my little house with a leaking roof and my cat and i CAN stay here for the rest of my life..or THE PRESIDENT ..OR HIS (MINIONS THAT WORK IN HIS NAME WITHOUT HIS KNOWLEDGE) WILL get their “rule change” not law change and TAKE AWAY THE VERY LITTLE THAT I WORK HARD AS I COULD FOR AND SACRIFICED when others I knew just laid on the couch “on the system for the last 35 years)..AND i CAN MAYBE PUT A TOP ON MY RUSTING TRUCK BED AND SLEEP IN IT. Sir I never said this to anyone but I wish you would interview me and call it something like ..”the RESULTS OF THE LASTED RUSTED OUT WHITE MEN” in the name of globalism and greed it started with steel then coal then automotive and all the systems that supplied those industries with HIGH QUALITY HARD WORKING AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS AND INGENUITY. I hear what you said on Jeff’s show and I could definitely give you endless material to support what you say as the ABSOLUTE TRUTH…..as I always write I am GEN X YEAR ONE..and the X was the center of a paper target back in the day when the GEN X idea was born. and my GENERATION HAS THE POOP SHOT OUT OF IT…and now ALL THE “PRESIDENTS MEN” WANT THE LAST LITTLE BIT TO DESTROY the original target I am the first end born1965 and Alex Jones is the other end born 1975. Sir i hope someday to correspond with you and or be able to tell you my story in person…remind me to cover the pain, the pediatrician, the judge, the lodge and so much more. God Bless Your sir for trying to enlighten the people. I woke up in 2003 though 911 ..I had reason to ask wt f is really going on.

  34. I would like to you…or someone concerning bullying.
    I am a senior…and the person in charge of my towns food bank has bullied me and will not allow me to get food.

    • That is terrible. This may be something that a local paper or television station might be interested in. Seems unconnected to really powerful forces, so they could advocate for you. I’m so sorry you’re going through that. Not sure what I can do.

  35. Hi Donald. I heard you on Rense a few times. Specifically, about sports being rigged/fixed, etc. It’s 100% rigged. I’ve gambled for about 25 years off and on, and the things you see happen in these games makes you question everything. I, personally, believe the players are “paid to fix”. That’s why they make as much as they do. Paid actors on the field. Here is an interesting recent video I just found on youtube today. This was the NFL 100 year anniversary. 85 player + 15 player = 100. You will see when/if you watch it. This cartoon-like picture was released by the NFL around Christmas which was before the playoffs started.
    Here is the link:

  36. Good day sir, listened just now to you on streaming Rense rerun. It was cringeworthy you hear Jeff’s remarks in relation to yours. I have been going through my whole library, Rolodex, goddamn memory to search for people who might have good views, and analysis of this current predicament. You did an awesome job balancing your need to woke him, and making the point this whole thing is as much meat as was contained in a free slice of mortadella at vermici’s salumeria in wells Nevada he gave the kids when he was open in the 20’s (1920’s). This whole thing is outrageous and UNBELIEVABLE. You did great last night and I am happy to have found your blog. God Bless you, sir

  37. Donald, I really like your interviews and have read “Crimes and Cover-Ups” and enjoyed it a lot. You did an interview with Jeff Rense tonight (April 6) and I could barely stand to listen to it because almost literally anything you started to say would be interrupted by Rense for him to bend whatever you started to say to HIS opinion! It was disgusting.

    I was especially offended by Rense making excuses for why the hospitals all around the nation were deserted! He was completely missing the point that the MSM was showing these same hospitals as being flooded with coronavirus cases! Either than or he was covering that fact up intentionally.

    When you do an interview with Rense again, I implore you to stand up for yourself and tell Rense he’s WRONG now and then! Don’t be so easily steam-rolled by his constant breaking in to what you’re trying to say!

  38. Hello there, Donald. I just listened to your interview with Kevin Shipp and absolutely concur with you on your point about the “presumed” cases of COVID-19 being lumped with the confirmed figures. If you check through the archived sources, the CDC changed its policy of data collection to include these numbers at around Feb 29th. They used to show you the “presumed” cases side-by-side with the actuals, mind you. Of course, that’s no longer the case now and, predicably, the death-rate has more than doubled.

    Anyway, I wanted to add onto your salient point with Kevin. You see…the FDA already fast-tracked the molecular-based tests used confirm COVID-19 at the hospital level by issuing emergency-use authorizations (EUAs). In other words, these tests are NOT FDA-approved!! And yet the MSM is perfectly fine quoting their numbers while attacking Trump for trying to fast-track hydrochloroquin!


    So the next time someone brings up these tests and attacks Trump on hydrochloroquin for pushing an “unsafe” drug, just ask if these tests have received FDA-approval in the first place. After all, don’t they know that false positives and negatives are potentially dangerous to the patient?

  39. The Cure be…

    Hi Donald
    I like your TFR podcast. You seem to keep pushing through all the cultural noise and flak at great expense to your sense of comfort. I applaud that (I embrace my comforts and grumble behind closed doors). Your recent interview with Dr Kaufman really stuck in my craw. I now think I know why. Everything discussed I either agreed with or saw the logic of.

    Plandemic check
    bio weapon check
    goofy testing check
    amplified threat check
    fudged stats check

    wall to wall
    propaganda check

    isolartion check, etc etc.

    Except Dr Kaufmans (weak) argument that viruses
    as contagion are really beneficial exosomes.

    Exosomes surely exist, but to say viruses are identical requires completely debunking the apparent phenomena of “catching a cold”. Assigning other causes (endemic toxicity, for example) then HAS to explain why groups, infected. are affected with predictable incubation periods and cluster of symptoms by some internal agent. That an isolate must be extracted and tesed isn’t necessary (I don’t agree with the ‘it’s ALL beneficial exosomes’ theory) to prove an exogenous debilitating (to the genome) agent (virus, bacterium, etc) on the loose. However, our internal biome’s health is obviously (to the un-pharm-ed mind) important in mitigating serious damage/ mortality,

    Ebola if it ain’t a virus what is it? AND is there a level of good health that confers a good chance of immunity or, if contracted; mild symptoms? Probably not.

    Once this is accepted however, the Powers That Be have us by the short hairs if we choose to rely on their “official” narrative.

    What do the GA guidestones preach?: an “enlightened” urbanized socialistic global society existing in harmony with vast reclaimed wildernesses. Small catch we want select out the hardiest 500 million from the 7777777777 (later today: https://www.worldometers.info/watch/world-population/).*

    I think this Pandemic took a lot of planning, or if it is an accidental bio-weapon leak (premature, so weaker than wanted) it still seems to be working in their favor.

    The main point here is this narrative I’m constructing from circumstatntial evidence depends on the actual existence of viral transmission (otherwise hoax they are promoting would be just too absurd to carry through even with the mentally compromised voting public).

    So yes there is a virus, high R0, so far relatively low hospitalization/ death rate. It seems, with the 4th estate in tow, to be sufficient to defer (as you pointed out) direct action toward the perps and will likely be propped up as needed with additional public covid inoculations and news black-outs of other (never-to-be-funded) cures to roll out the vaccine that will allow the state to selectively cull those who don’t succumb to the virus (low percentage) or civil chaos (50+%?). The virus itself is mild enough to not be much of a threat to the Spirit Cooking crowd.
    If you can find the interview, Dark Journalist (https://www.darkjournalist.com/) has an eye opening interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. I just heard it through GLP and I lost track of it.
    She said the financial bubbles protecting the dollar all had to burst and covid was the vehicle to divert blame. As China, Russia, etc de-link from the petro dollar we are up against keeping them weak (now at the proles explicit expense) The 6 trill now stolen from us isn’t necessarily to be repaid, but to give the elite one last mainline hit AND to starve us as the tax bases dry. Some of the guns out there may not be put to “patriotic” use (to champion constitutional rights and dignity of the individual). I guess many will. I think this time is short. I heard somewhere just for the fact we are mortal implies slavery as long as we fear for the body. How many ways must it play out before we all are on the cross.

    Have a wonderful day

    *For 40 yrs we have been constantly brainwashed that this batshit crazy psychopathic narrative is a noble and reasonable goal. The existence of far more open, transparent inclusive, productive and prosperous alternatives are rejected, ignored or filed away for a rainy day like shelved free-energy patents

  40. Hi Donald: Just heard you on Tim Kelly’s show. Bang on brother!

    I grew up on a grain farm in Saskatchewan and worked as a USDA, EU, JAS and CFIA farm and process inspector. I would like to explain to you how Roundup is getting into our food system, potentially contributing to the man-made aspect of the Wuhan, Covid-19 pandemic.

    I’ve written over the years for outlets like The Daily Caller, Breitbart, The Capital Research Center and more recently for Dr. EMJ’s Culture Wars magazine. I have also given many interviews on the dangers of toxicity-based farming. Please let me know if you’re interested.

  41. Hi Donald. Caught your interview on SGT Report.

    I am desperately trying to get a very important science based device out into the open before I kick the bucket. I am getting more concerned about the heavy handed back room control over what is basically free, in order to keep someones bank accounts fat.

    It is a very simple and inexpensive mechanical device that can be built at a very low cost that will reduce the cost of energy for everyone by 90%. Local electricians can now be power generating entity’s. Real competition by local people for energy.

    The large oil corporations will not like this because it will put them out of business. As if my age is not enough to threaten my life …

    If you or anyone you know is interested in this contact me at dragmit5000@gmail.com and I will be happy to offer full disclosure.

    Tim Gard

  42. Donald, would you consider that what was done by the Founders in 1783, 1789 and 1791 set the foundations of America that even allowed the First Bank of America to be created with foreign investors and charter members.

    Some that have reviewed these events/documents believe the frauds began with the 1783 Treaty which was a Trilateral agreement among the King’s men and the Holy Roman Empire.
    In the First Article, the titles, powers and authority that the King relinquishes are to the Sovereign States, these were Vatican titles and status of Arch-treasure and Prince Elector bestowed on him by the Pope. Correct?
    The spoils of war were given to the Sovereign States not the people. What we think is a State is in reality a corporation, in other words, a Person.
    “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Person.” 9 F. Supp 272
    “Word “person” does not include state. 12 Op Atty Gen 176.
    There are no states, just corporations. A corporation is an artificial entity, a fiction at law. They only exist in your mind. They are images in your mind, that speak to you. We labor, pledge our property and give our children to a fiction. Yes/No?

    1789 First Act of Congress. they changed the title of the Constitution stated in the Preamble for purposes of taking the oath of office. why the word change FOR to OF and the deletion for OF AMERICA? Was this a CYA technical action?

    1791 and it appears Washington and Hamilton set the foundations by creating the first Bank of America.

    So much for capturing the spoils of war that were fought for.

    The Patriots, 3 Percenters, Minute Men and Colonist lost the right to own their lands with free and clear title(Allodial or Land patients)
    Lost the right to implement their choice of Rule of Law as Common Lan Natural Law built on the foundations of God’s Law.
    Lost the right to independent banking and currency choice.

    “Don’t Tread On Me” & “No Taxation Without Representation” became hollow chants. No recognized Sovereignty or Freedom from British rule was established..

    .Donald, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  43. how do I get on your email list?

  44. Hey don, believe I’ve found a secret trail that led me to one of your books, and a whole lot more coming from somewhere specific. Would love to talk if possible. Book is on it’s way.

  45. Interested in your thoughts on “The wizard of Tut Tut Bun. John McCarrick Author.

  46. No way to contact you; no “Contact Page” ? Hopefully you’ll get this. I see you ‘ll be on Coast to discuss if masks work, why are there still covid spikes? Well, I can answer that, and I hope you answer similarly when you’re on the air. Spikes come from superspreader events. Many of these events are parties, protests and riots. The people who participate in these usually do NOT wear a mask. Furthermore, many of them are shouting and yelling, which spreads the respiratory droplets (that we can’t see) much more than just regular talking. So, it’s not just about masks. It’s about behavior. Furthermore, at non superspreader events, like the gym or in public socializing, many people do not wear masks, or have only their mouths covered. So, ALL of these behaviors are enough to cause spikes. Masks would have a significant impact if EVERYONE obeyed the mask mandates, covered their noses not just their mouths, and avoided superspreader events. It’s pretty simple to understand, yet unfortunately, many Coast listeners are still scratching their heads with their tongue hanging out, wondering why there are still spikes.

  47. I recently heard you talking on c2c, bemoaning about how this fiscal mess was in effect created by the woke left movement, while conveniently leaving out that the repubs were in control of the senate and white house. Should they have heeded science alarms and listened rather than put as much tax player money into their pockets, we would probably be in a better position to deal with this. Anyway, you’re an idiot, can’t wait for reality to slap you morons in the face.

    • Despite me being an idiot, if you read “Survival of the Richest,” you’ll see that I focus much attention on the disastrous Reagan years, when the ridiculous “trickle down” economics really triggered the massive disparity in wealth. If you think I’m some kind of Republican, you really need to read my work. The reason C2C wanted to talk about this book again now is because the unconstitutional and unnecessary lockdown has become more glaring than ever. We are experiencing what Ron Paul called the greatest transfer of wealth in our history, from the middle class to the elite.

  48. Would like to chat about having your on our program – can you please forward a contact email to: slickeddyedwards@gmail.com – beyondrealitywithjv.com – Thank you!

  49. Donald, your high feminine whinny voice is not only annoying but irritating. What is your solution or should we mention your resolve? You beady eyed neurotics need at least two solutions . Grow the HELL UP DONNY. Again, your voice is most annoying without solutions.

  50. Took away our comment that might hurt Donny’s leftist hardcore catholic feelings? Sending you a years supply of tissues. Oh, please don’t bitch about them not being soft enough for your delicate leftist nose. Once a hardcore leftist, always a hardcore leftist. Let’s see you delete this comment baby cakes.

  51. Removing comments frequently oh well it is lefty donny’s site! (It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to . . . ) with that estrogen whinny voice . . .

  52. Hard core Catholics like yourself and self-proclaimed by you Donny, have no place in our sincere ongoing battle with the Jesuits ( your buddies). Crazy much?

    • Are you Renee or Elizabeth? The last two, very similar comments, have the same IP address. I haven’t been to mass in years, so I don’t think anyone would call me a “hard core Catholic.”

  53. Ashley Staples

    Thank you!

  54. I am Renee not Elizabeth what are you referring to?

  55. If your delusional leftist brain, which you will never rid yourself of, can please excuse the fact that your yammering and excessive whining will NEVER solve any problems.

  56. Elizabeth young

    Yes I am Elizabeth, a MIT educated Chemistry professor. Why are you confused? Please contact me privately if you have any issues. You are not dealing with real issues,

  57. You just said you were Renee. I don’t have any issues with you, beyond what I’ve dealt with here before, with the same person posting under different names. It’s nice to have an MIT educated professor interested in my blog. I didn’t even graduate from community college.

  58. Who cares If you even graduated from high school Don. You have a weird whiny voice WITH NO KIND OF SOLUTION. Just heard you on Rense, you are a YES man. Working for over 15 years in a scientific scenario I am really pissed off with the BS. Thinking of retiring early because of dealing with the scientific oligarchy with psychopathic consciousness. Would you like to bellyache for us scientists with a moral standard?

    • Donnie boy is just an impersonator, walk away not to lower yourself.

    • I’ve been called many things, but never a “yes man.” Literally everything I write is an indictment of official corruption and/or incompetence. Who am I saying “yes” to? You sound like you are skeptical of this plandemic and lockdown. If you’ve read any of my work, you know how much I’ve criticized it. But at least you’re listening and reading.


    • Bobby Fuller’s death was very suspicious. Decidedly “unnatural,” even by show biz standards. I cover it in detail in “On Borrowed Fame,” and was indebted to the work done by the late great Dave McGowan on the case. I tried to contact Liz Crokin about being on my show, but she never replied. If Mel Gibson endorses her, that speaks well of her.

  60. Great hearing you on Rense…you are refreshing and a great logical talker ,I’m a fan. Merry Christmas!

  61. Hello Mr. Jeffries,
    I found your blog through Sarah Westall. I got through about 15 minutes of your interview before I had to set it aside, something like this in cadence, (wah, TUH, thee, fo, FIVE, si sev eigh, NINE.) I can’t understand people who speak staccato groups of partial words.
    I just saw this will be public. I regret to say this publicly, but feel my feedback could benefit your interview voice.
    My ex-wife is Japanese, and her friends are Japanese. I have learned to say each word clearly, and to separate them. There is an actors technique of saying the last syllable of each word clearly, and giving it a sharp rap on the table as it departs.
    I think that gave rise to the actors technique of various sounds at the end of words, like a word ending in, ‘p,’ the p being delivered, preceeded by tight lips and a bit of pressure built, then a parting of the lips, to give the final p a, “POP!”
    Anyway, I can always be faulted, hearing damage, being raised in a hot climate, which seems always to slow a person’s speech. I bookmarked your blog. I read part of the bit about the vets visit, can’t take too much, “Truth Trauma,” at the moment.
    You are the first person I have encountered besides myself to refer to our former republic as a banana republic, which I began to do after the Rothschild’s C.I.A. used the HAMR supercomputer, and Scorecard software to install Joe Biden, the way they installed Warlords throughout Africa and the Middle East, and presidents of banana republics throughout the Americas. I am looking to get my own writing effort established. Best Regards, Tom

  62. Please visit my site at DIRINAIOAN.COM for details of my unique story.

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