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Additional Postscript- No Signs of Improvement

Since the publication of Hidden History, the corruption and incompetence on the part of our leaders has, if anything, actually intensified. On yesterday’s broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, he interviewed Kent Hovind from prison. Hovind’s “crime” is opposing the modern concept of evolution and preaching a “young earth” philosophy. Hovind  has been imprisoned since 2007 for “mail fraud” and “contempt.” He now faces an astonishing additional 100 years basically for appealing his outrageous punishment.

The heinous judge who presided over Hovind’s original trial, Margaret Casey, publicly stated that Hovind’s “crime” of opposing the modern scientific establishment was worse than rape. Yes, a female judge actually made this despicable comment. Regardless of his religious beliefs, Hovind should not be imprisoned for them. Even if he defrauded people- and this is highly debatable- that shouldn’t warrant a more egregious penalty than violent criminals receive. And any judge that expresses a belief that these frivolous charges are more serious than rape is unfit to decide the fate of any citizen.

Meanwhile, noted “hacktivist” Barrett Brown was sentenced to over five years in prison for the “crime” of linking to hacked material. You read that correctly; our burgeoning tyrannical state is now incarcerating citizens for lengthy periods of time for linking to the wrong thing on the internet. And with the FCC set to take over the internet, thanks to the misnamed “Net Neutrality” Act, is it only a matter of time before alternative news sites and forums, and blogs like this one, are “outlawed” by the government? Do we really want the FCC to do to the internet what they did to radio and television?

In October, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court added a new entry to its extensive list of unconstitutional, inexplicable recent decisions. These esteemed jurists- supposedly the “best and brightest” in our land, ruled that police officers are permitted to be ignorant about the laws they are enforcing. The citizens they are harassing and abusing in the process, of course, cannot claim such ignorance. What kind of government allows those who enforce its laws to be ignorant of them, while expecting those who are not law enforcement officers to understand them? It is impossible to satirize our injustice system at this point.

The Congress is our only hope, in terms of reigning in this out-of-control tyranny. But they have abrogated so much of their power to the other two branches they are supposed to be equal to that they’ve become a toothless force, serving to rubber-stamp the actions of imperial presidents and an activist judiciary. And since we keep re-electing over 90% of these clowns election after election, what hope is there that they will ever reassert themselves and perform their constitutional duties?

I included a Postscript in Hidden History. It wasn’t easy to keep up with the never-ending flow of corruption and official misdeeds, and eventually there had to be a cutoff point, as the book was going to publication. I just wanted to share a few instances of injustice, which certainly would have been included in the book, that have taken place since it was published. The list is endless. As I noted in the book, at all levels, those tasked to lead us are doing the wrong thing, acting irrationally, and making decisions that boggle the mind, over and over again. Any random group of preschoolers could do a far better job of running this country.

Two Interviews In One Day

I was interviewed by Len Osanic for Black Op Radio yesterday afternoon, and followed that up with a two hour appearance on the nationally syndicated radio program Coast to Coast, hosted by George Noory, during the wee hours of the morning. I was extremely grateful for this opportunity; Coast to Coast has more than five million listeners, and Black Op Radio has featured the biggest names in JFK assassination research as guests, from Cyril Wecht to Mark Lane to Jesse Ventura to Oliver Stone.

Book sales are again soaring, thanks to this great exposure. Even The Unreals  benefited, with some nice crossover sales on Amazon.

Again, if you enjoyed my appearances on these shows, and last week on Infowars,  please contact them and ask them to have me back on. Amazon reviews are always helpful, and please suggest that your local library system and/or your college alma add it to their library collections.

A Wild Weekend For “Hidden History”

I was interviewed by Rob Dew on the Infowars Nightly News last Thursday (February 26). I awoke the next day to find my book’s Amazon ranking had soared higher than I ever dreamed it could. It reached a peak- at least that I saw- of #829 overall, and has been the #1 book in the categories of Political Reference and Communication and Media Studies all weekend.

To say the least, I’m overwhelmed by all this. My book’s ranking in Amazon divisions all over the world- even Germany- rose dramatically as well. On Amazon Canada, Hidden History peaked at #479 overall, and was the number one best seller in three separate categories. The video is all over the internet- on You Tube, it has over 30,000 views. On Infowars, there were nearly 200 comments.

As I understand, those #1 rankings allow me to call the book a best seller in those categories. So, officially I am now referring to my book as the Political Reference and Communication and Media Studies best seller Hidden History. 

The lighting was a bit harsh- as they had me put a desk lamp, with a bare bulb shining directly on my face, from only about 10 inches away. Still, I think it turned out pretty well, and the reaction has been favorable. Thanks so much to Rob Dew and Infowars. Hopefully, they’ll have me back on again.

If you haven’t seen the interview, here’s the You Tube link: