Seth Rich and Our Free Press

A few days ago, a Republican lobbyist who was investigating the still unsolved shooting of young Democratic Party staffer Seth Rich, was shot in the back twice. For good measure, in the best Hollywood/organized crime style, he was also run over by a car.

The coverage of this incident by the mainstream media was predictable. A Washington Post story was full of absurd references to the conservative victim Jack Burkman’s opposition to NFL players kneeling for the national anthem and his work raising money for a former convicted Trump campaign official who pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI. For those of you not keeping score, this is the now pure and sacred FBI, not the one run for decades by drooling crossdresser J. Edgar Hoover.

A free and independent press would have been all over the Seth Rich story the minute he was shot in a “botched robbery” where nothing was stolen. This evoked memories of the Starbucks slayings during the conspiracy-crazed Clinton years, where again nothing was stolen during that “botched robbery.” Only our “journalists” could refer to these crimes that way. But then again, Jack Burkman has been referred to as a “controversial” investigator into the Rich murder. Yeah, I guess a group that refuses to investigate anything would have that kind of perspective.

Keep in mind, “conspiracy theorists” like me look at the Seth Rich case and see an obvious political hit. But since we’re “conspiracy theorists,” the establishment just kind of chuckles and returns to their insipid regular programming. Julian Assange has all but identified Rich as the person who leaked those incriminating documents about the DNC- you know, the ones our “journalists” treated like an infectious disease, to be avoided at all costs. Their only concern was exposing the leaker.

Add to this the fact that Burkman had been attacked in January by a masked man who hit him with pepper spray, and you have the trappings of conspiracy that even the most naive moviegoers could recognize in the first reel. But to our mainstream media, it’s “controversial” or perhaps even “hateful” to even ask these questions.

Some months ago, Fox News aired one of their extremely rare investigative pieces, hosted by Sean Hannity, that revealed just a fraction of the inconsistencies in this crucial case. Incredibly, Seth Rich’s family was outraged over someone questioning the circumstances surrounding their loved one’s death, and the network was forced to retract their story. Now, the family has actually launched a lawsuit against Fox News. Evidently, it’s much better not knowing who killed Seth Rich, or why, and anyone outside of controlled law enforcement who questions that is causing them “pain and suffering” and needs to be sued.

Seth Rich’s family is following in a long, unfortunate tradition. The families of deep state victims like Gary Webb and Michael Hastings also resented anyone uncovering the dubious official stories behind their deaths. None of these victims of tragedies seem to like “conspiracy theorists” showing up and upsetting the neat little apple cart constructed by our perpetually corrupt political leaders and the sycophantic “journalists” who do little more than pass along the demonstrable impossibilities from official spokespersons in these cases.

The Kennedy family probably set the precedent here. Jacqueline Kennedy’s curious “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude towards the subject of her husband’s assassination cowed the press even further into submission. Caroline Kennedy, to this day, kind of grimaces at the word assassination, as if she could possibly still be grieving over something that happened when she was six years old. Her brother John Jr., on the other hand, had a lifelong quest to expose the true murderers of his father, which I first revealed in my book Hidden History.

But even JFK, Jr. kept his doubts, and his obsession, private. While Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. did publicly express his doubts about the official narratives of both Kennedy assassinations, he hasn’t made it a top priority issue. Caroline Kennedy even handed out a Profile in Courage Award years ago to Gerald Ford. Yeah, that Gerald Ford- the member of the Warren Commission who belatedly admitted to simply moving up the wound location in JFK’s back in order to make the single bullet theory a bit less impossible.

Compare all these incomprehensible attitudes to the way the family of Martin Luther King responded to his assassination. The King children- particularly son Dexter- met with accused assassin James Earl Ray and publicly stated that they believed he was innocent. Coretta Scott King, at an advanced age, even made the effort to testify personally for Ray during his attempt to get a new trial. Unlike the families of Rich, Hastings, and the various Kennedy victims, the King family represented true profiles in courage.

When things like the murder of Seth Rich happen, and the evidence is so clear that foul play involving powerful forces was involved, a free people would know about it. The politicians who are supposed to represent their interests would demand answers. The media organs and their investigative reporters would want to tackle such a juicy story. But we don’t have political representation. We do have taxation, however. Patrick Henry once made a prescient comment about that situation.

As for our media, they have proven conclusively, especially since November 22, 1963, that they are nothing more than mouthpieces for a very, very corrupt state. At least the Soviets, when they were subject to the “reporting” of Tass or Pravda, understood clearly that it was state propaganda. A large percentage of Americans don’t seem to comprehend what those Soviets did, as they watch CNN or one of the major networks, read The New York Times, or tune in to one of the myriad of identical late night talk shows.

Hatred of Donald Trump has turned good people into gullible tools of our corrupt elite. They have swallowed wholeheartedly the most ridiculous conspiracy theory in the history of the world. They now totally accept that our systemic corruption is due to the influence of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. In doing so, they side with intelligence agencies like the FBI and CIA, that have been exposed as thoroughly corrupt by writers like myself and numerous others.

This conspiracy theory managed to turn the Wikileaks documented effort by the DNC to steal the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders, into some sort of “collusion” by the Russians to get the dreaded Trump elected. Sanders himself appears to buy this, when he was the primary victim of chicanery. Under this theory, any criticism of Hillary Clinton, even the nickname “Crooked Hillary,” came courtesy of the Russians, not because of her lifelong record of absolute corruption.

Everyone now labels any news they don’t like as “fake news.” Snopes- the trusty husband and wife establishment duo online- is always there to “debunk” any allegations of corruption or conspiracy. Except the Russian “collusion” thing, that is. Every member of the establishment believes in that one.

Without a free press, there cannot be a free population. Even with our hopelessly corrupt leaders, one honest television network or wide circulation periodical could counteract that. Think Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. In no way, shape, or form does present day America have a free press.


We Are The Proles

The farther we slide down into the mishmash of tyranny and idiocracy that is modern day America, the more I appreciate George Orwell’s 1984. Orwell’s proles represented some 85% of the population of Oceania, which roughly approximates the 80% or so of Americans today who must lose if those at the top are to keep winning. That’s how a casino-style economy works.

“If there is hope,” Winston Smith, the protagonist of 1984, wrote, “it lies in the proles.” Orwell keenly predicted what has become ironclad reality in our modern world, when he described these masses as engaging in “petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and, above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds.” The only thing he didn’t foresee was reality television shows and social media.

Orwell’s proles are identical to those we self-proclaimed “awake” types like to dismiss as “asleep” sheeple. Orwell again perfectly defined the majority of today’s Americans when he wrote, “Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” As I’ve said, while more people are gradually waking up to the tyranny and corruption all around them, the ones who are asleep are digging their feet in and prescribing themselves figurative tranquilizers.

Orwell recognized that the proles had the numbers, and the power, to easily stop Big Brother and his party of followers. Obviously, the 80% of those who are unemployed, underemployed, and living paycheck to paycheck have that potential in America today. But we can’t even organize a simple boycott on buying gas, for instance, on a single given day. That would send a powerful message, and put no one in danger, and yet it’s incredibly difficult to get people to come together for anything. This is why all riots and demonstrations are so suspect to many of us.

Americans today probably have the worst “representation” politically of any alleged free nation in the history of the world. This was demonstrated clearly in 2008, when well over 90% of the population in every poll was against the banker bailout, yet our only two “choices” for president, and the congressional leaders in both “opposing” parties heartily supported it. With their 90% plus re-election rate, you’d think our political leaders were world-class, and yet the same public that keeps allegedly returning them to office tells pollsters they have a less than 10% approval rating.

Even before 1984 was published, Harry Truman and other American leaders rationalized the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by claiming they were saving lives. Years later, Ronald Reagan’s administration named one of its deadly new missiles “the peace keeper.” Orwell’s Newspeak and Doublethink are an established part of American culture now. Affirmative Action stops discrimination by discriminating. The children of illegal immigrants are “dreamers.” The wealthy are “job creators.” The list is endless.

Orwell’s “memory hole” is a part of our lexicon. So are his “thought police,” which are all but a literal reality at this point. How far is the American concept of “hate crime” from “thought crime?” How far are the telescreens which monitored every movement in Oceania from the surveillance cameras we find everywhere now in America? Well, except at the Pentagon on 9/11, or Sandy Hook, or most any other recent high profile shooting.

The word proles is short for proletariat. It’s illuminating to consider that communists, while ostensibly siding with the everyday prole, directed their ire at the petty bourgeoisie, representing the middle class. There appears to be no such derisive term in the Marxist vocabulary to describe the very wealthy. This is almost certainly why both the communists and socialists hated Huey Long. They didn’t want to take the wealth from where it exists; within the ranks of the One Percent. Instead, they wanted to squeeze out the once vibrant American middle class.

George Orwell, like Huey Long, would be mortified at today’s “left.” He lampooned the behavior that fuels the social justice warriors. Huey Long would not have understood the importance of tearing down confederate statues or firing people for offending someone of a particular group or persuasion. Orwell would shake his head at America’s perpetual wars, and how much they mirror his fictional state of Oceania’s foreign policy.

The tyranny we are saddled with, like the tyranny in Oceania, is not typical totalitarianism. Today’s American culture has shifted dramatically to the left, resulting in thirty seven different genders and “racist” brown paper bags. But these same Americans are cool with capital punishment, even though Project Innocence and other groups have shown just how often the wrongfully accused are convicted.

And the social justice warriors are perfectly okay with America’s “bipartisan” foreign policy, which results in all-war, all the time. Very few protest the size of the gargantuan military industrial complex, complete with still top-secret intelligence agency budgets. While no one on the left or right seems concerned with truly helping poor American citizens, the pussy hats are ready to turn violent over the “dreamers” and the rights of illegal immigrants.

Today’s America is a mess; a monstrous bureaucracy that consumes taxes at a socialist nanny state-rate, without any corresponding benefits for the masses that finance it. While CEOs gobble up bonuses and perks at record levels each year, our infrastructure is on life support, with roads, bridges and power grids that have not been updated or upgraded in decades. Not only do we have Third World-style wealth distribution, we have Third World-style infrastructure.

While our Medical Industrial Complex has resulted in the most bloated, expensive healthcare system the world has ever known, America has Third World-level life expectancy and infant mortality rates. Our diets, spurred on by GMO products which our leaders refuse to even have labeled on the products that use them, have produced an America that is becoming increasingly obese. The average American woman now weighs over 166 pounds, which is what an average man weighed in the 1960s. The average male is about thirty pounds heavier now than he was fifty years ago, weighing in at close to 200 pounds. The average woman now wears a size 16, and the average man’s waist is about 40 inches.

Most people now, especially the young, are totally immersed in their smart phones and the cyber world in general. With this detachment from reality, and the very visible physical byproduct of bad diets, too many prescriptions and lack of exercise, it’s obvious that it will be very hard to ever wake this group of proles up. Even if they could ever realize that they are being controlled and screwed over, the state of their conditioning would probably make any revolt impossible. Even Orwell didn’t predict such a massive average weight gain for his proles.

I often speak about how, as recently as the 1970s, the average American had much greater personal liberty. We have lost so much of our freedom in the decades since then, that it’s hard to even make younger Americans comprehend it. But like the masses in Orwell’s 1984, the majority today just simply shrug it off.

By the late 1970s, I was already protesting, and using the talking point that 1984 was already here, ahead of schedule. In my fiery, youthful fervor, I couldn’t possibly have imagined just how far we would sink in less than forty years. While Trump is a plausible Goldstein, we don’t need a literal Big Brother.

A slightly different 1984 is here. We are the proles.

How to Become Unpopular

I’ve finally accepted the harsh reality that the majority of Americans are never going to wake up out of their long, long stupor. They are broken largely into two equally misguided groups. One, the “liberal” group, reacts emotionally to every prompt of the thoroughly corrupt, state-run mass media. The other, the “conservative” group, is in denial of how far America has fallen, worships greed and the tattered American flag, and consoles themselves with an insincere religious cocktail.

While I’ve been a radical all of my adult life, until I became a published author, and gravitated to the limited public platform the glorious internet provides, my family and friends tolerated me with a wink and a shrug. They supported my first book, the sci-fi novel The Unreals, to a gratifying degree. When Hidden History was published, the support diminished somewhat, but still some old friends and many family members were there for me. They just didn’t talk about the book. At all. Outside of one cousin, no member of my very large family has even acknowledged reading the book, let alone shared what they thought of it.

It was the publication of Survival of the Richest that really opened my eyes. Now the support had become threadbare, with only a handful of loyal friends and family members supporting me in any way. And again, not a single mention of the book at Christmas or any other large family gathering. My writing in general has become the large elephant in the room, which everyone ignores. I stopped mentioning it myself to them, because it was crystal clear they didn’t have any interest.

Social media has mirrored the reactions of my friends and family. It’s been all that I can do to stop myself from posting one of those dramatic farewells on Facebook. I have posted what I thought substantial news about Survival of the Richest, from interviews with the likes of Sean Stone, the son of director Oliver Stone, to quizzes and book giveaways by the publisher, with only a handful of people at the most ever “liking” it, yet alone commenting.

I’ve lost Facebook friends, and a few in real life, over my writings. Posting in support of Donald Trump during his campaign caused long-time friends to become apoplectic. And now, oddly, this same “liberal” group has shown no interest in Survival of the Richest, a book they should logically be drawn to. While my “liberal” friends have for the most part acted as if my new book didn’t exist, my “conservative” friends cling loyally to chronic promise-breaker Trump, and obviously resent the very subject matter of Survival of the Richest. 

So what’s an independent-minded populist like me to do? I’ve had to grovel in promoting myself on social media, even begging for Amazon reviews and Goodreads ratings, to no avail. I suppose the same “friends” that can’t take two seconds to click on “like” would have a problem taking five seconds to rate my books on Goodreads. I have over 1,500 friends on Amazon, the vast majority of them people who sent me friend requests, and yet I can seldom get even 1% of them to “like” my posts.

If and when my next book is published, whether that winds up being my book on bullying and the social hierarchy, or Hidden History 2, present trends would indicate that almost no one among my real friends and family, let alone Facebook “friends,” will pay the slightest attention, let alone read it.

One of my favorite writers, Charles Fort, once said, “I do not know how to find out anything new, without being offensive.” I can relate to that. It would be far easier to salute the flag, or scream at Trump, or talk about black lives only mattering, or demand we “do something” to protect “the children.” Pointing out the inevitable holes in every official narrative paints you as a conspiracy “kook.” The sheeple just simply roll their eyes and hiss, “you think everything is a conspiracy.”

When conspirators run the world, everything important they engage in will involve some kind of conspiracy. History is written by the victors, and so is the coverage of current events. I question everything that gets widespread coverage in the mainstream media, or is the thrust of hackneyed political speeches. Those who disseminate information to the masses have been proven to be demonstrable liars time and time again. Do we give the slightest credibility to any individual pathological liar? Why then do we think that a collection of pathological liars should be trusted on anything?

Throughout my life, others have counseled me that something I’d said or written was “too extreme.” I have regularly colored outside the lines, strayed from the narrow parameters of acceptable debate. I really don’t know how anyone stays within those restricted lines, and accepts the maddening limits of mainstream public discourse.

The unexpected success of Hidden History was somewhat bittersweet, given not only the lukewarm support from friends and family, but the fact that one of my primary demographic groups, the JFK assassination research community, with a very few exceptions, has treated the book like the plague. Given the huge egos and difficult personalities within that community, I really shouldn’t have been surprised, but I still was. For a cynical, Ambrose Bierce fan, I am often shockingly naive and trusting of people.

To those of you who read this blog regularly, I will ask again for Amazon reviews, Goodreads ratings and mentioning my writing to your friends. Sometimes I feel like some poor soul on a street corner with a tin cup in hand, but the publishers and the reality of the marketplace dictate that authors do most of their own promotion.

If some of those who regularly write to me, telling me how much they loved my work, would only promote my work to others, I wouldn’t have to toot my own horn so much. There’s no way to do that without sounding arrogant, egotistical, etc. I’ve actually had several people contact me, tell me they were writing a review, and then the review never appeared. One “fan” of mine on Facebook gave the book he supposedly loved three stars on Goodreads! Another “fan” gave it two stars! With “fans” like that, who needs all those one-star bandits that populate Goodreads?

I’ve grown tired of explaining to those mired in the phony left-right paradigm how I can be against capital punishment, legal penalties for all victim-less crimes, the abuses of our intelligence agencies and the military industrial complex and our sinful economic inequality, while at the same time being against affirmative action and all identity politics, the DACA program and our entire insane immigration policy, the excesses of feminism, and any concept of “hate” crime or “hate” speech. I’m a populist, and see corruption everywhere.

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed.” William Faulkner once said. “If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.” “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.” Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote. I get a strange kind of thrill in going against the grain, in knowing that I’m in such a minority that my perspective faces astronomical odds.

Andrew Jackson perhaps said it best: “One man with courage makes a majority.” All of us need to point out that the emperor is stark naked, with not a stitch of clothing on. It shouldn’t take courage to simply tell the truth. Everyone should want truth to be known, and should naturally speak it. There are plenty of us out here who will be the first in the crowd to speak up. All we’re asking for is others to support, and not remain silent.

As my book on bullying will show, the concept of popularity requires there to be unpopularity. We shouldn’t be treating civil discourse as if we were all still in high school, seeking attention from the quarterback or prom queen. Truth and justice should always be considered popular.


Politics- The Greatest Hoax of All

This “Russian” conspiracy thing really has me down. The fact that so many good people have mindlessly bought into it has increased my disillusionment about the general gullibility of people. I’ll probably be whipping out my well-worn copy of Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary soon if this continues.

The elite that control us all, those puppet masters behind the scenes, have succeeded in dividing America into two camps, both of them clueless about the real enemy controlling everyone. Donald Trump has become the Lightning Rod of all Lightning Rods. Those who hate him- and there are a lot people who hate him- have been persuaded that he is more corrupt than the entire rest of the deep state. Forgot those Rockefellers and Rothschild-types, and every previous crime committed by swamp dwellers. If we can just get rid of Trump, we’ll really make America great again.

While Trump has become the Goldstein of 1984 fame, stirring up the masses into fits of far more than two minutes of hate, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama form a sort of amalgamation on the other side, as dartboards for conservatives. Our masters have succeeded in constructing believable cardboard caricatures, much as they have used foreign bogeymen for similar purposes for well over a century, to incite the war fever that our monstrous military intelligence complex relies on for sustenance.

Lots of us were fooled to varying degrees by the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. We ignored those photos of Trump laughing with his “former” friends the Clintons. We ignored Trump endorsing Hillary for president in 2008, and his 2012 comments calling her a “terrific” Secretary of State. We ignored the fact that Trump’s name, like Bill Clinton’s, was listed as being on the notorious “Lolita Express” of convicted underage girl aficionado Jeffrey Epstein.

Astute political researchers- which unfortunately doesn’t include many professional journalists or historians- have long known that congressional voting, for instance, can be largely staged. There are a myriad of examples of Democrats and Republicans “permitting” a loyal ally in either their own party or the “opposing” one, to cast a vote that will be popular with the public, as long as the outcome is already assured for the establishment, if they are facing a difficult re-election challenge. Of course, this doesn’t happen very often, since well over 90% of all incumbents are returned to Congress in each election.

Now we appear to be in the midst of a remarkable, unprecedented battle between an arrogant, confused president and the entire left wing of the establishment. Every night, establishment leftist “entertainers” rant and rave against Trump on those competing yet carbon copy talk shows, almost as if he has become the central talking point of every television program. The relentlessness and vicious nature of the attacks would make a more sympathetic figure than the egotistical Trump the kind of underdog that the vast majority of the public would rally around.

The attacks on Obama during his eight years in office were similar, but far less intense. And the mainstream media, being generally “liberal” in an establishment sense, was as collectively enamored with Obama as they are collectively incensed at Trump. Trump has been transformed into a figurehead for White Maleness, which appears to be the number one enemy of the most radical social justice warriors.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, was marketed as the kind of smart aleck black man that conservative America has always feared. Hillary Clinton is the quintessential feminist who won’t back down to male “privilege” and “speaks her mind.” As she told us in the early days, she’s never liked to bake cookies. She is the anti-June Cleaver to Donald Trump’s desperate attempt to bring back the days of Leave it to Beaver. But he’s doing it without that 90% tax rate on the richest Americans; in Trump’s case, he wants to channel the 1950s primarily with more tax cuts for the wealthy.

So what’s an informed American to do here? What if we don’t like smart aleck blacks or feminists who just happen to support perpetual wars, disastrous trade deals, outsourcing and massive immigration, and a sinful disparity of wealth? But what if we don’t like the only alternative offered to us; the unfathomably greedy and selfish disciples of Ayn Rand- the Paul Ryans of the world? Are we forced to empathize with this clownish billionaire “outsider” who is either giving an Academy Award performance as a beleaguered Twitter addict, or is exactly as dumb as he sounds and is being unwittingly used?

I devoted an entire section of Survival of the Richest to our “best and brightest.” Our elected representatives have seemingly always been the target of jokes by wits like Mark Twain. Is it believable that our representatives could be such laughingstocks, Congress after Congress? Would’t some competent and/or honest citizens run for public office at some point, and win? I propose that such consistently putrid “representation” cannot happen accidentally. It cannot be a natural phenomenon for our Congress to be forever filled with pedophiles, anti-gay gays, utterly bribe-able blowhards, who vote against the interests of their constituents with such stunning predictability.

Are our politics akin to the alleged event at Sandy Hook, or the Boston Bombing, or any other number of incidents over the past few years, which have been investigated by alternative researchers and found to be so implausible? Has American politics become a charade, or even something wildly surreal like The Truman Show? Are we all unwitting Jim Carreys, blissfully unaware of the giant stage Shakespeare spoke of, and the prominent actors strutting all around us?

Politics largely makes history. I have written a lot about history, and perhaps I should have referred to it more as fake than merely hidden. “History would be a wonderful thing,” Tolstoy once wrote, “if it were only true.” Today’s politics will become tomorrow’s history. The court historians will chronicle it as inaccurately as their predecessors chronicled their own times. If we survive as some kind of civilization, future court historians will probably note how “hateful” our age was, led by the greatest hater of them all, Donald Trump. They are as unlikely to even mention all the crimes and conspiracies that are happening even as I write this, as they are to ever expose them.

The reality is that 50% of Americans are making less than $27,000 annually. This same bottom half of the country has less than ONE percent of the collective wealth. Illegal immigration and foreign visa workers continue to flood a labor market with nearly 100 million American adults unemployed, further lowering wages. Social Security and Medicare are bound to burst unless something is done to redistribute wealth downwards, instead of upwards. Military spending is always increased, no matter who is in office, and the huge budgets of our intelligence agencies remain a secret. All over the country, police forces are out of control and granted the power to seize the personal property of those not even charged with a crime.

With all this going on, our “representatives” and our media should have plenty to discuss, investigate and reform. Instead, we are being fed a nonsensical casserole, whose main ingredients are Black Lives Matter, North Korea, “dreamers,” transgender bathrooms, military parades, and #MeToo, with a liberal (pun intended) sprinkling in of vapid celebrity opinions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like what’s being served, as Huey Long said long ago; all the waiters work for Wall Street.

This is well beyond taxation without representation. It’s being forced to watch a never-ending dog and pony show. We can’t yell “fire” in our crowded theater, so all we can do is visit the overpriced concession stands and eat the stale popcorn.



Pussy Hats and Scaredy Cats

Our once great civilization continues to slumber towards its inevitable collapse. What is left of American culture is divided fairly evenly between venomous social justice warriors whose hatred is primarily directed at white male “haters,” and clueless conservatives desperately trying to save something that isn’t worth saving.

As my friend Cindy Sheehan likes to point out frequently, where are the Pussy Hats for Peace? Where are the social justice warriors concerned about our foreign policy of perpetual war? Instead, these angry “protesters” often seem to be protesting nothing of substance, beyond a vague animosity towards a “white” America that once was, and is long gone. They fear that the multi-divorced, foul-mouthed Trump will somehow bring all this “whiteness” back if he actually enforces our immigration laws. I would like to assure them they have nothing to worry about.

Donald Trump has proven one thing; he has no sincere principles, and is either a crass political opportunist or a lucky dimwit who has fooled everyone his entire life, much as Peter Sellers’ character did in the movie Being There. He has capitulated on every one of his numerous campaign promises. He appears to be heading down the road Ronald Reagan traveled, when he built a record that was diametrically opposed to his rhetoric, with his enthusiastic base oblivious to the inconsistencies.

The darling of the “conservatives” was recently revealed to have engaged in an adulterous affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. In a typical example of what happens in a corrupt, crumbling civilization, Daniels has now suddenly distanced herself from what were very specific and lurid details, and seemingly is denying that there ever was an affair.  It’s hard to imagine where Trump would get any “muscle” to persuade her to change her story, given the fact that everyone around him was at least at one time a Never Trumper.

While the President appears for all the world to be an infantile, supremely distracted chief executive, his opposition continues to do everything in their power to make him look good by comparison. Joe Kennedy III delivered the Democratic response to Trump’s State of the Union address last night. With all I know of the Kennedys’ tragic history, it is hard for me to believe the establishment will ever let this guy have a national impact on politics, no matter how innocuous his platform appears to be.

Young Kennedy appears to have been visibly drooling during his response speech, and online critics are jumping all over that. This is the new, less improved America; all sheen and no substance. Both misguided sides of what passes for political debate jump all over any perceived weakness of their opponents, much as bullies at all levels seek whatever weapons they can find, with which to practice their time-honored trade.

The “opposition” to Trump amounts to a celebration of illegal immigration and transgender bathrooms. There is no criticism from the pussy hats, or the endless stream of outraged celebrities, to Trump’s saber rattling with North Korea, or his senseless bombing of Syria, or his unprovoked threats against Iran, or his support for civil asset forfeiture laws and our out-of-control police forces, or his apparent fondness for GMO crops.

The pussy hats don’t care how many countries America unjustifiably bombs or occupies, as long as women and transgenders have a right to be in the front lines. Presumably, as long as America can make its troops “diverse” enough, anything they do is perfectly fine.

Trump’s private comments regarding “shithole” countries exposed the other side of this coin. He represents a dying breed of white American, primarily male, who relishes speaking their minds behind closed doors. And then apologizing once exposed, of course. No arguments about freedom of speech. No attempt to defend what they actually believe. To the pussy hats, there is no freedom of speech and there should be no opportunity to defend such “hatred,” or argue such points.

This kind of “scaredy cat” thinking goes back to the World War II generation. When I was a young worker, it always astounded me to see how dishonest these aging “greatest generation” members were. To a man, all of them delighted in telling racist jokes and dropping the “N” word liberally when no minorities were present. Then these same people would fall all over themselves when any black worker was around, trying to ingratiate themselves to them by talking “jive” in a most embarrassing manner.

I generally think Pat Buchanan is one of the best and brightest of our age. However, even he has fallen prey to this “scaredy cat” thinking. When David Duke attempted to get the Republican presidential nomination, Buchanan-who was running as well and obviously drew support from the same voter demographic-defeated him in a primary, and shamefully bragged about drumming Duke out of the Republican party. On the surface, there was no discernible difference between Duke and Buchanan on the issues. But this has always been a problem with Buchanan; while clearly thinking like a revolutionary on most issues, at heart he wants to get the approval of  the Stupid Party leaders like his old hero Richard Nixon (who refused to support him when he challenged George H.W. Bush in the 1992 primaries.)

So we have a “debate” between largely irrational social justice warriors, whose primary issue is to stop “white privilege,” especially white male privilege, from rearing its ugly head anywhere; and hypocritical white “conservatives,” whose every utterance must be  proofread for traces of “racism,” or “sexism,” or “hate.”

Will the pussy hats become incensed over Trump’s foolish recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Do they even know where Jerusalem is? After all, Jerusalem, like most of the world outside America, isn’t renowned for its transgender policies. Do they even know what GMO is, let alone that Trump supports their ingredients in our foods? Are they aware that the FDA recently moved to try to outlaw all holistic medical practices and supplements? But you can be certain they’d be howling at the top of their lungs if the mayor of Jerusalem or a high ranking official of the FDA said something that could be construed as “racist.”

We have surely reached another milestone in the development of the Idiocracy, when stories circulate that our arrogant, juvenile president liked to be spanked with a copy of Forbes magazine. He also drinks a supposed twelve Diet Cokes every day, but was given a clean bill of health recently nonetheless. Meanwhile, each day brings new allegations of sexual assault or harassment from some actress somewhere, leveled against someone in the entertainment business.

They say that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Regarding our own collapse, will we see Trump tweeting, and the pussy hats flinging literal feces, and the putrid mainstream media proclaiming that women and minorities will face the most difficult challenges?

Left and Right and Immigration

Nothing has contributed more to the lowering of wages and eradication of benefits for so many blue collar workers, than our maddening immigration policy. Illegal immigrants, in particular, have impacted the lower paid jobs to such an extent now that the mantra “they’e just doing jobs Americans won’t” is accepted by everyone.

Just recently, the newly minted richest man in the world, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, announced that he was giving $33 million of his substantial billions to the “dreamers,” whose parents entered this country illegally, so that they could attend college. He didn’t offer $33 for any American-born “dreamer.”

This is the height of insanity; giving money to people who are here illegally. Yes, the word is unkind, but what is the point of having an immigration policy, or anyone bothering to abide by it, if one can not only avoid deportation, but actually be rewarded? California Governor Jerry Brown’s act enabling driver licenses to be used as voter IDs in elections all but granted illegals the right to vote, since they have long been permitted to get driver licenses.

One of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Chicago, awarded an illegal immigrant $300,000 in scholarships. It is unclear what this lucky non-citizen will do with the extra $14,000 or so, as a full ride to the expensive school is some $286,000. Maybe it’s some kind of new illegal “bonus.”

Both Republicans and Democrats fight fiercely for illegal immigrants. Some Republican Tennessee lawmaker drafted a bill that would have allowed about 8,000 qualifying illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition, though it failed to pass. “I did it because it’s the fair and just thing to do, and I believe these kids will have a huge beneficial impact on Tennessee’s economy,” stated Rep. Todd Gardenhire. “They’re great students, perfect citizens, and pay the same sales taxes the rest of us do.” Note here the over-the-top generalization. So all illegals are “great students?” And how can they be “perfect citizens,” when they…..aren’t citizens?

Proving that this is just as bipartisan an issue as our all war/no peace foreign policy is, Democrats in several states have tried to get the same sort of legislation passed, with the general goal of making financial aid easier for illegal immigrants. In some cases, this includes set-aside funds for illegals who “qualify” under DACA.

Former Arizona Governor and Obama Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano slid easily into the position of President of the University of California system. As such, she has decreed that $25.2 million be allotted for a loan program catering exclusively to illegal immigrants. “This funding will further strengthen the university’s undocumented student initiative, and help ensure that these students receive the support and resources they need to succeed.” Napolitano declared.

“Undocumented student initiative?” This is where the madness really kicks in. Our leaders know people who are in an illegal status, or if we must be politically correct, undocumented. So why aren’t they being documented? What exactly are the immigration authorities doing here? But then again, what has our border patrol been doing for more than thirty years, as wave after wave of immigrants have poured illegally across our southern border?

In New Jersey, in-state tuition is already offered to illegal immigrants. Considering how in-your-face all this catering to illegal immigrants is, it’s ironic and laughable that millions of state taxpayer dollars allotted to illegals under the California Dream Act remain unclaimed, due to fears that disclosing parental tax information will somehow lead to deportation. As Don King used to say, “Only in America!” Critics of the measure concentrated on the fact that many students didn’t meet the grade  point requirements (a messy detail that evidently only applies to citizens), rather than the fact taxpayer money was openly being doled out to illegal immigrants.

The Ford Foundation is just one of many huge organizations that award Pre-Doctoral Fellowships to undocumented status students. A naive sort like myself would suppose that a rational country would address the immigration status of students when they first enter an American school system. However, all this was ingrained into law during “conservative” hero Ronald Reagan’s tenure in office. A 1982 Supreme Court decision mandated that states provide K-12 public education for students without legal immigrant status.

As far back as 1982, the U.S. Department of Labor sent a memo out to all state employment security agencies regarding the payment of unemployment benefits to “illegal aliens,”as they were even more indelicately referred to then. Citing a study by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the memo stated,  “The preliminary findings indicate potentially widespread abuse of the unemployment insurance program by illegal aliens.”  It is impossible to imagine the extent of the “abuse” that must exist in this area by now.

Ronald Reagan, of course, permitted the disastrous 1986 Immigration “Reform” Act to be passed under his watch. As I’ve noted many times before, that odious piece of legislation opened the barn door forever, permitting blanket amnesty and creating what became known as “chain migration,” which has recently been identified by the mainstream media as roughly the trillionth example of the systemic “racism” which plagues this country.

The pleas of Snopes and other defenders of the Official Faith notwithstanding, illegal immigrants qualify for a good deal of government assistance. Pregnant women, for example, have long been granted free healthcare, leading to the birth of untold number of “anchor babies,” which is again yet another of the endless “racist” terms our hopeless society is saddled with.

A 2014 study by the Social Security Administration, which was hardly hostile toward immigrants, came up with a few illuminating conclusions nonetheless. The study found, “the redistributive nature of Social Security may mean that many immigrants realize a higher rate of return on payroll tax contributions than US natives… immigrants who receive benefits are likely to receive higher replacement rates….immigrants who arrive in the United States at older ages may have higher employment rates than same-age, native-born workers…”

Illegal immigrants are often hired on the spot, from one of those convenient cattle-style lines that Americans can now see in virtually all areas of the country, outside of hardware stores and the like. Needless to say, these kinds of workers pay no taxes, including the payroll deductions that fund Social Security. It is impossible to calculate how much potential tax revenue is lost every year from this kind of informal labor contract, which may only be for a week or even a day.

A 2013 study by the Heritage Foundation determined that illegal immigrants impose a fiscal burden of approximately $54.5 billion annually. The mainstream media never reports it, but illegal immigrants commit a vastly disproportionate amount of violent crimes. Over 42% of federal kidnappings involve non-citizens. The U.S. Sentencing Commission found that 75% of all convicted federal drug offenders were illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants comprised 17% of all drug trafficking sentences and one third of all federal prison sentences. Again, to a novice, it would seem absurd to waste the legal system’s resources on those who are not in the country legally. And to spend money to house them in our prison system is absolutely unfathomable.

The U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Sentencing Commission reported that as of 2014, illegal immigrants were responsible for over 13% of all crimes committed in the U.S. The General Accounting Office found that illegal immigrants committed 25,064 murders from 2003-2009. Very conservative estimates indicate that at least 3.5% of the American population entered the country illegally. But they commit a wildly disproportionate 22 to 37% percent of all murders.

Between June 2011 and March 2017, over 217,000 illegal immigrants were arrested and booked into Texas jails alone; they had jointly committed over nearly 600,000 criminal offenses. California faces the biggest problems with illegal immigrants, but Governor Jerry Brown is hardly anxious to address them logically. In 2014, Brown signed a bill that amended a state statute amending the maximum sentencing for misdemeanor crimes by one day from 365 to 364 days in jail, which conveniently circumvented current federal laws that provide for the deportation of illegal and legal immigrants in this country who have received sentences of 365 days or more.

According to the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, U.S. taxpayers are footing an annual bill of nearly $19 million per day to house and care for an estimated 300,000 to 450,000 convicted criminal immigrants who are eligible for deportation and are currently residing in local jails and state and federal prisons across the country. Remember, all the “racist” cries against Donald Trump originated when he simply protested the fact that illegal immigrants who have committed crimes are not being deported and instead resuming their criminal activities in this country.

The February 7, 2017 edition of The Miami Herald reported that “At least 121 killings within a four-year span were carried out by convicted immigrants who were not deported, according to a 2015 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee document….Every year, federal immigration authorities release foreign nationals convicted of crimes — including murder — both because the U.S. Supreme Court has prohibited indefinite detention or because their countries refuse to take them back even after immigration judges have ordered deportation.”

The immigration boom of the early twentieth century, combined with large average American families, guaranteed a plentiful population. It made sense, therefore, for our leaders to issue a veritable moratorium of all immigration from the 1920s through the 1960s. The new immigration boom, which really went into overdrive in the 1980s with the vast importation of millions who illegally crossed the southern border, coincided with a cultural campaign urging young couples to start smaller families or forego children altogether.

Anyone living in America today obviously knows that we have enough people. In fact, we have far too many people residing here, which drains the available resources for all. Merely enforcing our immigration laws would free up these resources dramatically, not to mention open up untold numbers of job openings, free up college placement for citizen students, and cut the average size of classrooms all over America.

Trump’s ludicrous idea of a “wall” means nothing if it serves simply to wall everyone already here in. Deportations which should have happened years ago, actual border security, and denial of all government services to undocumented residents would make such an ugly symbol unnecessary. But given the prevalence of “sanctuary cities” and the like, it’s clear that a substantial portion of Americans care more about the rights of these “dreamers” than they do about all of our civil liberties being trampled upon.

I don’t hate immigrants. It isn’t their fault. It’s understandable that they’d want to flee their often desperate circumstances and try to improve their lives. And it’s an irrefutable fact that most of them do, in fact, see their lives improved in America. But just as we can’t compete with Third World wages and benefits, we can’t compete with Third World standards of living or expectations.

The establishment Left is aghast at any efforts to control illegal immigration because most of these immigrants are nonwhite. I don’t think there is any doubt that, if most of the illegals happened to be desperately poor whites trickling across our northern border from Canada, that they’d be a bit more concerned about their negative impact on blue-collar workers, even if they had no propensity to commit crime and spoke English fluently.

The establishment Right objects to any curtailment of illegal immigration because they want cheap labor. And no labor comes any cheaper than the kind they can get from these exploited people.

A sovereign country should put its own interests, and its own people, first. Otherwise, it really isn’t a sovereign country. America First isn’t about Nazis. It’s about taking care of your own first. Charity begins at home.



Mainstream News IS Fake

There is one thing Donald Trump has right; our establishment news is unquestionably, indubitably fake. Those reasonable souls who have become understandably fed up with Trump’s WWE/Reality Show antics have to keep this in mind. Just because he’s an immature clown doesn’t mean his enemies are credible.

Most of us know BS artists, people who consistently twist and exaggerate the truth. Many of us know pathological liars, who simply are incapable of telling the truth about anything. In such cases, we don’t give these kinds of individuals any credibility whatsoever. We barely pay attention to anything they say.

I would contend that the mainstream media, as a whole, is the most pathological liar that ever existed. Despite their differing outlets, and the variations of letters in their network abbreviations, these “competing” organs act and report as one living, breathing, lying entity. Like individual pathological liars, they are incapable of telling the truth. I literally don’t believe anything they report, from the most intricate political event to a mundane weather forecast.

To believe in our professional “journalists,” one must accept that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK all by his lonesome, minimum wage earning-sexually inadequate self. One must believe that 19 crazed Arabs hijacked four airliners on 9/11, armed only with box cutters and plastic knives. One must further accept that after one of these planes struck the Pentagon, it not only left no visible wreckage behind, but the multitude of security cameras caught no footage of the impact.

We are talking about an entire industry here; the dishonesty in media extends from the big newspapers to the major television networks to the most powerful names in Hollywood. The recent Ken Burns’ documentary series on Vietnam hammered this point home. Like “anti-war” leftist darling Noam Chomsky, who curiously had his first few books financed by grants from the U.S. military, Burns clearly doesn’t believe JFK’s National Security Action Memorandum 263, which mapped out an exit strategy from Vietnam, has any historical significance in spite of the fact it was totally contradicted by NSAM 273, signed by LBJ and delineating the polar opposite strategy of escalation.

The compendium of conspiracies and cover ups I wrote about in Hidden History would not have been possible without the complicity of the mainstream media. One true Woodward and Bernstein-type, who broke open the impossible official story behind the JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations, the government murders at Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11 or any number of other important events, would bring the entire dishonest facade down.

Few Americans at the time knew that NBC, for instance, formally agreed in the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination, to report only information that was consistent with the FBI’s dubious “investigation” of the crime. Later on, during the Reagan administration, not a single mainstream “journalist” reported on Bo Gritz’s press conference, which featured the explosive revelation from Khun Sa, the notorious “Opium King,” that Reagan’s assistant secretary of defense Richard Armitage was his American connection in the drug trade.

One would naturally expect any intrepid reporter to go after the Khun Sa allegations with all the fury of a Lois Lane. Instead, they simply ignored the fantastic charges. When I say “they,” I mean all of them. As in every one of them. Only the intrepid little “anti-semitic” weekly newspaper The Spotlight reported the truth. Gritz was not a marginal figure; he was a heroic POW/MIA activist, and Hollywood had based the famous Rambo character on him.

When your government rammed armored tanks into the Branch Davidians’ “compound” (otherwise known as their home), and killed all those Americans-including a bunch of children they were allegedly so concerned about-with gas that had been banned by the Geneva Convention, what did the mainstream media report? There was no outrage on the part of these “journalists.” Instead, they continued to parrot the official nonsense about these religious “extremists” killing themselves, or at least causing their own deaths at the hands of the government, by their reluctance to surrender to the roided-out forces surrounding them.

When Saddam Hussein refused to give up his “weapons of mass destruction,” thereby forcing our humble and lovable military to attack his country, what did our media report? Did they reflect upon the absolute invisibility of these “weapons of mass destruction?” Did they note that it was beyond absurd to suppose that he possessed them, and yet chose not to use them when his tiny nation was invaded by the most powerful military force the world has ever known? Surely, such a magnanimous leader should have been given the Nobel Peace Prize, like Barack “I’m good at killing people” Obama.

The legendary JFK assassination researcher Harold Weisberg once told me that the government didn’t have to tell the media to cover the crime up. I’ve come to believe this about the press in general; they are so indoctrinated in the corrupt system that by the time they get their high-paying jobs, they don’t need to be told by anyone to avoid a particular story or subject. They instinctively know which subjects are forbidden, and avoid them, or report on them inaccurately, as dutifully as if they’d been issued a memorandum from Conspiracy Central. Find an establishment “journalist” anywhere on planet earth that doesn’t instantly scoff at any and all “conspiracy theories.”

Every July, high profile “journalists” are invited to the male only festivities at Bohemian Grove. Every year, the most recognizable names in “journalism” attend the Bilderberg meetings, alongside international elites and even royalty. None of them ever see fit to report on what transpires at these confabs, which to the untrained eye certainly seem to be conspiratorial-type of meetings. And there are always a healthy number of famous “journalists” who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which has never been the focus of any investigative story, despite wielding an extraordinary amount of power.

To the mainstream media, “conspiracy theory” is code for any questioning of authority. That’s what has made their infatuation with the Russian “collusion” nonsense- a conspiracy theory if ever there was one-so very laughable. These same “journalists” continue to ignore the reams of evidence of very real vote fraud, perpetrated by homegrown, USDA-choice conspirators. The late Collier brothers covered all this in great detail in their book Votescam, and I included the highlights of their research in Hidden History.

If you’re a mainstream “journalist,” you believe that JFK was a reckless womanizer, and that his death had no impact on our Vietnam policy or anything else. You believe that Bill Clinton was a cool saxophone player, and all those deaths in his body count are unconnected to him. You think that John McCain is a “good” Republican. You hate Donald Trump, not because he’s an inarticulate, insincere buffoon, but because he’s a “racist” who probably got away with sexually assaulting any number of women.

With a truly free, competitive press, most of the conspiracies anti-establishment writers like me cover would not have been attempted, let alone been successful. “Freedom of the Press, if it means anything at all, means the freedom
to criticize and oppose,” George Orwell wrote. It should be obvious to any educated, “awake” observer that there is no real opposition to authority in America now. We are only free to criticize and oppose the rampant corruption from internet blogs like mine, or books released by the few courageous publishers left in this country.

Thomas Jefferson reminded us, “Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.” We’ve all seen the humorous interviews with random people on the street, in which some of the Bill of Rights is quoted, and they kind of blanch in disapproval. John Quincy Adams said that “The freedom of the press should be inviolate.” And John F. Kennedy stated “A nation that is afraid to let its own people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

Do we have anything approximating an open marketplace of ideas in the mainstream media? I would disagree with JFK on the point of our government being afraid of its people. On the contrary, I think our leaders laugh in disbelief at the gullibility of the American sheeple, and have absolutely zero respect for them.

Until they prove otherwise, “fake news” perfectly describes our establishment press.



Of Harassment and Hysteria

Recently, there has been a tidal wave of sexual harassment, abuse and rape allegations, leveled against a myriad of powerful political figures and entertainers. The endless accusations against Harvey Weinstein, for a long time one of the most powerful moguls in Hollywood, really appear to have opened the floodgates.

For the most part, I think this is a good thing. Exposing the dark deeds of elitists to the light of day is something any free society should benefit from. While it’s no surprise to many of us that men, especially, who wield great power choose to abuse it, I think everyone has been astonished at the breadth and extent of the problem.

While the whole #me too campaign undoubtedly empowered large numbers of victims to feel courageous enough to step forward, it almost certainly also enabled some to climb aboard the victimization bandwagon and gain not only sympathy, but perhaps a taste of notoriety. And the allegations varied wildly in severity; from the hopelessly nebulous “unwanted attention” to forcible rape. My hope is that the accusations will be sorted out rationally, and that everyone will agree that “unwanted attention” is not the equal of rape or any real assault.

Already, the responses to this epic scandal have been predictable. The House of Representatives, in their usual wisdom, is introducing legislation to mandate anti- harassment and anti-discrimination training. As almost certainly will happen, the corporate world will follow suit. In that case, the message will become; all males, regardless of their position in life and relative grasp of power, must learn not to harass or bring that “unwanted attention” to others.

What is lost here is that just as there is a huge difference, both legally and morally, between “unwanted attention” and sexual assault; there is just as wide a gulf between a congressman harassing a staffer and a mail room clerk trying to display romantic interest in a female co-worker. I detect, however, an inability on the part of many to make these important distinctions, and mandatory “sensitivity” style training smacks of the broad brush approach so beloved by our government and corporate leaders.

The emphasis here should be on how power corrupts, and in the case of too many powerful men, that corruption is of a sexual nature. As all the endless allegations against Hollywood figures demonstrate, those of us who have long maintained that there must be a literal casting couch in tinsel town were correct. But it’s the abuse of power that is the problem, not any freshly coined “toxic masculinity.” The power to force women into sex at the risk of losing their job is a far cry from socially unsophisticated males “creeping out” females by awkwardly asking them to dance or to lunch.

If the broad brush approach is used here, and if the past is any indicator it will be, then the result will be even more friction between the sexes, and eventually perhaps even a moratorium on “creepy” guys even talking to women. Taken to its logical extreme, “unwanted attention” can be something as innocuous as “good morning.” In all reality, virtually any “small talk” can be construed as sexual harassment. Why do males go to bars or to parties? Is asking someone to dance “harassment?” How far will this go, before it further erodes the relationships between men and women?

Congress has been filled with sexual predators for a very long time. I delineated numerous examples of this in Survival of the Richest. What these predators share in common, along with their plentiful celebrity brethren, is an above the law immunity. They aren’t penalized, and have never been penalized, in the same way that non- celebrity offenders have always been for the same transgressions. I don’t expect to hear any talk about this, but we will be saturated with feminist quotes about “male privilege” and the like, and the usual “left” and “right” paradigm perspectives.

To all the folks who worked with him on Saturday Night Live, Al Franken was an angelic progressive figure, someone who always respected women and fought for their rights. To the evangelicals who support Roy Moore, he was always a paragon of virtue. The random construction worker who is accused of some kind of sexual harassment doesn’t have this kind of perk; to have co-workers publicly quoted as expressing disbelief and singing his praises. That’s the way it works in America; if you’re wealthy and especially if you’re famous, sexual harassment is a life lesson you learn from and perhaps even lecture others about. If you’re a member of the common riff-raff, you are a sick pervert who needs to be locked behind bars.

This whole Harvey Weinstein-fueled phenomenon tends to provide smokescreen to the truly diabolical scandals involving children. I covered many of these in Hidden History, and the Pizzagate revelations- which despite the pleas of establishment puppets like Snopes have not been discredited- sent many of us even deeper down the rabbit hole. Corey Feldman is probably lucky to be alive, and hopefully will be releasing his list of high profile pedophiles soon. If pedophilia in high places is as prevalent as it appears, obviously the authorities have strong motives to keep it suppressed.

I truly hope that most women keep a level head about this. I refuse to believe that a majority of men are sexual predators of some kind. However, I understand how the trappings of power corrupt, and therefore can believe almost anyone with real power is a sexual predator.

We must also draw a clear distinction between cads who are serial adulterers, and those who threaten and/or blackmail others into sexual relationships. I’ve always used the examples of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton in this regard. While JFK was accused of having sex with the most desirable movie stars of the day (Marilyn Monroe and others), Bill Clinton went after low-level underlings like Paula Jones. JFK didn’t use the power of the presidency to get sex. It is undeniable that as governor of Arkansas, and then in the Oval Office, that Bill Clinton did.

Our culture sexualizes everyone and everything, including children. Attractive women, especially, are used to sell everything. How many comedies don’t revolve around sex? And yet in this sexually charged atmosphere, an increasing number of unsophisticated forty year old virgin-types are asked to navigate smoothly, and somehow meet the woman of their dreams, without offending them in some way. Considering how the list of offensive remarks and actions has grown in recent years, this cannot be an easy task.

Exactly how are males supposed to acceptably approach females at this point? Is  “picking up” someone now impossible, or even illegal? All that small talk in obvious places is the only way most males know how to express interest in someone. If all this becomes frowned upon and defined as “harassment,” then how will anyone meet anyone else? Unless the female initiates things (which doesn’t seem to be frowned upon in the same way), how can any relationship be established?

I believe the furor over sexual harassment in high places will eventually subside. But will it subside before it drags virtually every man down with it? Or will sanity prevail, and those in positions of authority recognize that the problem is not about “creeping out” someone, but the simple timeworn abuse of power.





The Stupid Party’s Tax Plan

In 1986, big gubmint tax and spending slasher Ronald Reagan unveiled a tax “reform” plan that continued the massive transfer of wealth from the poor and working classes upwards to the very wealthy. Reagan’s plan eliminated essential deductions for consumer loans (auto, credit card, personal) and overhauled the deduction for medical expenses, so that they had to have amounted to 10% of an individual or married couple’s income.

Donald Trump, as always dominated by the disastrous neocon thinking of Republican leaders like Paul Ryan, has released a new tax “reform” plan. The plan is huge- nearly 500 pages long- and thus, like most important recent legislation, will almost certainly not be read in depth by those voting on it or the mainstream “journalists” tasked to report on it. What we do know so far about the plan hardly inspires confidence or optimism.

Perhaps the most inexplicable aspect of this plan is its attack- and there is no other word to describe it- on home ownership. As a long time licensed realtor myself, I can attest to how stagnant the real estate industry is, especially for first-time home buyers, upon whom the industry has always relied. It is already difficult to find buyers who can afford starter homes, but this plan will make it even harder.

Homeowners will no longer be able to deduct the property taxes they pay on their home under this plan. Mortgage interest deduction, while salvaged, has been slashed so that only mortgages up to $500,000 can be deducted. That may seem like a lot, but the cost of housing in many areas of America is such that many upper middle-class homeowners will lose a valued tax benefit. It is also unclear if this $500,000 cap applies to each mortgage a person or couple receive, or if it is a total amount for that individual or couple, in which case real estate investors would lose most of their incentive to invest.

National Association of Realtors President William Brown stated, “We are currently reviewing the details of the tax proposal released today, but at first glance it appears to confirm many of our biggest concerns about the Unified Framework. Eliminating or nullifying the tax incentives for home ownership puts home values and middle-class homeowners at risk, and from a cursory examination this legislation appears to do just that.” Jerry Howard, CEO of the National Association of Homebuilders, agreed, declaring, “The details that are coming out show that the House Republicans are picking large corporations and wealthy Americans over small businesses and middle-class American homeowners.”

This attack on the real estate industry and the attractiveness of home ownership in general makes no sense from any perspective. No one appears to gain from it. Trump is a real estate magnate- what is he thinking here? Why would big business like it? If realtors can’t point out the tax advantages of home ownership, and if indeed investors can’t benefit from them, it takes away one of the largest selling points of home ownership, and a primary reason for real estate investment.

The Republican tax plan also eliminates some of the remaining deductions that poor and working class Americans still benefit from. Student loans will no longer be deductible. The medical expense deduction that Reagan slashed dramatically will be eliminated. There will no longer be deductions for alimony expenses or moving expenses. As perhaps the most laughable aspect of the entire plan, it leaves the dreaded Obamacare mandate intact, which means Americans can still be penalized for not having health insurance.

Trump will benefit directly to an enormous degree from the elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax, which served to force the very wealthy with numerous loopholes and deductions to at least pay some tax. And the centerpiece of the plan is a huge cut in the corporate tax rate, from 35% to 20%. Making a mockery of Trump’s rhetoric about forcing companies to move their industry back home, the plan permits companies to keep their profits offshore. The estate tax is also being eliminated, a benefit which will only apply to the absolute One Percent.

There will only be three tax brackets under the new plan. On the surface, it looks as if some lower-wage earners will get a tax break, but this must be juxtaposed against the elimination of most of the deductions they once benefited from. For most of us, there will be a minimal difference, if any at all. Any slight lowering of the tax rate will at least be countered by the loss of deductions. The only real winner here is corporate America.

The last thing a real populist would be concerned about, in a country where the bottom half of the population has less than 1% of the collective wealth, is slashing the corporate tax rate and eliminating the estate tax. The Stupid Party mantra regarding the lower corporate tax rate is that this will “create jobs” and an incentive to give pay raises to employees. While most employees desperately need a pay raise, it takes something beyond simple naivete to expect business leaders to pass anything meaningful along to those at the bottom, instead of further lining their overflowing pockets as usual.

Huey Long’s Share the Wealth tax plan would have exempted the first million dollars of income from taxation. Remember, this was in the mid-1930s, which would be close to $18 million today. His tax plan was populism exemplified- the entire burden would be placed on the most upper tier of the One Percent, and everyone else would benefit to at least some degree. Those at the bottom would enjoy the greatest benefits.

As I have stated many times before, every American could receive at least a 33% tax cut by simply eliminating the massive waste, fraud and abuse in government. The Grace Commission came up with those figures during a 1980 investigation, but predictably Reagan and the Stupid Party completely ignored their conclusions.

True tax reform would start with auditing and abolishing the Federal Reserve, and adopting an honest money system that isn’t based on fractional lending, or more bluntly counterfeiting. “Our” debt belongs to the bankers, and isn’t our responsibility. It should be repudiated. Our spending should reflect American interests, as candidate Trump stressed repeatedly, but President Trump has ignored. Rebuild the infrastructure. Bring all the troops home and stop starting pointless wars. Guard the borders and deport illegal immigrants. End the foreign visa work programs. America First and all that.

This tax plan will negatively impact a struggling real estate market, offer little if any tax relief to anyone except corporations, and eliminate the remaining deductions that the poor and middle-class most benefit from. It isn’t populist, won’t help the economy, and it certainly won’t make things any better for the majority of citizens.


The Professional Sports Historians

I’ve been reading an excellent book, Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty, by Charles Leerhsen. As a child, I was fascinated by the exploits of long vanished baseball players, especially the greatest of them all, Ty Cobb. His career numbers were burned into my young, developing mind, and were the stuff of legend.

It was no accident that when I wrote my 2007 novel The Unreals, I included not only a fantasy sequence set in a bar populated exclusively by one-year wonder baseball players from an ancient era, but also featured Ty Cobb as a panelist on a political talk show, ranting and raving against the inadequacies of modern baseball. The characters in The Unreals despised disco, as I did as a young man, and in my mind Ty Cobb represented the quintessential non-discoer.

In his new biography on Cobb, author Leerhsen has boldly and convincingly set the record straight on this unfairly maligned figure. As Leerhsen reveals, through an actual examination of the best evidence, Cobb was not the racist he is now routinely depicted to have been, and was not the epitome of a dirty ballplayer, flinging himself at frightened fielders with glistening, finely sharpened spikes aimed more at his opponents than the bases.

As someone who has written extensively about the distortions of the mainstream media and court historians, this book really impressed me. Leerhsen is certainly an establishment journalist- his work has appeared in all the best and brightest places, and he’s published by Simon & Schuster. I admire Leerhsen for setting the record straight on one of the game’s greatest players. For too long, Ty Cobb has been misrepresented and slandered by journalists who were too lazy to perform the simple research Leerhsen did.

Why is this important? The lies and misconceptions about Ty Cobb demonstrate that our establishment press and conventional historians can’t even accurately represent the record of a prominent sports figure. Is it any wonder, then, that they fail time and time again to honestly report on important current and historical events?

Ty Cobb is certainly not the first sports figure to be so unfairly depicted in the press. Sportswriters have always tended towards a mob mentality, and to push agendas that often bear little relation to the truth. Athletes like Joe Namath were celebrated far beyond any real accomplishments on the field (just look at Namath’s actual statistics sometime and weigh them against his Hall of Fame status), while Denny McClain’s monumental achievement of 31 wins in 1968 is rarely noted by anyone, despite the fact it represents the only 30 win season by a Major League pitcher since 1934. It will also be the last, as even 20 win seasons have become rare with modern five man pitching rotations.

Leerhsen’s book also reminded me again of the plight of noted Cobb fan and the all-time Major League hits leader, Pete Rose. Rose broke Cobb’s legendary lifetime record of 4192 hits, and wound up having more hits, more at bats and more games played than any player in Major League history. And yet he remains outside the Hall of Fame, due to a betting scandal that happened after his playing days were over, when he was a big league manager. Leerhsen recounted how common such betting on Major League games was in those days, and how even Cobb became embroiled in such a controversy.

Much as no sportswriter prior to Leerhsen has ever tried to argue against the venomous portrayal of a wild-eyed, perpetually violent and irrational Ty Cobb, no one has strongly questioned why Pete Rose isn’t in the Hall of Fame. But consider that Shoeless Joe Jackson, who compiled the third highest lifetime batting average in Major League history, remains outside the Hall as well, despite the reality that while he took money for “throwing” the 1919 World Series, he obviously didn’t lay down in those games, as he batted .375. His 12 hits were a World Series record until 1964, when Bobby Richardson broke it.

Much as there is a standard historical take on politics- where “good” and “bad” Presidents are uniformly accepted, and cardboard heroes and villains reign supreme, there is a historical take on sports, from which no mainstream reporter ever veers. These are the journalists who used to claim pro golfers were not athletes, until Tiger Woods came along. They then had no problem christening him the greatest athlete of all time.

Thus, Tim Tebow, arguably the greatest college football player the world has ever seen, was attacked relentlessly for being an “inaccurate” passer, when in fact he was handicapped by a prehistoric offensive game plan and superiors who wanted him to fail, and had in fact high completion percentages all four years at Florida, culminating in a senior mark of 67.8 percent. Tebow has been blacklisted from the NFL, and will go down as one of two QBs in NFL history to win a playoff game and then never start again in the league. Literally no sportswriter defended Tebow, even as he led the Broncos to a thrilling series of improbable victories in 2011.

Johnny Manziel, who is perhaps Tebow’s strongest rival in terms of college football’s all-time greatest player, was treated just as harshly by every sportswriter and broadcaster in the business. Despite never even being charged with any crime, Manziel became the poster child for off field character issues, in a league filled with players (see Pacman Jones, for example) that have been arrested and accused of multiple violent offenses. Manziel will probably never play again in the NFL, and was given all of five starts to prove himself. Incidentally, in one of those five games, Manziel threw for 372 yards. In contrast, Tyrod Taylor, who is in his third season as an NFL starter, has just one 300 yard game in his career (329). Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw had all of seven 300 yard games in his career, and never matched Johnny Football’s 372 yard one game total.

No sportswriter questioned the curious coaching career of Norv Turner. This guy was given the reigns time and time again in the NFL, as both a head coach and an offensive coordinator. Despite a horrendous record everywhere he went, he kept getting rehired. I can’t tell you how many times I heard various announcers gushing about Norv’s fantastic play-calling. Marvin Lewis has been the Bengals coach for fifteen seasons, and has yet to win a playoff game. Yet he is never mentioned in any of those annual lists of coaches on the “hot seat.” Meanwhile, Bill Callahan took the Raiders to the Super Bowl in 2002, his first season there, and was fired after the following season. He has not been an NFL head coach since.

Rocky Marciano was the only undefeated heavyweight champion in history, yet he is never mentioned in the same breath with Muhammad Ali, Jack Dempsey or several others. Arnold Palmer won fewer golf majors in his relatively short career than Gary Player, Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, and Tom Watson, yet he has always been considered “greater” than any of them.

Sports journalists, like non-sports journalists, seem to peddle far more disinformation and misinformation than honest information. And they engage in group think at least as much as the court historians do. Thus, when someone like Charles Leerhsen shatters a cherished myth that has no foundation in fact, it is cause for all reasonable people to celebrate.

I applaud Leerhsen for doing what Robert F. Kennedy once urged us to do. In one of his finest speeches, RFK said, “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Thank you, Charles Leerhsen, for a tiny ripple of hope.