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The Mother of all Elections

Those of us who are awake expected something like this. Perhaps not quite so blatant or heavy handed. But the in-your-face, Mafia-style voter fraud that has permeated the 2020 presidential election surprised even the most hardened critics of our crumbling country.

When I ended my appearance at 11 pm eastern time on Jeff Rense’s show on election night, Donald Trump was comfortably ahead in all the key states he needed to win, with a very high percentage of the vote counted. It was exceedingly strange how the networks refused to call those states for him, while putting states with lower percentages of the vote counted, and a smaller lead for Biden, in the former vice-president’s column.

The first sign something was amiss, other than the inconsistent state projections for the two candidates by all the networks, was the fact that late on election night, the vote counting just appeared to stop in all the crucial states. When it finally resumed the following day, virtually every new “drop” of votes seemed to be overwhelmingly in favor of Biden. Trump had a 500,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania with 80% of the vote counted. Biden made all that up and more, a seemingly statistical impossibility. States like Nevada just announced they would not be counting one day at all, to resume the next. Alleghany County in Pennsylvania declared that they couldn’t count on one particular day, due to “administrative work,” which apparently held priority over the vote.

Boxes of ballots- reported to be anywhere from 130,000 to 200,000, in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania- arrived in the middle of the night. No one asked how that many votes were boxed together at some other site- were they all mailed in at the same time from somewhere?

The first-hand testimony of postal workers and precinct volunteers, who witnessed suspicious activity, was dismissed like all those “mistaken” JFK assassination witnesses have been over the years. The mantra of “there’s no evidence!” was shouted by every “journalist” in our controlled press. These are the same highly-paid mouthpieces for the state who insist there is “no evidence” of conspiracy or corruption anywhere.

The social media monopolies made a preemptive strike against troublesome videos and interviews questioning the fraud to come, when they banned over twenty of the most popular alternative You Tube channels, including many that had interviewed me countless times, a few weeks before the election. Once the election had been rigged, Twitter censored any references to fraud, even by the president of the United States. On Facebook, allegations of voting fraud were squelched by those mysterious “fact checkers” that are trotted out like an on-call Snopes unit.

The dead vote was evidently even more important in this election than it usually is. “Landslide” Lyndon Johnson first made the dead vote significant, during the corrupt 1948 U.S. Senate runoff election. The Trump campaign claims 10,000 dead people voted in Clark County, Nevada alone. Citizen journalists have found numerous 2020 voters who were born in the early 1900s or even nineteenth century. I talked to one researcher who discovered a woman born in 1800. Who voted in this election. What a sturdy soul!

Electoral fraud is nothing new in this country. Most Americans, even with their incredibly short memories, remember the “hanging chads” 2000 fiasco. Ironically, those blasting Trump for refusing to concede a week later, fail to note that the 2000 election hung in the balance for 37 days, until Bush was finally just installed as president by the Supreme Court. And now, new leftist hero Dubya, a vocal supporter of Joe Biden, urges Donald Trump to accept the results and stop alleging fraud.

The entire establishment, from the deluded, largely unemployed contingent in Hollywood, to the professional “journalists” who are paid not to investigate or ask pertinent questions, to the politicians in both parties who benefit from the same rigged process, is dismissing any notion of fraud. The same establishment, of course, took seriously the fairy tale that “Russia” interfered in the 2016 election, denying us the glory of a Hillary Clinton presidency. They will defend the narrative, and conclude there is “no evidence” regardless. That’s part of their job.

The prime time lineup of Fox News; Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham, are covering the allegations of voting fraud in depth. This is the first time a demonized “conspiracy theory” is being given credence by any mainstream media outlet. Millions of people will view the evidence, and the guests who are being given a platform “conspiracy theorists” have always been denied. This is a pleasant and surprising development.

Whether Donald Trump and his team will stay strong, and ignore the predictable cucked advice of the Mitt Romneys, remains to be seen. His own son–in-law, who disagrees with every bit of his rhetoric, is said to be pressuring him to fold. Trump hasn’t inspired confidence in this regard; if the past four years are any indication, he will ultimately capitulate, after a firestorm of tweets promising the contrary.

Will Deep State Hall of Famer William Barr really honestly investigate this? This is the same “swamp drainer” who declined to prosecute the Queen of Corruption, Hillary Clinton, so color me skeptical. Never Trumpers remain ensconced atop both the FBI and CIA, although Trump has apparently fired his anti-Trump Secretary of Defense. His press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany boldly spoke out at a White House press briefing, but Neil Cavuto of Fox News just cut her off, declaring, “She’s charging the other side as welcoming fraud and welcoming illegal voting. Unless she has more details to back that up, I can’t in good countenance continue to show you this.”

Every pillar of the rotting establishment has a vested interest in concealing the extent of the corruption. Exposing our Banana Republic electoral process for what it is; with its dead voters, mail-in ballots without postmarks or signatures, blocked access to oversight, incredibly biased media projections, social media censorship, and much more, could unravel the whole mess. Once the first domino falls, the others will follow.

But such a revelation requires at least one part of the state to accept, or even acknowledge it. Would that be our horrific, politicized courts? Our toothless state-run media? Our political “representatives?” The One Percenters who run the corporate world? Not a likely candidate in that bunch. Someone powerful enough to make a difference would have to outraged by the fraud. Who would that be?

The average “asleep” American simply cannot or will not confront the extent of the corruption. They will not believe until a suitable authority verifies what the “conspiracy theorists” are saying. The “woke” Left will never accept that this particular fraud is real, because that would mean they aren’t rid of the Giant Orange Man.

But for now, the spectacle is entertaining. Donald Trump threatening lawsuits, alleging widespread wrongdoing, and predicting victory. His many enemies growing angrier and angrier that he won’t concede. At least a few shows on Fox News airing sympathetic reports on the fraud allegations.

This promises to be a cliffhanger ending. Will Trump somehow prevail, resulting in even more violent riots, and perhaps a military coup? Will they have him kicking and screaming to delight those with Trump Derangement Syndrome? Will his own Never Trumper cabinet publicly turn against him?

Will Joe Biden hand the reigns of the presidency over to Kamala Harris? Will this be forced upon him after he publicly zones out, revealing to all that he simply doesn’t know what’s going on? Will the virus disappear without Trump, or will the draconian lockdown go into overdrive?

Stay tuned to As the Tyranny Turns. And pop the popcorn.