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Questions to ask Amid the Insanity

We are now entering the one year mark of this deadly COVID-19 virus, which refused to burn out in the summer heat, and appears to be blocking COVID-20 from doing its thing. It is becoming harder to keep one’s sanity amidst the double and triple-mask wearing, the inane “science” followed by the sheeple, and the realization that our economy, and social interaction itself, is being purposefully ruined.

So exactly why are so many parents, who have been inconvenienced and hit financially by having to stay home with their children, supporting the incomprehensible refusal of teachers’ unions to order them back to work? Despite what my research while writing Bullyocracy revealed about all too many teachers, even I expected more from them. Maybe schools just will never open again. At least that would have the positive effect of dismantling the damaging social hierarchy.

Why is Hollywood cheering on its own demise? The film industry, by clinging to these ridiculous COVID precautions, has stopped most production. Why are professional sports, and the NCAA, giving up billions in profits by banning most attendance at events, and losing incalculable amounts in concession sales as well? The taxpayers who provided these elite vultures with copious amounts of corporate welfare are certainly not getting their money’s worth.

In one year, we’ve seen a plandemic that is being artificially exaggerated to such an extent that now they are telling us that the flu is down 98%. What an amazing coincidence! Then a summer full of often violent protests, which featured statues torn down and historical monuments desecrated, not to mention lots of looting and burned buildings. Which resulted in the authorities literally standing down and refusing to address the violence. Trump threatened to send in the National Guard (and in predictable fashion, didn’t follow through), but he was lambasted in the media for even suggesting such a thing. The message from the media was- social distance doesn’t matter in these protests- they are incomparably crucial to eradicating “racism” and “White Supremacy.”

Then, of course, the 2020 election featured perhaps the most glaring example of vote fraud in our checkered electoral history. And our institutions responded by demonizing any such allegations. President Trump himself was banned from Twitter. So were plenty of others, and the mention of vote fraud garnered expulsion. Then the ridiculous Georgia Senate race featured even more open fraud, and again there was no questioning permitted, by leaders of both parties, and by everyone in the state-controlled media.

Then came January 6. Donald Trump lured a QAnon inspired hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million, of devoted followers to Washington, D.C. After a typically empty rhetorical speech, during which he urged people to “march peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol Building to have their voices heard, and vowed to march with them, Trump fled back to the White House. At the first hint of trouble, he issued a video message and told them to “go home in peace.” To those paying close attention, Trump’s hair had miraculously gone from the blondish/orange dye job we’ve become accustomed to during his speech, to fully white. Remarkable. And to some veteran rabbit hole descenders, it was an indication he was in on it the whole time.

Video tape revealed a rather lackadaisical march into the Capitol, which was ignited by a friendly group of police officers waving the Trump supporters inside. The vast majority remained polite enough to even stay between the purple ropes, happily snapping selfies and not touching any of the valuable statutes and paintings. A few people broke windows. One man dared to prop his feet up on Lady Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Another stole her lectern. All in all, pretty lame compared to any Black Lives Matter protest.

And yet, almost instantaneously, this mostly uneventful incident was labeled a violent “insurrection,” which would live in infamy, like Pearl Harbor. Those photo bombing with their cell phones were called everything from “terrorists” to “seditionists” and “subversives.” And naturally, “racists” and “White Supremacists.” The five confirmed deaths included the shooting of unarmed Ashli Babbitt by a still unidentified cop, three Trump supporters dying of things like heart attacks, and a police officer who was reported in every early story to have died later that day from a stroke, but was eventually turned into a murder victim who was killed by a fire extinguisher-wielding Trump supporter. Even though the government has recently admitted there is no evidence for this, as has his family, the myth lives on in the mainstream media and our hopelessly corrupt politicians.

The virtue signaling Left, which runs everything in this country now, is fully on board with former CIA Director John Brennan’s proposal of a new war on “domestic terrorists,” which are defined basically as anyone who supported Trump. While Trump’s threat to call out the National Guard to do the job local officials and law enforcement refused to do in the burning cities, resulted in universal condemnation, the same forces demanded troops be sent to Washington, D.C. after the “insurrection.” Where they still remain, an ugly reminder of our Third World status. When asked just why the troops remain there, we’ve been told it’s to combat “misinformation,” “racism,” and “White Supremacy.”

This exemplifies where we stand now. The most deluded social justice warriors are setting the national agenda. And it is primarily a vicious anti-White agenda. Everything now is “racist,” from good grammar, and basic math, to brown paper bags, and most recently, obesity. Yes, because of the disproportionate number of obese Black women, it has been deemed “racist” to try and combat obesity. Just really an even more absurd extension of the now widely accepted “fat shaming” or “body shaming” thing. In essence, the virtue signalers believe that Blacks simply cannot be criticized at all, for any reason. Get ready for reparations. There is nothing to stop it now. To oppose it will be evidence of “racism.”

The next thing that will be eradicated is all evidence that America was ever anything different from the messy monstrosity it has become. Old movies and TV shows will be banned. Way too White. And a reminder that things were once far more civil and people more educated (not to mention thinner and better looking). Maybe all old music- except by Black artists- will be thrown down the memory hole as well. America 1.0 was as different from the wealthiest Banana Republic we’ve allowed to be constructed under its name, than night is to day. Those of us old enough to remember a freer, cleaner, less crowded and hectic place can’t begin to describe it to young people who’ve never known anything different.

The recent power outages in Texas and elsewhere illustrated this difference quite vividly. Fifty years ago, something like that would be incomprehensible. The power companies were not held to task, and no one bemoaned the elderly and young children whose lives were in jeopardy without heat. Republicans blamed the wind mills, and Democrats blamed the lack of a Green Deal. No one asked why this kind of Third World standard is acceptable now. We never lost power over snow, ice, or cold weather back in the days of America 1.0. It is now expected, and no one questions it. A friend of mine in Saskatchewan, a more formidable climate than almost any in this country, told me they never lose power. I expect that’s the case in all First World countries. But not here, where the embarrassing infrastructure hasn’t been upgraded since the days of Eisenhower.

I wouldn’t want to be a young man in today’s culture. Especially a young White man. So many White females have been poisoned by toxic feminism and a diabolical culture, robbing them of all their most attractive feminine charms. The average woman now weighs what an average man did fifty years ago. Combined with bizarre, multi-colored hair styles, plentiful tattoos, and sex- repellant fashions, it’s a wonder all young Whites haven’t turned gay. Instead, they are largely “soy boys” now, as submissive and self-conscious as the girls are aggressive and confident. No wonder they look for those fifty seven genders to choose from. The CEO of a big online dating site recently announced that it was “racist” for Whites to want to date Whites. But as is the case with all identity politics, this admonition only applies to Whites. No one is going to tell Asians they can’t date Asians.

Speaking of Asians, a recent uproar over a Black man stabbing an Asian on a subway resulted in angry protests. Asian activists held signs proclaiming “You like our food- why not us?” But, like everyone else in our mad, Brave New World, they displayed their insanity by attributing the attack to “White Nationalism.” Even Orwell couldn’t have dreamed that up; Whites being blamed for a Black assault on an Asian. But that is at the heart of political correctness, which rules all of our institutions now. Whites are to blame for everything. Well, not the elite Whites who are indeed responsible for this situation, but the average White who is struggling to make it financially. We’re also to blame for “climate change,” what with our affinity for hot water and meat. But BP is never chided over the Gulf Oil spill, the foremost ecological disaster of modern times. No, it’s your fault. Climb into your bunk bed sized cubicles and lower that standard of living.

When I first gravitated to politics as a teenager in the mid-1970s, liberalism attracted me because it stood for civil liberties, peace, and genuine reform. I wanted to fight injustice, and corruption, and unfairness. I’m still trying to do that in my writing, and on my talk show, but the Left has largely abandoned the issues that defined classical liberalism. Social Justice Warriors simply don’t believe in free speech unless they agree with it. Otherwise, it’s “hate speech,” and they’ll do everything they can to get you fired for it. That is virtue signaling in a nutshell; become outraged over something some average White worker said on social media, and pressure their always compliant, cuck employer into firing them.

So here we are, in a figurative Oceana. “Hate speech” is, for all intents and purposes, Thought Crime. The attempt to stop any effort to name a building or a road for Donald Trump, not to mention the desire to ban him from ever running for public office again, is the virtue signalers initial foray into Orwellian “unperson” territory. They are trying to make Trump into an unperson. And given that they talk openly of prosecuting anyone who attended the January 6 rally for “sedition,” maybe they will make 75 million Trump supporters into unpersons, too. Once sane and rational people want to execute these “insurrectionists.” What I called the Trumpenstein Project has resulted in the collapse of any real high profile liberalism. Those with Trump Derangement Syndrome love the FBI, the CIA, and even George W. Bush now. All they had to do was to criticize Trump.

And those with Trump Enablement Syndrome, ignoring how he threw them under the bus on January 6, continue to baste in QAnon fantasies, the latest being that Trump will be inaugurated on March 4. Even though he’s no longer in office, the Orange Man is still playing that 4000D chess. Trump’s assignment was to divide the country, and he succeeded all too well. Now, there is no hope for any independent political movement. Both sides are back firmly entrenched in the disastrous fake Left-Right paradigm.

At this point, those of us who like to imagine we’re still sane can only weep at the proceedings. Four more years of open borders, and identity politics further corrupting everything from the workplaces, to our courts, and our culture, will ensure a brand of tyranny that the world perhaps has never seen before. Maybe we will never take off the masks. Get ten mandatory COVID vaccines every year. Nothing surprises me about the present-day world. Americans have shown they have no tipping point.

Cancelling the Land of the Free

Things are moving at a warp speed in post-Trump America. The Giant Orange Man served at least one important purpose, and that was to impede the progress of the rabid virtue signalers who have taken over every part of our society. Now he’s gone, banished to Mar-a-Lago land, and the bullies who wanted to take our lunch money no longer have to fear our imperfect but large older brother.

The New York Times seriously suggests that Joe Biden name a “Reality Czar” to counter the rise of “disinformation” and “fake news.” You know, all that stuff dredged up by “conspiracy theorists” on the internet, which exposes their hopeless corruption and incompetence. This would have been an Onion headline, or going back a bit further, a Mad magazine piece, in the past. Now it’s reality.

25,000 or however many U.S. military troops remain in Washington, D.C., for unclear but unquestionably unconstitutional purposes. When pressed by a rare inquisitive reporter about the matter, we were told that their mission was to counter “disinformation,” “racism,” and “White Supremacy.” Since none of those things are a crime, or even possible to quantifiably define, their presence becomes even more frightening.

Former CIA director John Brennan is among those touting a new crusade against “domestic terrorists,” which seem to be identified as potentially any Trump supporter. Brennan, for those keeping score, once voted for American Communist Party leader Gus Hall for President. If that seems strange for a man who went on to lead the agency supposedly devoted to countering communism, it must be remembered that this transgression took place during the Soviet era, when all they were doing was taking over half the world. Now they mysteriously “hack” our elections, and are quite dangerous. The KGB archives, by the way, revealed that Gus Hall received some $21 million over the years from the Soviets. But that was when the Soviets were really cool, before Putin came along and put out that arrest warrant for any Rothschilds entering Russia, and banned all GMO foods.

Cancel Culture recently struck at right-wing online journalist Doug Mackey, who trolled left-wing figures like Hillary Clinton for years. The FBI arrested Mackey, and the “crime” that put him over the top appears to have been the meme he made of singer Taylor Swift, with a MAGA hat superimposed on her head. He could face up to ten years in prison. No, that was not a misprint. This is the new reality in the land of the tyrannically “Woke.” Considering how many Americans were fired last year, for merely questioning the BLM protests, or even just saying “All Lives Matter,” on their own free time, we really shouldn’t be surprised. Slippery road, and all that.

What is worse; the authoritarian tyrants themselves, or the people who actually support the tyranny? They have managed to paint the rather innocuous January 6 incident at the Capitol building as an “insurrection.” They have repeatedly claimed that the “rioters” were violent and armed. They were neither. After being waved in warmly by police officers, almost all of those inside used their time to take selfies. But now Donald Trump is being impeached again, even though impeachment is a device to remove elected officials from office, and he is no longer an elected official. The charge will be that he “incited” this “violent insurrection.”

The problem for modern tyrants is that everything is recorded now. So the events at the Capitol- which show the violence to be primarily directed at protesters by police- can be easily demonstrated to contradict their absurd narrative. And Trump’s speech was recorded. You can hear him urge his followers to “march peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol, which is their constitutional right. There is nothing there to suggest “inciting” anything beyond that. But Trump haters are just as delusional now as they were when he was actually president. So the video- the evidence– doesn’t matter to them. Just as those over 1000 sworn affidavits from unconnected people reporting witnessing vote fraud doesn’t matter. Where’s the evidence?

Not only do the Mockingbird state-controlled “journalists” continue to refer to this “violent insurrection” as a second Pearl Harbor, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Instagram to deliver an emotional recounting of what she went through that day. She claimed to have feared for her life, and hid in her office, as the rioters yelled “Where is she?” AOC is very important, after all. The problem here is that, AOC’s office is in the Cannon building across the street, which was never entered by protesters. Some have countered that she was in another representative’s office, but again, that office is also in the Cannon building.

But it doesn’t matter that AOC wasn’t in the Capitol building on January 6, and thus couldn’t honestly have feared for her life. She felt as if she was there, and felt threatened. And it doesn’t matter that video reveals no armed protesters entering the building, and does reveal police inviting them in. Or that Trump urged the protesters to be peaceful. The virtue signalers know what he meant, and what those “insurrectionists” really wanted to do. That’s all that counts with identity politics. It’s kind of a twist on the old sixties’ saying, “If it feels good, do it.” In this case, it’s “If you feel it’s real, it’s real.”

Trump may not have incited anything, but he did lure as many as a million fans to Washington, D.C. Supported by the whole Q psyop, those people were given the expectation that something “big” was going to happen. Now Trump not only failed to march with them as he promised, he threw them under the bus instantly, and urged them to go home. But they still cling to him. And the other side clings to him as well. Both sides need him.

Joe Biden is doing what Donald Trump should have done- unleash a flurry of executive orders to try to overturn or institute directives. If Trump had done that, at the very beginning of his administration, as he promised to do, his tenure in office would have been very different. Instead, he played into the Stupid Party tradition of capitulation to the more aggressive Democrats. He talked and tweeted, but didn’t really act.

Reason cannot help us now. How do you have a rational discussion with a parent who wants their preschool child to transition from one sex to another? How do you argue with social justice warriors who believe there are 57 genders, or whatever it is now? Again, if you identify (or feel) that you are something, you are that something. Taken to its logical conclusion, we ought to be able to demand a billion dollars, if we say that we identify as a billionaire. Transgender story hour at the local elementary school is bound to lead to bigger and not better things.

There is apparently nothing to stop a reign of tyranny the likes of which this country has never seen. The only thing that can stop the social justice warriors is possible in-fighting between those mostly deluded, and those completely deluded. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and their ilk may well push things too far, too fast, for the Nancy Pelosis and Chuck Schumers to accept. But I wouldn’t bet on it. Pelosi seems especially radicalized now that Biden is president. She has been pushing the Trump Impeachment II with a vicious vengeance, for one of her advanced years.

As John F. Kennedy said nearly sixty years ago, in regards to Civil Rights, “we are confronted primarily with a moral issue.” Our moral issue is whether or not all Americans should have the protections guaranteed by our Constitution. Those rights were delineated as being ours at birth, granted by God (or nature, to those who can’t accept that). Identity politics is not compatible with civil liberties. It revolves around emotion, and how those in power react to others. If what someone says or does offends a virtue signaler, they must be “cancelled.” And we have let that dangerous philosophy gain traction now, so that when the FBI arrests someone for writing a satirical meme, most just shrug. “Hey, it wasn’t me. Sucks for him.”

I spend far too much time engaging the Left on social media. They all especially use the term “Nazi” to explain why they advocate for such draconian measures. “Nazis” (or “White Supremacists,” or “racists”) don’t deserve free speech, they explain. They are beyond the pale. Of course, they establish what the pale is. “Actions have consequences,” they will also say. But commenting on social media is not really an “action,” is it? Isn’t it expressing your constitutional right of free speech? Why should an employer be able to fire you for opinions expressed on your own free time? Cancel culture is the cancellation of thoughts. Thought Crime.

Orwell devised the concept of Thought Crime, which was a personal or political thought opposed by the government. Isn’t that exactly the “crime” of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has quickly seen herself stripped of all committee assignments in the House? Greene many be kooky, but her past remarks reveal her to be more “awake” than any member of Congress in a very, very long time. Nancy Pelosi condemned her as “an extreme conspiracy theorist.” Sounds good to me. The people who are misruling us are thoroughly corrupt and extreme conspirators. And the most commonly cited remark attributed to Greene has been misrepresented, to put it kindly. She never said “Jewish” lasers started California’s fires. She accused a Jewish- owned company.

The social justice warriors in charge are on the verge of criminalizing allegations of election fraud. Well, just in the 2020 election, that is. That one was the most honest election in the history of the world. Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and perhaps others, are being sued by Dominion for their inferences that the election was rigged. Lindell seems to welcome the lawsuit, so hopefully he fights it. Considering how weak and ineffectual Trump’s legal team was, I don’t have as much confidence in them. And poor Lin Wood is being subjected to a sanity hearing, ala Longfellow Deeds in Frank Capra’s classic film.

The two party system was bad, but a One Party system, which we effectively have now, is not indicative of a free country. Especially when that party is as bad as the present-day Democrats are. They literally care nothing about peace, or real judicial reform, or civil liberties, or raising wages. Their entire existence revolves around policing the speech of others, and getting people fired (“cancelled”) if it offends them.

If you think this tyranny applies only to Trump supporters, or “conspiracy theorists,” you’re being very naive. The Left used to quote the wise observation out of Nazi Germany, which began, “first they came for the liberals, but I said nothing, because I was not a liberal” and ended with, “then they came for me.” Very few Americans seem to remember that, as our “Woke” tyrants come for the “racists” and “White Supremacists.”