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For Blog Eyes Only

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When we last left our hero, he was still dealing with the aftermath of his brother’s inexplicable and inexcusable death. Ricky’s death has been a hard thing to shake. I still can’t believe he’s gone. No other loss has ever effected me like this. The frustrations I recounted, with Social Security and other places in attempting to tie up the last vestiges of his life, continue unabated. I just received another modest pension payment for Ricky, in the account that no longer bears his name. I notified them, and they took his name off the account. That was what they told me to do. I also spoke to them on the phone too many times. I’m not making another call. They must want me to have this lucrative sum.

I never got Ricky’s last Social Security payment. You know, the one they first demanded I send back, then two days later declared that he actually didn’t owe them anything. Life is often a bureaucratic nightmare, so why should death be any different? I am also dealing with family issues. I won’t call them out in public, but let’s just say no one else appears to be taking his death as hard as I am. You hear about families fighting over money and possessions at times like this, but Ricky had little money and fewer possessions. So I don’t even know why there would be any dispute. I sent out the information for his May 7 memorial to many extended family members, and requested an RSVP so we have a head count for lunch. That was over a month ago. Three people have responded.

A record number of Americans are dealing with the loss of a loved one. The insurance companies are up in arms over the fact that the death rate for those aged 18-64 rose an alarming forty percent last year. And millennials- our children- are dying at 84 percent in excess of their expected mortality rate. Those figures ought to be commanding the attention of our “free press” and “elected” representatives. But instead they are concentrating on the penis-piano playing comedian in Ukraine and imaginary “White Privilege.” How many of these excess deaths were like my brother’s? People entering the killing fields our hospitals have become, for unrelated reasons, and dying from the deadly COVID protocols?

Celebrities alone are dropping like files. Bob Saget? How do you lie down and go to sleep after your head has been shattered to such at extent it was compared to landing on it from a twenty foot fall? Meat Loaf seemed pretty healthy when he appeared on my friend John Barbour’s “Talking Movies” podcast. He died shortly thereafter, of “COVID,” after apparently publicly blasting vaccines. Ah, the Hollywood irony. Bobby Rydell became another of the far too many entertainers I communicated with while writing On Borrowed Fame to pass away. The list is getting depressingly long. Kind of like all my old friends who’ve died, most of whom I really haven’t kept in touch with, so the number is probably even greater.

I am relying more and more on my faith these days. It’s obvious the massive corruption, at every level of our society, cannot be overcome by human means. This earthly life seems so transient, so meaningless in many ways, that I cannot bear the thought that there isn’t something beyond it. If there is no afterlife, what does our existence mean? Since I won’t consider the propagandized lunacy that we are all mere random specks in an endless universe, I must turn to God. Creation proves a creator. Someone or something beyond our comprehension caused all this, good and bad, to come into being.

We need to have faith in the good force, since those who conspire against our interests obviously have faith in the dark force. All those hand signals- the circle around one eye, flashing the devil’s horns- are not accidental. There are so many occult symbols in popular culture, especially the music world, that it’s easy to believe that some of these decadent celebrities literally did sell their souls to the Devil. There’s a good reason why the Faustian theme continues to be so prevalent. It’s kind of a reversal of the positive message of spiritual restitution found in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and my favorite film, It’s a Wonderful Life. Yin and Yang. I’ve gone all in on Yang.

It is no exaggeration to say that we’re involved in a spiritual battle. It is truly good vs. evil. There is no question that evil has dominated the proceedings for a very long time, and is currently engaged in blatantly running up the score in a frighteningly tyrannical fashion. Keep reminding yourself that we have the ultimate weapon on our side- the incomprehensible deity that will judge us all. I know most today hate to hear that; they desperately don’t want to be judged. I’m not looking forward to being judged, either, but if there is no assessment of our behavior as human beings, what was the purpose?

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All my relationships forged via this medium more than make up for all the real life friends who have disappeared. I thought I had a lot of friends, but once I was fired from my long time job, I found out they were really only work acquaintances, like those we attend high school with. Thanks for reading. If you’re doing that, you have my appreciation. If you can support me further in the ways described above, then I’ll be even more grateful. I only write about what I’m interested in, but it means little if no one is reading. I used to pontificate at parties and family gatherings. Now I do it here, and on radio shows. I wouldn’t bother if no one was listening. It’s very comforting to know that you are listening, and reading.