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America’s Controlled Demolition

Readers don’t need me to tell them that this country is hopelessly divided. While the division breaks down nominally on a traditional Left-Right basis, there are other factors which are rarely considered.

Those who have read my book Hidden History know that I am fond of discussing (and dismantling) what I call official narratives. But beyond the official fairy tales sold to the public to explain the JFK assassination, 9/11, and virtually every other significant historical event, there is one huge, generic Official Narrative.

This Official Narrative is sold to the public, as are the others, by the ridiculous lapdog mainstream media. This large Narrative has several elements, and I’ll try to address them. The important point to ponder is that the seeming societal breakdown falls along either side of this particular Narrative. At least half the country accepts without question this Official Narrative, even if they may doubt, for instance, that Oswald killed JFK. Almost all of those who refuse to accept this Narrative are “conspiracy theorists” in some shape or form.

Those who accept this all important Official Narrative believe that teachers are sacrosanct and altruistic, that we should all thank our military for their “service,” that police officers are almost all good guys who have a thankless job, that mainstream science has answered all the questions about our existence and deserves absolute respect, that “racism” is still a tremendous problem and that today’s white people should feel guilty about it, that feminism has been a positive force in all our lives, that the opinions of celebrities matter, that rich and successful people earned their place in society through inordinate abilities and hard work, that it’s actually compassionate to “pull the plug” on the terminally ill, that “free speech” has its limits and countless other disastrous notions.

The most overriding concept of this Official Narrative, the First Commandment, if you will, is that we are tiny, meaningless molecules on a spinning ball in an infinite universe, alive only through random happenstance. This affinity for randomness extends, of course, into many other areas, including politics. It also explains the disdain on the part of the true believers in the Official Narrative to consider any “conspiracy theories,” because conspiracies aren’t random.

The devout Official Narrativists have a blind trust in their own kind. They assume the worst one can imagine about “racists,” “nazis,” and various individuals demonized by their high priests in the mainstream media, but they somehow can’t picture politicians or other powerful figures joining together to eliminate a troublesome rival. That isn’t random. And never forget, of course, that while even the Narrativists recognize how corrupt Congress is (thus their constant sub-10% approval ratings), they also re-elect 96% of them to office, election after election.

If one wants to see how extreme these Narrativists have become, just look at some of the online videos of recent protests, posted by Alex Jones and others. The Narrativists in these videos are absolutely beyond belief, which leads many of us to suspect they are largely crisis actors and paid government agents. We already know that there have been regular ads on Craigs List for these “protesters,” and we’ve seen far too many examples of the violence perpetrated by these lovers of peace and tolerance, but somehow this doesn’t shake the faith of the Narrativists.

Much as we used to think of religious teachings as something one either does or doesn’t accept, I would suggest that the Narrativists have chosen to accept the tenets of another faith, one promulgated by the mainstream media, conventional science and the educational establishment. Their dogma isn’t delivered by priests and ministers, but by the likes of Bill Nye the Science Guy (who isn’t a scientist), Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, and many other highly-paid mouthpieces for the state.

The Official Narrativists essentially have chosen to give a giant thumbs-up to the established order. They are approving of the job our leaders are doing, and fighting any potential threat to the blatantly corrupt order they’ve constructed with everything they have. Just look at the faces in those videos- the complete irrationality, the childishness, the anger, the tendency towards violence. Those of us who feel the system is absolutely corrupt and that those who run it need to nearly all be replaced, certainly have a huge task in front of us in trying to reason with these zealots who are defending the indefensible with a fervor any monk would be proud of.

Most of the faces at these protests aren’t young kids, with passionate but misguided radical impulses. On the contrary, I’ve seen several alleged college professors who acted like not very mature elementary school students, and cursed like drunken sailors. That’s both appropriate and ironic, since the one political figure they hate the most has the maturity and impulse control of a nine year old. Most of these protesters won’t even speak to the alternative reporters attempting to engage them in intelligent dialogue, and instead resort to shouting, name-calling, animalistic noises or real physical violence.

I’ve written regularly on how easy it is to distract modern-day Americans. I guess it’s always been that way, the whole “bread and circuses” thing. One of our own greatest capitalists, P.T. Barnum, would be licking his chops if he were around today. He’d probably have to amend his famous saying to “there’s a sucker born every second.”

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people,” H.L. Mencken once wrote. He was writing this before the advent of television and the growth of mass media, which really refined brainwashing and indoctrination to an art form. The simplest way to break down the division between the Official Narrativists and the rest of us is; the Narrativists accept the reality that Hollywood, Madison Avenue and the disciples of Einstein have constructed.

Narrativists watch their television shows and movies and swallow the boldly obvious propaganda without blinking. They believe in a theory of relativity that no one- least of all them- can explain. They think that life can be summed up by books like To Kill a Mockingbird, miniseries like Roots and The Holocaust, and films like Saving Private Ryan and Dunkirk. They don’t think outside the box. In fact, most of them don’t really think at all.

The recent, almost certainly government sponsored protests and counter-protests in Charlottesville and elsewhere have really hammered the point home. The Narrativists have all but declared history itself to be “racist.” They very bluntly inform us that “nazis” and “racists” don’t have free speech. If we didn’t already have a battered Bill of Rights in our Constitution, we certainly couldn’t get it enacted today, and at least half the public- led by the loudest Narrativists- would be violently opposed to it.

Since we’re almost certainly headed for another Civil War, I urge all Americans to read up on the last one. Not the books and films produced by the Official Narrativists, but the alternative ones written by the likes of Thomas DiLorenzo. I will explore the true history of the tragic conflict between the states in Hidden History 2.

Since America has nearly always been at war, I don’t expect many to really object to another internal conflict. Many will welcome it with open arms. While all war is bad, this kind is particularly so. And the Narrativists will follow every distorted pronouncement emanating from the mainstream media and their precious celebrities with bated breath,  as they do everything else.

Free Speech or Bust

The recent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia clarified once again just how divided we’ve become as a country. The fact that people died as a result of a seeming “white nationalist” driving his car through the crowd just added more flames to what is becoming a raging national inferno.

The reaction to the tragedy was predictable; virtually the entire media focused exclusively on the “neo-nazis,” “racists,” or just outright “nazis,” as they repeatedly referred to those who organized the rally and attended in support of it, and directed all blame for what transpired upon them. Their ire wasn’t really directed at anything these “white nationalists” did or said, but at the fact they were there, together, expressing their collective views.

Having read a multitude of news reports, as well as countless social media comments, many of them from friends I respect, it’s obvious that at least half of this country doesn’t truly believe in the Bill of Rights. Once an individual or group has been labeled, falsely or not, as “nazi” or “racist,” then everything they say is automatically branded “hate” speech, and the most strident leftists inform us very passionately that “hate” speech isn’t protected by the First Amendment.

None of the Founding Fathers would have even comprehended what is meant by “hate” speech. We all hate some things, and some people. The irony here is that the loud opponents of “hate” speech are expressing their opposition with a venomous hate themselves. And while protesting against “nazis” because of their failure to be inclusive towards certain groups, they are failing themselves to recognize the “nazis” right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. These social justice warrior types, as always, are far more intolerant than their enemies.

Ivanka Trump categorically stated that there is “no place” in America for “racism” or “white supremacy.” As I noted on Facebook, exactly what do those who feel these “nazis” have no place in America intend to do with them? Lock them up? Do we really want to add to our record prison population by simply throwing people behind bars who offend the loudest individuals or groups? I’ve written before about how over legislated as a people we are; it’s clear that the establishment left wants to expand this insanity and start imprisoning those with forbidden political beliefs.

Why is “hate” speech confined to the far right? Why have the Black Panthers or Nation of Islam never been accused of this “hate?” Why haven’t the countless anti- Trump demonstrators who’ve been caught on tape physically assaulting peaceful Trump supporters ever been accused of “hate?” Why not those who’ve urged the assassination of Trump? What about the college that advertised a “white people free” day? Again, we all hate certain beliefs of others. Why is the establishment left (and mainstream media) view of “hate” all that counts?

The ACLU, to its credit, fought for the “white nationalists” right to assemble in Charlottesville. There are few other voices on the left now who will even acknowledge that these people had a right to be there, let alone to express their political rhetoric. Both Voltaire and Patrick Henry eloquently declared their support of those they vehemently disagreed with to express their views. There are few Voltaires and Patrick Henrys, let alone Gore Vidals and Nat Hentoffs, in the vanguard of today’s left, however.

The likes of Keith Olbermann, who truly appears to have lost his mind, and J.K. Rowling, are apoplectic on this whole “hate” thing. They see more “nazis” and “racists” than the number of “communists” Joe McCarthy could have imagined at the height of his powers. Under intense pressure by these kinds of high-profile social justice warriors, President Trump predictably caved in, like any good Stupid Party leader, and singled out white “racists” for condemnation. Nothing about Antifa, or Black Lives Matter, however. When they express their anger towards white people, and resort to violence, it somehow isn’t “hate,” or it is an acceptable response to the very presence of “racists” in their midst.

“Hate” speech is incompatible with any concept of Freedom of Speech. You can’t pick and choose what “hate” to include or exclude under the First Amendment. No true civil libertarian from the past would understand, let alone support, any notion of “hate” speech. What “hate” speech amounts to is a direct abridgment of our right to express ourselves. We all ought to oppose that, but much of the country is so riled up about this issue that they simply cannot be reasoned with. They will simply respond with “there is no place for hate” in America. Diversity is our strength, and all that.

The First Amendment wasn’t devised to protect popular, mainstream thought. It was designed explicitly to protect unpopular ideas, views that fall far outside the mainstream. The notion of defending to our dying day the right of someone to say something we strongly disagree with, is directly related to the Golden Rule, as well as the oft-ignored Christian concept of loving one’s enemy. I understand this is all very difficult, as most of us have great trouble loving our neighbors, let alone our enemies.

The other element of the Charlottesville incident that will never be examined by our incredibly lame mainstream media, is the fact both sides were undoubtedly riddled with undercover government assets. I pointed out in Hidden History how extreme groups on both the left and the right have always been infiltrated by government agents. Also, there are indications that the “white nationalist” who organized the event was a recent Obama supporter and affiliated with the Occupy movement. Maybe he’s just a kinder and gentler “nazi.” Not to mention, of course, the alleged ad on Craigs List, looking for paid demonstrators, which was quickly scrubbed from the record.

I have grown incredibly tired of identity politics, and these contrived incidents which serve only to divide us further. If they can get us fighting about race, religion, gender, etc., then they have successfully distracted us from their persistent corruption and incompetence, the perpetual wars, the crumbling economy, etc.

My credo is we should all treat everyone with respect. We should all have to abide by the same rules, laws and standards of conduct. How I wish America would start producing some more civil libertarians.