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The Great Replacement is not “Racist”

Let me make the usual disclaimers. I supported the Civil Rights movement. I reveled in Martin Luther King’s speeches as a young man. I have never knowingly discriminated against anyone for their skin color, religion, sexual preference, gender, etc. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a racist. We all discriminate against others based on their behavior, and how they treat us. That’s normal and not “racist.”

For some years, the White Nationalists have been referring to a campaign to eradicate White people, which they call the Great Replacement. It’s easy to scoff at this, but the facts suggest they’re on to something. The Immigration Reform Act of 1965 completely flipped our long time policy; we went from 90+ percent of all immigrants mandated to come from Europe to 90+ percent mandated to come from nonwhite countries. And this curious change was proposed by exclusively White leaders.

Now why would any country deliberately alter their immigration policies in such a drastic manner, to literally change the complexion of their society? Can we envision the Chinese instituting laws to make China less Chinese? Japan? Korea? Saudi Arabia? Any predominantly nonwhite country in the world? This 1965 Act paved the way for the nonwhite migrants we see today, in America, and other Western (White) nations. But never in any nonwhite lands. No migrants will be heading to China.

It would have been reasonable in 1965 for those White leaders (which included Sen. Ted Kennedy) to suggest that the quotas restricting almost all immigration to Europeans be amended, to open America up to more diversity. But they didn’t do that. They essentially converted an overwhelmingly White immigrant pool into an overwhelmingly nonwhite pool. That wasn’t accidental. It wasn’t rational. It did, however, fit the classic definition of conspiratorial.

It you want to see how far the cultural parameters of debate have shifted, try and find some old programs like the Joe Pyne Show, from the early to mid-1960s, which often discussed racial issues. You had angry Blacks, but they were arguing with angry Whites. Not the emasculated, self-hating cucks we see today. Of course, I was sympathetic with Blacks then, because they hadn’t achieved full equality. There was still a great deal of prejudice against them. But by the 1980s at least, they had become equals.

I remember first sensing the sea change in American society when there was a sudden media-driven push to make Martin Luther King’s birthday a national holiday. I was a huge fan of MLK’s, and spent a lot of time researching his assassination, which was orchestrated by our government. But I didn’t understand the fervor with which this campaign exploded. Jesse Helms was about the only public figure to strongly oppose the measure. Naturally, he was quickly branded “racist.” Which he may well have been; real racists had power then. President Reagan- good “conservative” that he was, offered no real opposition to MLK Day. And, of course, it came to be. When George Washington’s Birthday was changed to President’s Day, then it made Martin Luther King the only individual in American history to have a national holiday.

So MLK was a more significant, impactful figure than Washington, or Thomas Jefferson, or any other Founding Father? I’ve made my negative feelings about Abraham Lincoln crystal clear, but was MLK really a more important figure than him? Certainly, MLK was the most important figure to Black people, who comprise about 12 percent of the U.S. population. And this is when I really began to notice that the interests of this particular 12 percent were becoming predominant to all other interests.

Bill Clinton was christened our first Black president. He certainly capitulated to that 12 percent of the population. Well, in rhetoric. In reality, he helped created the Three Strikes You’re Out and mandatory minimum sentencing laws, which resulted in untold numbers of Black people- whom he was utterly devoted to- winding up with long sentences behind bars. While not Black, Clinton was our first virtue signaling president, who practiced the modern brand of identity politics. Gone were the traditional concerns of liberals, which drew me to the Left in the 1970s; peace, good wages and benefits, prison and legal reform, eradication of poverty, and above all else, protection of civil liberties. Bill Clinton, like the “Woke” monsters today, didn’t believe in free speech.

With the election of Barack Obama, the pro-Black and anti-White atmosphere reached a fever pitch. This man, who has a mysterious past about which much still remains classified, was promoted exclusively as “Black,” despite being abandoned by whoever his Black father was, and being raised entirely by his White mother and her family. In this respect, he was like golfer Tiger Woods, who burst on the scene at the end of the 1990s, and became a sex symbol for the newly cucked White sports fans. Woods was less than half Black, but his Asian mother was not permitted to be photographed with him after he’d won a tournament. They hid her from the public, because she contradicted the “Black” image a fawning media constructed for him.

Trump’s election represented an offensive slap in the face to the social justice warriors who were busily worshiping Obama, Woods, and every other Black celebrity. Trump was a real anachronism, with his rudeness, arrogance, and refusal to apologize. Modern Whites had been trained, by then, to cower, laugh nervously, and beg for forgiveness when instructed to do so. So all that built up passion in college graduates, schooled in gender or African-American studies, that had accumulated during the Clinton and Obama years, exploded into a pussy hat wearing fury. The self-hating Whites began appearing everywhere, to lecture everyone about “White Privilege,” and “toxic masculinity.” Well, White toxic masculinity, that is. No White feminist has ever, or will ever, berate a Black male, or a proud Muslim, over their very real chauvinism.

In our Brave New World Order, anti-White feelings among Whites have become so prevalent that recently a predominately White audience cheered wildly when talk show host Jimmy Fallon reported on the diminishing population numbers for Whites. The same thing happened a few decades ago, when Bill Clinton mentioned how Whites were on the road to becoming a minority in America. This is not normal behavior; to celebrate the decline of your own ethnic group. And again, any other ethnic group in the world would be mortified about such a possible extinction. And the same White talking heads who are ecstatic over Whites dying out would be wearing grave expressions and be demanding swift action to turn the numbers around.

The Endangered Species Act was adopted to stop any future Dodo Bird situations. Whenever a dangerous predator, or a comparatively insignificant butterfly, is endangered, anywhere in the world, the scientists and politicians rush into action. It is indeed sad to contemplate any species dying out completely. The Caucasian race, of human beings, meets every criteria for being endangered. And yet to mention that invites ridicule and scorn, not the concern a Tahiti ant or a Singapore slug would evoke. In recent years, organizations have been started- all of them by White people naturally- to promote more Blacks into Major League Baseball. Whites have been upset over the declining numbers of African-American baseball players. They haven’t started any efforts to address the far more egregious disappearance of White players from the NBA and NFL.

Speaking of sports, we’ve just witnessed a classic “cancellation” of a White public figure, who said something perceived as racist. Jon Gruden, who coached a team just as Black as any other in today’s NFL, was forced out by the NFL after his emails, out of a pool of some 650,000, revealed “racist,” “misogynist,” and “homophobic” sentiments. Some of these emails were a decade old. Imagine having your private comments, from years ago, scrutinized like that. Gruden is rapidly being turned into an Orwellian “unperson.” His name has been removed from Tampa Bay’s Ring of Honor. Warren Sapp, a former player who has been charged with multiple violent offenses, remains there, however. And Tampa Bay has no problem employing Antonio Brown, a chronic criminal offender, on its present roster. That’s “White Privilege” for you.

This came on the heels of new Jeopardy host Mike Richards being “cancelled,” after similar comments from the past surfaced. Gruden, Richards, and every other White ever accused of anything “racist” in recent years summarily lowered themselves to their knees before their “Woke” superiors. And as in all other cases, they weren’t forgiven. They were, however, fired. Cancelled. So a logical question is, why do these prominent White people continue to genuflect in such situations, when they have to know that apologies never, ever work? None ever invoke a free speech defense. None ever say, “he who casts the first stone.” The script is literally always the same. And virtually no one with a platform ever defends them to any meaningful degree.

That’s the odd part about the “White Supremacy” that rules this society, according to the White people who are presently in charge of this nightmare. They don’t seem to be very…supreme. It’s almost like Whites can be “cancelled” for the slightest accusation of something said against nonwhites, or transgenders. And yet, old White Joe Biden tells us that these invisible, powerless “White Supremacists” represent the greatest “threat” to America. Well, I guess maybe they do, to the “Woke” authoritarians who are pulling his strings. If they existed, that is. Tucker Carlson was almost fired by Fox News for simply telling the truth; there are no “White Supremacists.” They are truly extinct. But just to point that out is a red flag to this odious cancel culture.

The strangest part of all is that decades of an increasingly anti-White agenda, and obsequious virtue signaling to Blacks, has not resulted in the majority of Black people improving their lot in life. They still remain mired in dreadful ghettos, which are romanticized by the same White-run cultural overlords that police “racist” Thought Crimes. Instead of improving the education of most Black youngsters, our “Woke” authorities have decided to institutionalize their ignorance. Improper English is now “Ebnoics.” Basic grammar, and basic math, have both been labeled as “racist” by the same people who label everything “racist” now. Blacks who lack proper articulation skills, who mix up plurals and singulars, are given jobs as television “journalists.” I’ve heard Blacks who have Ivy League degrees speak like uneducated athletes. And no one dares to point it out.

But for most Blacks, things haven’t gotten any better. Rhetorical “favoritism” doesn’t pay the bills. I guess some of them get a satisfaction out of complaining about what some poor White sap said, and getting him fired for it. Certainly the White virtue signalers who make those “cancellations” happen get a real kick from it. Getting people fired or “cancelled” is what propels the Democratic Party at this point. It is their most important issue now; stopping people from saying something “offensive.” I never understood how people losing their job could make others happy. That’s probably why I could never have been a boss; I would have a hard time firing anyone, even those I really didn’t like. But today’s Left gets really turned on by it.

I realize what an intellectual outcast I am here. There is no White person, with any kind of prominence, who talks honestly about race in today’s America. All Black persons of prominence, on the other hand, talk about nothing but race. Why Whites can’t see this is a recipe for disaster is beyond me. Whites are almost forbidden from mentioning race at all, unless it’s to express their hatred for Whites, or express their guilt or regret about how other Whites treated other Blacks in the past. We obviously cannot have a “meaningful dialogue” about race when only one race is allowed to do the dialoguing. Tucker Carlson and a few others come close to talking honestly about race, but even they will not mention the absurd anti-White discrimination in sports, for instance.

All this may seem insignificant in the midst of the Greatest Psyop in the History of the World, which could result in the Unvaccinated being shunned as second-class citizens. Separate restrooms. Apartheid. Being refused service in restaurants. Maybe we could organize sit-ins at lunchroom counters. I think it’s been done before. But “it’s not the same thing!” will be the refrain of the angry, pussy hat-wearing Karens. Some discrimination is more equal than others. It’s not the exclusion or the unfairness that they object to, as long as those being excluded and treated unfairly are the “right” ones. Same thing with free speech; they’re fine with anything you say, as long as they agree with you. Or at least aren’t “offended,” which they usually are.

Maybe I shouldn’t even care. I win few friends, and make more enemies, when I write about race. I have no “pride” about being White. But I don’t have any shame over it, either. I had nothing to do with it. We are all born the way we are, without having a choice in the matter. But I have White children, and hope to have grandchildren one day, who will probably be White. I don’t want them being mistreated any more than Martin Luther King wanted his children being mistreated. I don’t want them to miss out on good job opportunities because of misguided, antiquated Affirmative Action policies. It’s either always wrong to use race as a factor in hiring, or it’s never wrong. I’ve long advocated that “Race” questions be eliminated on every government or business form, except for the Census. It can only result in some kind of discrimination.

“Critical Race Theory” is, at least, being strongly objected to by an increasing number of White parents. Making very young children feel guilt over a “privilege” very, very few of them are born into is child abuse. But then so is much of today’s odious public school curriculum. CRT, which most corporate and government leaders subscribe to, is the foundation for the false narrative about race that prevails within our state-run media. The narrative is that “White Privilege” and “White Supremacists” rule, despite the fact any White who says something construed as “racist” is quickly fired by those same “White Supremacists.” And the “White Supremacists” who run corporate America literally all condemn “racism” and usually financially support the likes of Black Lives Matter. They don’t make “White Supremacists” like they used to.

I want a color-blind marketplace. A society where race is irrelevant to laws, rules, and standards of conduct. We should embrace and celebrate differences. I don’t know any White people who hate Blacks, or want to hold them down in some way. We should follow the lead of Martin Luther King, and Huey Long, by unifying around our common human interests. “The Man” is our common enemy. The corrupt elite fear nothing more than us all joining hands against them.

My favorite political figure is Cynthia McKinney, a powerful Black radical. I interviewed her last week, and she told me how she is reaching out to White Nationalists, who share the same concerns as Black Nationalists. Cynthia recognizes that it is class, not race, that is the problem in America, and around the world. Our enormous wealth is concentrated in the hands of a very few oligarchs. Identity Politics distracts us all from what truly impacts the lives of the people; the systemic corruption and the sinful disparity of wealth.