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It Takes a Village to Dupe the Public

Each day now brings some new outrage, some authoritarian utterance from one of the petty tyrants that misrule us at every level of this crumbling society. Eugenicist and nonscientist Bill Gates humbly suggests maybe we ought to deny Social Security benefits to the Unvaccinated. The “journalists” on television smear the murdered Ashli Babbitt as a “terrorist,” and praise her formerly unidentified police officer killer as the real victim, and a genuine hero.

It’s impossible these days to tell an Onion headline from a CNN or New York Times headline. How could a show like SCTV exist now, with identity politics having destroyed comedy, and made satire impossible? So, we finally withdraw from Afghanistan, and everyone is shocked that our leaders managed it just as horribly as they managed the occupation, and our pointless foreign escapades in general. What is the inference behind all the justified criticism? Not that this is another proof of how bad our bipartisan, interventionist foreign policy is, but that we ought to jump right back in and straighten things out. And there is far more concern about the “vulnerable” Afghans, than for the hapless American citizens trapped there. Open those borders a little wider! We want more migrants, and we want them now! And don’t you worry about them having this deadly virus; just put that second mask on and get your booster shot.

As I look around me, I see stupidity everywhere. It’s easier to get angry when it’s dressed in oversized sweat pants, or pajamas in public, and adorned with lovely tattoos, nose rings, and multi-colored hair. I often shake my head and think, these are the people we have to rely on to overturn the tyranny, and address the corruption. Talking with them makes one even more depressed. What was once the sole province of the least educated citizens, the purveyors of Ebonics, is now widespread. The average young White girl today basically speaks a different strain of Ebonics, sprinkled with liberal “Oh, my Gods!” and a lilting emphasis on the last syllable of a particular word.

So bringing in an untold number of Afghanis, whom as I understand it have an average IQ of 85 or so, really won’t dumb things down that much more. We’ve already allowed countless Somalis- whose average IQ is even lower than that- to rise to positions of prominence in Minnesota. And given how submissive and clueless almost all Whites have been over the past few decades especially, it’s time to stop bragging about our IQs. Whatever the tests show, I am beginning to believe Whites are the dumbest race ever to walk the face of the earth. What other race of people have ever openly applauded their extinction, and engaged in nonstop self-hatred?

I guess I’m just cranky. My own family situation is not going to get better. Both my children and I are effectively banned from attending my niece’s wedding, because we are Unvaccinated. Well, we can go if we get the jab. Or can show a recent negative COVID test. “Show us your papers” before you take that slice of wedding cake. Kind of puts a damper on the festivities. We may never see that part of the family again. We’re not going to get vaccinated, and they- like most of America- aren’t going to wake up to this absurd psyop.

I may never see my sister again, either. She’s much older than me, and has been in poor health for quite a while. Her kids- who used to look up to me as a big brother- are in lockstep with the ridiculous “science” being promoted by corrupt bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci. They are going to follow orders just as assuredly as I will scoff at and disobey them. So we’re at an impasse. Blood is apparently not thicker than a Plandemic.

It has been seriously suggested that the Unvaccinated not be allowed to buy food. In other words, that they be starved. Well, FDR’s lackey Morgenthau wanted to starve the entire German population, and the court historians don’t seem to have a problem with that. Like Lincoln’s tyranny, let’s call it a precedent. Countless people are losing their jobs because they won’t submit to taking a vaccine that the CDC- not any “conspiracy theorist”- tells us has already killed far more people than all the other vaccines combined since 1901. And now it’s FDA approved! Rejoice, comrades! The same FDA that banned Laetrile- the kernel of an apricot- and approved the poisonous NutraSweet. But that’s “science” for you.

If you think things are bad now, just consider this. Some of those obese, tattooed monstrosities are reproducing, or will shortly be. And as Idiocracy and a study of history reminds us, the type seemingly less fit for breeding is always the most fertile. It’s the high earners, who are desperate for children and have the means to provide a comfortable life for them, that struggle to breed successfully. There is no rational answer for this very obvious fact of life, but any observer of the human scene knows it’s true. And, of course, poor Hispanics, Blacks, and Muslims all over the world, are joyfully reproducing. “Be fruitful and multiply,” they seem to be saying. It’s only those high IQ Whites who now often look at pregnancy as bad news, and fret over bringing children into this cold, cruel world.

So, looking at the future, we do definitely see Orwell’s “boot stamping on a human face forever.” But we also see a largely nonwhite, incredibly stupid and controllable population. If you think Lori Lightfoot, Rachel Levine, and Gretchen Whitmer are bad, look at some of Joe Biden’s court appointees. All of which, by the way, Donald Trump’s old friend Lindsay Graham has voted to approve. If you’ve wondered what it must have been like to have been a Black man accused of looking improperly at a White girl entering a 1920s courtroom in the deep south, think of what it will be like to be an unapologetic White man entering a courtroom in present-day America, which is being presided over by one of Biden’s overtly anti-White racist judges. Payback is a bitch, and all that.

As Barack Obama noted, very few of us “build” our success without any help. This was basically the subtext of my book Survival of the Richest; in fact, the original title I wanted to use was You Didn’t Build That. But the converse is true as well; very few of us build any failure without any help, either. Good luck or bad luck alone can tip the scales in a person’s life. The “village” Hillary Clinton spoke of is the horrific corporatocracy that has been constructed in America; a marriage of government and business, which is the definition of fascism. The schools, television, movies, music, politicians, and clueless parents all play their parts. In the 1800s, this “village” would normally produce fiercely independent, tough, and hard working individuals. Our modern “village” produces “victims” of various stripes. And victims can’t exist without predators. Bloodthirsty eugenicists; satanic, amoral creatures are our predators.

As Harry Truman’s Secretary of Defense James Forrestal told his good friend Sen. Joe McCarthy, before he was pushed out of a window at Bethesda Naval Hospital, if there wasn’t a grand conspiracy, once in a while they’d make a mistake in our favor. If life has no ultimate purpose, and we are all just random collections of genes, then at least occasionally someone would rise to prominence who wanted to help the little guy. Who wanted to end war. Who wanted to stop corruption. Who wanted to fight injustice. But, when some leader even hints at these things; think Huey Long, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy, for example- they are accorded what George Bernard Shaw called “the most extreme form of censorship.”

The corruption is so systemic that American society has practically ground to a sanity standstill. Try calling any company for anything at this point. You’re routed through pointless, annoying automated menus seemingly designed to get you to hang up in frustration. Then there is a routine extended wait because “we are experiencing heavy call volume at this time.” From my experience, they are always experiencing heavy call volume. By “they” I mean everyone. We are supposed to believe that all companies are overwhelmed with calls at all times. I work from home, but I can only imagine how impossible it is for anyone working a regular day shift to contact any business.

We have reached the apex of what Charles Dickens referred to, more than 150 years ago, by turning over all authority to “experts in how not to get it done.” I have some kind of problem with most purchases I make. The order was incorrect. The product doesn’t work. Well, I guess that’s what you get with slave labor. Ten cents an hour doesn’t exactly guarantee quality workmanship. When I’ve returned electronics that literally didn’t work at all, the stores in question often shrug and say, “what do you expect for $19.99?” Well, I expect any product being sold to at least work, regardless of the price. But that’s where we’re at, and what they want; lowered expectations. A lowered standard of living. The “new normal.”

Is there any honesty anywhere? Can we hold any public official, at any level, accountable for anything? The law has essentially become irrelevant to the One Percent. Whether it’s Hunter Biden’s laptop full of supposedly documented pedophilia, or the NFL’s DeShaun Watson’s twenty two different women accusing him of sexual abuse, people at that level cannot, and will not, be punished for even the most reprehensible behavior. Which, in their cases, means raping underage girls or sexually assaulting masseuses. You simply cannot continue the charade of a free country when anyone with great wealth is utterly outside the reach of your thoroughly corrupt system of “justice.”

“If there is hope, it lies in the Proles,” George Orwell wrote in 1984. You should all be reading or rereading 1984 right now- it’s really relevant. If there is hope for us, it lies in the parents. I’m talking about the angry parents we’re seeing more and more of, in my own neighboring Loudon County, Virginia, and elsewhere across the country, confronting their local school boards over the despicable curriculums and unconstitutional, unscientific mandates. One angry young woman addressed her board of supervisors by calling them “petty tyrants.” That is the reality we face; even at that low tier of the power structure, those with the power are indeed outrageous, arrogant tyrants.

But change can only realistically happen at that level. Our lordly federal “representatives” are well beyond our control. They are in effect royalty without crowns. But maybe, just maybe, we can start recalling those school board members, or pressuring them into resigning. Perhaps they can be replaced by some honest people, who should rightly fear the wrath of parents should they decide to continue Transgender Story Hour and Critical Race Theory.

It’s time to take the gloves off. Those who are still asleep after more than a year of mask wearing, social distancing, second waves, variants, and untested vaccines, are beyond help. Their indoctrination is so complete that it would probably be impossible to deprogram them, like they used to have to do with escaped Moonies. And we can’t underestimate the role human nature plays here. Those who have been fooled to such an embarrassing extent are never going to admit we were right. This psyop, and all others, are only possible because those pointing out the emperor is wearing no clothes can be successfully demonized in their eyes. They’ve taught the sheeple to hate “conspiracy theorists” as much as they’ve hated any of the foreign hobgoblins of the past.

A conspiracy in open sight isn’t possible with an informed public. If we’ve learned anything else by this point, it should be obvious that the majority of the American people are not informed. At all. They are instead misinformed. About everything. And, like many stupid individuals, they are collectively mistaken at the top of their lungs. They’re proud of their ignorance, which their masters have convinced them is wisdom. We are the stupid ones, believing in our dangerous “conspiracy theories.” Their self-confidence, as they regurgitate some nonsense they’ve heard on CNN, or in a Hollywood script, is astonishing. Facts don’t matter in Identity Politics. Everything is based on emotion, not reason.

If you have young children, confront your local school board. Start demanding that these hideous “public servants” be removed from their positions. Not only should they have no power to misuse, they should be banned from being within fifty yards of any school, like child sex abusers. Then let’s work up to the board of supervisors, then the mayors and the police chiefs. It may still be possible to take back control at those levels. Even the smallest local media outlets will be against any efforts like this, but we have to try. All other forms of resistance seem futile at this point, simply because we cannot get enough people to work together against our common enemy.