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A Wild Weekend For “Hidden History”

I was interviewed by Rob Dew on the Infowars Nightly News last Thursday (February 26). I awoke the next day to find my book’s Amazon ranking had soared higher than I ever dreamed it could. It reached a peak- at least that I saw- of #829 overall, and has been the #1 book in the categories of Political Reference and Communication and Media Studies all weekend.

To say the least, I’m overwhelmed by all this. My book’s ranking in Amazon divisions all over the world- even Germany- rose dramatically as well. On Amazon Canada, Hidden History peaked at #479 overall, and was the number one best seller in three separate categories. The video is all over the internet- on You Tube, it has over 30,000 views. On Infowars, there were nearly 200 comments.

As I understand, those #1 rankings allow me to call the book a best seller in those categories. So, officially I am now referring to my book as the Political Reference and Communication and Media Studies best seller Hidden History. 

The lighting was a bit harsh- as they had me put a desk lamp, with a bare bulb shining directly on my face, from only about 10 inches away. Still, I think it turned out pretty well, and the reaction has been favorable. Thanks so much to Rob Dew and Infowars. Hopefully, they’ll have me back on again.

If you haven’t seen the interview, here’s the You Tube link:

Lots of Exciting News

I will be giving my first interview since the publication of Hidden History, on Thursday, February 26, 2015. The taped interview will be aired on Alex Jones Infowars Nightly News at 7 p.m., and will be available thereafter on You Tube, with all their other archived shows. Alex Jones has a huge viewing audience, so I’m very excited about this. If you watch it on You Tube, I would appreciate any comments of support.

As if that wasn’t enough, the second edition of The Unreals is being released this week, by Pocol Press. The Kindle version is already up on Amazon- here’s the link:   Please remember that the second edition is the one with the gray cover, with the title and author’s name in red. That’s the one I want people to order, if they’re interested. The first edition is apparently still available, but I don’t see any money from sales.

I realize that many already have the first edition of The Unreals. I would love you to buy the second edition as well, but realistically would be grateful if you suggested it to your local library system and/or the library of the college you attended.

I am overwhelmed with the words that Watergate attorney Douglas Caddy used in a review of Hidden History. He wrote, in part, “I have been an attorney for over four decades. If I were a law school professor today teaching criminal law, I would make Jeffries’ “Hidden History” suggested reading supplementary to the students’ mandatory assignments. Why? Because his book truly shows the world as it really it is.” Best-selling author Jerome Corsi loved Hidden History as well. Corsi wrote, “Over the next fifty years, should America manage to survive with a meaningful First Amendment in place, Jeffries deserves a place among those who have dared to expose government lies at the risk of derision from those fellow citizens who remain all too willing to believe whatever our government tells us…”

Please, if you’ve read Hidden History, leave a review on Amazon. If it’s not in your library system, please recommend that they add it. Every review helps. Every additional library helps.

I expect to be on other talk shows in the near future. Stay tuned for details.

Great News on Both the Fiction and Non-Fiction Front

Well, I guess I couldn’t keep my promise about updating this blog regularly. I will have to definitely write more regularly now, if only to provide updates on the progress of my nonfiction book, Hidden History: An Encyclopedia of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies and Cover-Ups in American Politics, which is scheduled to be released by Skyhorse Publishing in October 2014. Here’s a link to the basic information about it, which is already up on Amazon:  

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, my short story Shadows of Georgetown will be included in an upcoming horror anthology, titled Bill of Frights, published by Pocol Press. The publication date for that is going to be either April of May 2014. Again, more details to follow as they emerge. 

I only wrote Hidden History because I was frustrated about being unable to get any more fiction published, and decided to walk away from that world for a while. I’ve completed a second novel, which was formerly titled Front Row at the Loony Bin, but is now going by the name The Shadows of St. Elizabeth’s. In fact, I’ve written it multiple times, each time adding new twists that hopefully make it even better. I know it will be published someday, but it’s hard to be patient. Alexander Theroux, an award winning author (his novel Darconville’s Cat was named one of the 99 Best Novels since 1939 by A Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess) has been reading the manuscript and I am eagerly awaiting his thoughts on it. 

I received an email from Theroux last May, in which he praised The Unreals and compared my writing style to Voltaire’s! Needless to say, having a former Harvard and Yale professor, whose critical writings have appeared all over the mainstream media, and is such an exceptional writer himself, recognize my work is more than I could have hoped for. Theroux is also reading a collection of my short stories, which were scheduled for publication last Fall by Stonegarden Publishing, until they abruptly closed down their business, leaving me looking for another publisher for The Unreals as well. 

After finishing Hidden History, and waiting to hear something from all the agents and publishers I queried about The Shadows of St. Elizabeth’s, I wrote another novel, which I think may be my best work yet. It’s called The Simulators, and depicts a dystopian world, set in an undated near future, against a backdrop of old Hollywood. I sent the manuscript to Robert Ben Garrant, noted screenwriter (Night at the Museum) and actor (he played Travis Junior on the classic television series Reno 911) a few months back, and am just as eagerly waiting to hear back from him. 

There will be regular updates, with new details about Hidden History, and my other writing. I will also try to rant about whatever topics have caught my attention. Stay tuned.