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  1. Great work, Donald…looks like you could use a website This gal is great, she has done my site and never leaves me hostage like most webmasters do.
    Susan Parker is at TheSparkledWeb.com sue@thesparkledweb.com

    • Sorry for the extremely late reply. I don’t get notifications on comments from “About” for some reason. Thanks for the tip!

    • Jeffrey Palmer

      Mark Lane was a super mole to protect the criminal Jewish cartel that murdered Kennedy. And Jim Garrison was co-opted and bribed. The central role in the JFK coup and long-term cover-up was certainly a criminal Jewish cartel

  2. I have an interesting to story to tell you about the untimely “accident” that killed my father. He had top secret government clearance and was involved in work with the defense department in the 1970’s. Please contact me if you are interested in speaking with me and my family.

  3. Listened to you on Coast to Coast. Came across as sane and reasonable. Don’t agree with all of your conclusions, but you seem open to other points of view. Will take another look at your book. Suggest you rethink LBJ involvement in JFK assassination.

  4. I listened to your interview with Len Osanic on Black Op, and ordered your book. It is back-ordered at Amazon, but I am backed up on reading anyway. You seem like a smart guy with in inquiring mind.

    I try to live by three words, not always successful. They are “use your brain,” that is, I am not afraid to read or view anything, because if given enough thought I imagine I can fairly evaluate it. You mentioned to movie “Loose Change” in the interview, and I saw it and was impressed. But that was merely a part of the developing evidence of that event, and in my view is now antiquated.

    Listening to James Fetzer, I learned he had developed a particular anger at Dr. Judy Wood, and so I read her book, Where Did the Towers Go. (I do not trust Fetzer.) What I found as an exposition of evidence about 9/11 without an attempt to understand exactly how they pulled this off, much less decide who did it. (“Why” is easy in my mind.)

    Anyway, if you are at a point where Loose Change is answering questions for you, I urge you to read Dr. Wood’s book. It took me a step further and might you as well.

    Good work and thank you for caring about truth. In the end, it is all we have.

    • Mark, thanks for that info on Dr. Judy Wood’s book – Where did the towers go? I just listened to an interview with her on youtube and it certainly changed what i thought I knew for sure about what happened on 9/11. It reminded me to never believe that I know it all.

      Also, if you found – Where did the towers go? – interesting, and you say – you’re not afraid to read or view anything, because if given enough thought you imagine you can fairly evaluate it – perhaps you would be interesting in reading / viewing my webpage:


      and evaluate it.

      Thanks in advance for any input you can give.

      Greg Gerdes
      The National Association of Forensic Historians

      FYI – Our subheading is:

      Using skeptical inquiry and forensics to expose historical, archaeological and scientific fraud.

      Hope you like it, find it interesting and provocative and can find the time to evaluate it.

    • Thanks- I do need to check out Judy Wood’s work.

  5. Hi Mr. Jeffries,

    Do you have an address where regular mail can be sent? Would appreciate an email reply.

  6. Your publicity agent sent me a copy of your book “Hidden History” but failed to include contact information where I could reach you for an interview on my talk radio show. Please email me at wrh@whatreallyhappened.com to set up an interview


  7. Would like to contact you to discuss York book, which I have just read

  8. Enjoyed very much your interview on coasttocoasta, radio this past Saturday. Very much on point. Time seems all to short for us to turn this mess around, but given nothing as more important….

  9. robert willhoit

    On coasttocoastam you made the statement that all the presidential candidates running in either party support the trade deals except Trump. That is not true of the democrats, especially Bernie Sanders. For a political expert you don’t seem to know what you are talking about and are just promulgating right wing talking points. If you are that uninformed then why should anyone believe anything else you say? Our corporate media will not give Democratic candidates a voice except for Hillary and when she is mentioned it is in a negative light. Why is her email situation a scandal when former secretary Colin Powell also had a private email and server system and the entire Bush administration had an RNC email and server system, lost or erased 22 million emails which was a violation of the Presidential Records Act. This should always be mentioned in the same breath as Hillarys situation but it isn’t. Most vitriolic righties are totally ignorant of these facts. Why? Because of the corporate media conspiracy.

    I just found out this week that a significant number of Bush administration high level officials had dual Israel-USA citizenship. Combine that with the fact a number of Israelis were caught celebrating the 9/11 attack, caught on film and it turns out they had ties to Mossad and one has to think of an Israeli connection to 9/11. If you don’t bring up these type of links then you aren’t doing your job.

    • Sorry for the very late reply. If you read “Hidden History,” or much of my other work, you’ll know that I am an equal opportunity offender. I am no Republican or “conservative” in any way, shape, or form. I’ve written quite a bit about all the Zionist neocons which first came to prominence during the Reagan years.

  10. i find your morality a bit muddy,though you do indeed make viable points. i’m a Chris Hedges guy,he see the culprits for what they are. your dismissiveness of Black lives Matter;is ugly, gratuitous,and,totally missing the point.

    • I believe that all life is precious, and groups like Black Lives Matter promote the divisiveness which is collapsing this country. If you read my book “Survival of the Richest,” you’ll know where I stand. Differences in class, income, and wealth are what should be stressed, because that is what is destroying the economy.

  11. Hello Donald,
    Today I just bought a copy of your Hidden History book
    at my local bookstore.I can’t wait to get started

    Thanks for everything


  12. Mr.Jeffries is a good guy, but his messages are difficult to try and grasp because he, like the guy interviewing him, laugh and guffaw so much. It’s unfortunate that his “you knows”, and laughter outbursts make it painful to listen to him.

    The interviewer on YouTube is even worse..

  13. You sound like a right wing shitbag,trying to sound vaguely progressive

  14. Great job on Coast Monday AM. I have family that work at Honeywell and tell me horror stories about CEO Dave Cote laying off thousands of workers , outsourcing thousands of jobs and relocating to a new Corp HQ in Morris plains New Jersey that is a quarter the size of the old Corp HQ in Morristown New Jersey.

    Peter Egan

  15. Donald: Now I know you are a right-winger as you attacked Hillary, Bernie and Al Gore all in one segment….you are a hypocrite! Are you not aware of the Trump Cabinet….billionaires including one from Goldman-Sachs? And Coast to Coast is a right-wing dirty scoundrel organization who likes the reporting of corrupt liars like you and ALEX JONES…you are just trying to make a buck with your book, obviously!

    • If you read “Hidden History,” you’ll see I’m an independent, and an equal opportunity critic. If you read “Survival of the Richest,” you’ll understand I’m not a right-winger.

  16. Kevin W. Kelley

    On Coast to Coast you noted that your publisher elected to remove many of your great statistics. I think they are great and suggest you do 2 things.

    1. Make a book of nothing but them.. Just all those statistics.. If laid out well – it would be stunning.

    2. Also tweet them – on a set schedule – and keep them coming..

    Good work Thanks

    Kevin Kelley

  17. Found your interview (Coast to Coast, April 10,2017)very enlightening. My father wrote a book in 1937 called Relative Compensation. It is on Google Books. I think this relevant to what you have been writing about. This was his lifetime work.

    • Sorry for the belated reply. For some reason, WordPress doesn’t notify me of comments on this particular part (“About”) of my blog. I will check out your father’s book. Thanks.

  18. charles markham

    you are right on. our government and media support each other and no way out. jfk is turning in his grave. the corruption is unmatched in world history. the u.s. government is the most corrupt ever. how sorry can the people we elect so corrupt. they can’t be christains they hate the poor…..

  19. charles markham

    the cia and fbi kill the defiant, true… read the big bamboozle by Philip marshall, that will wake the right wing… too maybe think how evil they are…

  20. your a genius,keep up the good work, thank you.

  21. Enjoyed listening to you on CoasttoCoast AM the other night but was a bit surprised that you glossed over GHW Bush, future director of the CIA, having been involved in any important way. Best wishes.


  22. I wish I had written Politics:The Greatest Hoax of All — great summary. Thanks for writing it.

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  24. Glenda Garcia

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  25. Donald, I was listening to you on Chappaquiddick. In 1970, I was a student at University of Michigan, and one of my teachers from MA said that he had been at that party. He said that Maryjoe got drunk and went out and fell asleep across the back seat of Kennedy’s car. Ted and Rosemary got in and never knew that she was there. (drink involved) He said Kennedy came back to the party and people said ‘Where is Maryjoe?’ Explaining why he went back out there. That she left her purse and key at the party, indicates that she did not set off purposefully for home. Surely some of those at the pary would have more to say. Good sleuthing. It might have saved Ted’s life, because if he’d been president, he probably would have been killed.

  26. Laurent Guyénot

    Hello Donald, I have just bought your book in kindle edition. I came to hear about it while doing a bit of research on JFK Jr., and I decided to buy your book after listening to your interview on https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-episode-093-donald-jeffries-and-the-death-of-jfk-jr/
    I heard you mention about the article published in JFK JR.’s magazine George about Rabin’s assassination. But he also, apparently, showed interest in TWA800, which, strangely crashed in the same area as his plane, three years earlier almost to the day. The December 1996 cover of George has: “TWA Conspiracy theories”. I assume that his interest came from Pierre Salinger (whose career was destroyed after he claimed a missile blew up the plane). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to read the George article. I wonder if you had given any thought to a possible connection between the TWA800 crash and JFK Jr.’s death. Thanks. My name is Laurent Guyénot, and you can read a couple of my latest articles on unz.com

  27. Mr. Jeffries,
    Do you have any advice on finding a publisher? I wrote a very similar book at the end of 2014 but have had no luck bringing the book into print. In fact, the manuscript was immediately bound under contract for 2 years with a “conspiracy” publisher but never printed. I appreciate any advice you have. Please contact me on social media, or email Mennitti4 [at] comcast [dot] net.
    Thank you,
    Phil Mennitti

    • There are basically three publishers that will typically consider “conspiracy” type material. The biggest of these is Skyhorse, which published my first two books and is publishing the next one, due out in May. Trine Day has become more prominent, and they will consider even more extreme material- they are publishing my book on bullying, which will be released this Fall. Feral House is the third one, but the main guy there died suddenly last year, so I’m not sure if they will continue publishing. There is also self- publishing, which doesn’t have the stigma attached to it that it once had. Good luck!

  28. No, you don’t need an agent or a publicist.

  29. Brian Jay Murphy

    Mr. Jeffries,

    Fantastic interview on C2C last evening. SO much of our nation’s history has been buried or lost.

    As a Past Grand Master of Freemasons, I’m compelled to point out that the majority of our founding fathers, i.e. Washington, Adams, Franklin, and countless others… conducted themselves philosophically, intellectually, spiritually, by the tenants of our fraternity.

    Most of the language of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence are DIRECTLY derived from PRE-EXISTING Masonic documents.

    Of course, there’s much more to ponder regarding this topic, but… I find it very interesting that Masonic influences are either ignored or simply lost.

    Thanks again for putting up the good fight.

    ‘Evil can only exist when good men do nothing.’


  30. Sandra Royers-Scheve

    I listened to your presentation last night where more than once you made reference to people who were “hung” in America. I want very much to tell you that objects are “hung”. The correct word when referring to humans is “hanged”.
    I was an English major in college, and this error is quite irritating.

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