It’s All Over But the Crying

As I mull over the sorry state of my country, crumbling and collapsing with not a single honest, responsible leader in sight, I’m reminded of Ambrose Bierce’s classic work The Devil’s Dictionary. His definition of a year as “a period of 365 disappointments” certainly describes 2020 perfectly.

We have finally seen the culmination of decades worth of horrible decisions by incompetent and corrupt leaders. It takes a lot of brainwashing, and collective stupidity, to elect the kind of “representatives” we are saddled with. Or a totally rigged electoral process which doesn’t count the votes. Take your pick. Either way, the people lose. This includes the “awake” minority who suffer more because they’re fully aware of what’s going on, but also the sheeple majority who made it all possible with their monumental gullibility. It’s tempting to smile when picturing them running around in circles, desperately pressing buttons on their dead cell phones.

I have hardly ever been a voice of optimism, but a part of me has always hoped that at the last second, sanity would prevail. I loved fairy tales as a child, and as Jim Garrison told my good friend John Barbour years ago, I have watched too many Frank Capra films. But cold reality has set in.

All the crimes and cover ups I’ve written and spoken about, will never be exposed to the masses. The court historians will continue to state with arrogant certainty that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, and 19 crazed Arab terrorists were responsible for 9/11. Donald Trump is a “racist.” “White supremacists” are the greatest threat to America. “Systemic racism” permeates our government and corporate world. And it’s all your fault. You’re so racist you don’t even realize it!

Private pensions will continue to be eliminated, while those without them in the private sector will be forced to fund the lucrative pensions of retired police chiefs, fire captains, and all government workers at every level. While almost no young person working in private industry today will ever have a conventional pension, they will be paying for all the double and triple dipper government retirees out there. Seems hardly fair for some to be getting three very handsome monthly payouts, courtesy of taxpayers who won’t even be able to get one themselves.

Social Security, which the vast majority of workers will have to count on for their very insufficient retirement funds, will probably be eliminated. After a gradual raising of the retirement age, the only “solution” our monstrously bad leaders can devise. Maybe they’ll eventually push a modest universal basic income, to keep all those workers alive, but in poverty. Or just let them die on the streets, as has been happening in California.

Speaking of California, there lies America’s future. Tent cities. A hodgepodge of different languages and cultures, with no unifying foundation. People defecating on the streets. No leaders even attempting to stop that. Rolling blackouts, due to the wildly outdated power grids all over this country. A shortage of water. With desalination plants existing for years, this seems like it should be an easy problem to fix, but again the same leaders who can’t or won’t clean human waste off the sidewalks can’t or won’t utilize them.

There is no way to defeat this massive corruption, which exists at every level of our society, from your local school board to the halls of Congress and in every boardroom of every big corporation. Short of armed revolution, that is. But that would take numbers, and we don’t have numbers. We also don’t have the kind of weapons that can compete with the largest military the world has ever seen. And don’t think for a minute that the soldiers, or our hopelessly bad police forces, would be on “our” side in such a scenario. They will obey orders, just the like the rest of the sheeple.

The selection of Donald Trump as president exposed not only the cultural divide in this country, but also the extent to which indoctrination by putrid school systems, and severely flawed “experts” in the medical, scientific, and journalistic fields have dumbed down the people. We’ve been forced to listen to advice and adhere to a fraudulent reality that has been as harmful as taking a slow, intravenous poison would be. “Fake news” indeed.

Trump himself is no savior. He is a part of the spectacle, playing the jester or the WWE bad guy. His tweets and rallies continue to excite his supporters, but ultimately he does what he is ordered to do, like everyone else in power does. Roger Stone told me back in 2015 that “Trump knows about all the conspiracies. You will love him!” Instead, Trump publicly said Oswald killed JFK, has done nothing to establish an independent 9/11 investigation, appointed Brett Kavanaugh, who led Kenneth Starr’s cover up of Vince Foster’s death, to the Supreme Court, and won’t answer Bobby Kennedy, Jr.’s calls about that autism-vaccines commission he was supposed be chairman of.

I said during his 2016 presidential campaign that Donald Trump was our absolute last hope. And he remains that last hope. And that’s factoring in that he didn’t do anything about his primary issue, illegal immigration, hasn’t brought the troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else (despite threatening to over and over again in tweets), never ended birth-right citizenship or the deadly foreign visa worker programs, and has named nothing but neocon Deep State insiders to his administration.

Trump instead is a symbol, of America 1.0, when White males ran the country, and the world. With “woke” virtue signaling dominating the Left now, simply being an old fashioned White alpha male is a high crime in and of itself. Those voting for him are desperately trying to put another band aid on the massive hole in the dam. They’re hoping to buy four more years, and stave off the absolute insanity of political correctness on steroids.

If Trump wins, and I believe they already know the outcome of this election in advance, then we may very well have that revolution. But it won’t be the kind the Founding Fathers waged. This will be a state sponsored revolution, bought and paid for by all those “institutional racists” in government and the corporate world. You know, the same ones who’ve been financing Black Lives Matter and the violence that has caused death, injuries, and an unimaginable amount of property destruction.

We are not only subject to a tyranny our forefathers would be mortified by, we are now living under an authoritarian nightmare, complete with mandatory masks, laughable “social distancing,” closed schools, movie theaters, and cancelled events everywhere. All to stop an invisible “virus” that has never been isolated and cannot be proven to exist. Their own numbers reveal the big lie; the largely false positive tests are for the common coronavirus, not any mysterious COVID-19. As many have pointed out, never before have healthy people had to get a test to discover they are actually seriously ill. I call it the greatest psyop of all time.

The enforced lockdown, which every leader initially supported, has destroyed an already unfair, counterfeit economy. An unknown number of small and mid-sized businesses were forced for fold for good, and millions were thrown into unemployment. Republicans now grumble about opening things up, but they still buy into the “wear your mask” farce. No one is pointing out that this viral emperor is wearing no clothes. That’s par for the course in America, where giant elephants and naked emperors have reigned unchecked for a long time. But this one is more dangerous than all the others.

Four more years of Trump will bring, at best, more meaningless tweeting and even more cultural division. At worst, the insane “woke” forces, financed and empowered by magical One Percenters behind the scenes, will storm the White House and forcibly remove the giant Orange Man from power. Maybe they’ll have him kick and scream uncontrollably. That would satisfy the lust of those with the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If Biden wins, at best the “virus” will magically disappear and things will return to the sad “normal” state of corruption and incompetence that existed prior to 2020. At worst, the “woke” Left will ratchet up the virtue signaling to a fever pitch. Maybe they’ll make it a literal crime to be White. There has been serious talk of South African-style Truth and Reconciliation Committees, where those who opposed this heavy-handed draconian suppression of the Bill of Rights will apologize for the error of their ways.

If the most radical of these “woke” leftists gain ultimate power, we should all fear how they might wield it. Never has the great populist Lord Acton’s credo that “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely” been more pertinent. These fanatics don’t remotely believe in free speech. In fact, they want very much to have people fired for saying things they don’t agree with. The oxymoron “Hate crime” (hate is a human emotion, and is in the eye of the beholder) ensures that eventually there will be many political prisoners in America, imprisoned solely because they offended virtue signalers that live to be offended. I’m not sure how much that differs from Orwell’s thought crime.

One looks about for a Thomas Jefferson, or an Andrew Jackson, or a Huey Long, or a John F. Kennedy, in vain. They don’t exist any more in America. Those who can reason, and think critically, and aren’t compromised, are either so outnumbered wherever they are that they have no influence, or are purposefully denied access to the corridors of power. Those with disturbing skeletons in their closet are specifically favored for promotion, because they can obviously be easily controlled.

Now we are hearing about damning emails and videotapes of Joe Biden’s son Hunter, which may include him consorting with underage girls. Of course, we’re not hearing about that from our state-controlled media, which is doing everything it can to prevent their release. And, in truly unbelievable fashion, once again they are attributing them to “Russian” disinformation. I really don’t know how you can satirize that.

If history holds true, then we’ll never see any tapes of Hunter with underage girls. After all, we’re still waiting for those tapes of U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi boys in front of their mothers, which Seymour Hersh claimed existed several years ago. Those kinds of things would probably rattle the senses of even modern-day American sheeple. At least I think it would. They may be too far gone, too desensitized to official crime and corruption, to even care. Now if the tapes were of one of Trump’s boys, that would be an entirely different story.

We have to face the facts. It’s over. We lost. Raise that white flag. Come out with your hands up. The fat lady has sung. Choose your favorite analogy. The corrupt and incompetent forces always win, when the game is rigged against disclosure, honesty, fairness, and common sense. Look at the people who rule us, from mayors like Lori Lightfoot to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Do you really think we can’t do better than that? No one can challenge and beat these absurd buffoons? Well, not if they’re denied the ability to run, or the votes aren’t actually counted. Or, perhaps saddest of all, if enough people are simply that stupid to elect them.

Ambrose Bierce would find inspiration in today’s world. He’d be able to put out a much larger, expanded version of The Devil’s Dictionary. But for the rest of us, who have to live under what will surely be even more tyrannical circumstances, we can only think of what might have been. If we hadn’t been so docile. So willing to listen to clownish authorities. So eager to shame the few among us who kept pointing at those naked emperors.

Benjamin Franklin famously explained that the Founders had created “a republic, if you can keep it.” It should be clear now that we just weren’t able to keep it.

About donaldjeffries

Author of the critically acclaimed best sellers "Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover Ups in American Politics,""Survival of the Richest: How the Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All," and the newly released "Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963." Author of the 2007 sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Unreals," which has been described as a cross between The Wizard of Oz and The Twilight Zone, and compared to A Confederacy of Dunces and classic Russian literature. A second edition of "The Unreals" was published in February 2015 by Pocol Press. Long time JFK assassination researcher. Seeker of truth, proponent of justice and fairness. Enemy of corruption. Sender of as many "tiny ripples of hope" as possible.

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  1. Norman h kangas

    Very well said. Things aren’t looking so great for good ol USA . Things seem almost unbearably insane.
    I like to read and search for truth and found Eckankar. Over 50yrs ago. Also the book Holographic Universe is very interesting. Thank you for your very excellent work. I enjoy your articles.

  2. Excellent commentary as usual. The only critique I have is that the “virus” is not going to disappear if Biden wins. The “virus”, or subsequent ones such as “COVID-21”, are here to stay. (Some of the subsequent ones may be actual bioweapons instead of a pure hoax like COVID-19.) They are an integral part of the NWO plan for their One World Government and cashless society. And the NWO is going to achieve their goals, which include reducing the world population to about 500 million (from its current 7.8 billion). The breathtaking ease with which they were able to lock down almost the entire Western world with a scamdemic hoax leaves no doubt that they are in full control. However, that is not all bad, in fact there will be many benefits for those who survive the depopulation, which will largely be those who are smart enough to understand what is going on and avoid the vaccinations and other means that will be used for the depopulation.

  3. Very well said Donald! Your article has to be the best description of the slow, but sure decline of our Republic. Most don’t deserve what our founding fathers framed for us.

  4. Don…. your grieving for a past that really didn’t exist. I think the best writing you did was comparing the freedom of ’76 to ’16 ( But even that was partially an illusion. There was very little freedom then as well. It’s just from our perspective it looked brilliant. Same corruption, same criminals, same game. Only difference is the degree. So that is what is insidious. We are actually pining for a time that was corrupt and controlling just not as much. Fast forward another 20 years and people will opine about the good ol’ 20’s. Same day, different sh*t, so to speak.

    And if we scale out, this temporary state of freedom was an anomaly in the affairs of men. The masses have always been slaves. Sure there was a brief window that appeared free (and was in many ways) but it was always setup to be a trap. Same as the internet. It WILL be the ultimate control mechanism, far more efficient than Stasi, KGB, FBI etc. They allowed people to get “hooked” on it, only to sucker everyone into relying on it.

    It takes adversity to wake people up. The saying, “I rarely see the light, but I always feel the heat!” is apropos. So possibly that will be a saving grace. It’s been the historical precedent. So bring on the chaos, bring on the pain, bring on destruction. That will be our time to shine and watch as tiny lights burst thru the coming darkness. Many will stay in the matrix. That’s ok. I pity them with a broken heart. They’ve never been reliable. They will turn on us. That’s ok. We will sacrifice our lives if we stay courageous. That’s ok too. We fell for the trap that life should be comfy. We know it isn’t so what’s a few years taken off. Freedom is a state of mind, not a state of circumstances.

    Keep venting, it’s part of the process. You’re doing great brother!!!

  5. The Bureaucrat Plague is the worst plague, ever..

  6. O boy, I’d like to know how you tapped into my very own brain and copied, word for word, everything you wrote here. We,
    you and I, must be Identical Spiritual Twins. Now, what can we DO about knowing all these Great Truths? Perhaps just ride out the storm and hope God will intervene? Hahaha. P. S. At least I can still enjoy my two tiny puppies. Well, can I not even hope for that? Should I just ask a Democrat?

  7. I am so sick of the people that go on and
    on about people that will only have SS. to live on. Yes I own a home, yes I have a retirement, yes I get SS, yes I drive a cheap car and yes I put money back for retirement as I worked.
    But if the supposed poor people who are only going to have SS kept their old cell phone, didn’t drive a vehicle that you had to take a mortgage out for at $600.00 a month payment. Didn’t think they had to
    have $200.00 pants and $600.00 shoes.
    Last but not least think they had to eat out every other night and party every weekend. Then maybe just maybe they wouldn’t be in such a sorry shape. I’m sick of hearing about people like that but I’m the bad guy because I managed my life for the future instead of the moment.

  8. Don you hit every button

  9. Absolutely brilliant, Donald. My only contention is the same as David’s. If brain dead Joe and the communist slut are selected by the Cryptocracy, the fake virus will not disappear but get worse and impel even more draconian measures. The Hidden Hand that selected Trump for the Oval Orifice is the same Hidden Hand that has fiercely tried to remove him since he got in. It’s all theater for the masses that are asses. Always bear in mind that laughter and ridicule are the best, and at this time, the only weapons we have. Ragnarok come quickly. Keep punching Brother.

  10. Cute kittens aren’t really cute.
    The sky isn’t really blue.

  11. Fantastic article! I agree with every single word of it. Thank you Donald Jeffries.

    Nothing will change unless and until we have HONEST MONEY. This is the problem.

    When the Jewish Black Majik Cabal has finished looting the USA, it will own everything.

    Maybe Trump will do the right thing and revoke the Fed’s charter. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

    This leaves secession as the only cure available. States could issue their own currencies.

    But frankly, I don’t think the masked sheeple are up to it.

    • The dollar’s transformation into a purely fiat currency has eroded the rule of law and morality in the US. It’s similar to what happened in the Roman Empire after it started debasing its currency.

      All Roads Lead to the City of London

  12. If people got on the streets in the millions, they could make change. Assuming that the military would attack us isn’t true:

    Also, Miles Mathis (who I don’t agree with on a lot of things, but his write-up about the electioin is right on:

    In this write-up, this paragraph is spot-on:

    Quote”I tell you it is time you climbed down from the tree and started pushing back. Throw the masks in thetrash and say no to the New World Disorder before it is too late. You need to immediately unionize orcollectivize with every other person around you, at work and in your town, not by drawing updocuments or by suing, but by acting in unison. You need to act like a robber has just walked into yourbusiness or home, requiring immediate and emergency action. You don’t have time to sit around anddiscuss this: you have to act on your gut response. Just nod to your coworkers or make handsigns andcall an immediate strike. Say enough is enough. It is all I can stands and I can’t stands no more. Justsay no to thousands of things, starting with masks. Tell them you are done going along. Tell them youdon’t want that future and will not go there, starting right now. If you don’t, it’s literally your funeral.”Quote

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