The Locked Down World

Not much more than a month ago, the various countries of the world were meandering along, mired in corruption, poverty, injustice, unfairness, and all the other niceties of modern civilization. The gap between the rich and the poor was ever widening. Freedom was something America in particular boasted about.

But within the period of a just a few weeks last month, virtually the entire world went on lock down. No police were needed. No troops were needed. Not a single shot was fired. When the dust had settled, healthy people everywhere were being quarantined within their homes. Voluntarily. Businesses were forced to close. All events and activities- including professional sports- were cancelled. Untold numbers of businesses will never reopen. Millions will be thrown out of work.

The culprit is a particularly nasty Coronavirus strain, COVID-19. We were initially warned it could kill millions in this country alone. While the common flu kills an average of 56,000 in America every year, nothing has ever been closed or cancelled because of it. Everything has been cancelled, for over a month, for this virus. Despite numbers that reveal it to have killed less than half of what the flu does in an average season, businesses remain closed and people remain sheltered in their homes.

We know for certain that the official numbers are being artificially inflated to a significant degree. The World Health Organization issued a directive weeks ago, instructing hospitals to list the cause of death as COVID-19 even when the deceased had never been tested for it. The Centers for Disease Control issues a disclaimer, in each official release of COVID numbers, that they include “presumptive” cases in those numbers. In other words, untested and unproven cases. Dr. Deborah Birx, the Trump administration’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator, has admitted that when any patient has tested positive for the virus, the cause of death will be listed as being from that, even when it clearly is not.

Over the past week especially, the establishment has been backpedaling furiously away from the fear porn they were spreading nonstop to the public. Fox News asked, “how could the models and projections have been so wrong?” Even CNN admitted their numbers were dramatically overstated. No one is claiming other than that the “experts” were wildly wrong about this. And yet, we are all still urged to listen to these same “experts.”

So, surely since they are telling us things are “leveling off,” and that they were incredibly wrong to exaggerate the impact of this virus in the first place, people will be returning to work immediately, right? No more tickets for “social distancing” violations, issued by our policing for profit officers who are faced with the least busy highways, and thus fewest potential motorists to ticket for minor infractions, correct? Surely, we can go visit Grandma in the nursing home again, before she moves on to her eternal reward? Or hug the grandchild we’ve only seen on Skype?

Well, apparently not. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Frankenstein-like point man on the issue for the Trump White House, has said we may never be able to go back to shaking  hands. Our leaders seem to be insinuating that this draconian lock down could last months. Some scientists have said “social distancing” may have to last until 2022! There are ominous predictions from the same “experts” who were so gloriously mistaken before, that the virus could return in the Fall. Or maybe next Spring. Or it could always be there, an unseen enemy outside our doors. We are at war with the virus, some have said. We can’t let the virus win, can we?

This is not a dream. It is not a science-fiction movie or a dystopian novel. It is the reality we face today, in 2020. We have not been teleported in some way, into the pages of George Orwell’s 1984. Although the parallels with Orwell’s great work are many. There may not be a literal Big Brother, but the mentality of those who are buying this narrative is identical to that of the unquestioning residents of Oceania. The kindly neighbors reporting “social distancing” violators to the police mirror the actions of Oceania’s Anti-Sex League.

The uniformity of opinion among those who have a large public platform has never been so evident as now. Not a single “journalist,” politician, or celebrity is questioning this unprecedented authoritarianism. The celebrities in particular are such over-the-top cheerleaders that is nauseating to watch them; smiling vacuously as they host their shows or deliver state-approved messages from the comfort of their palatial estates.

But perhaps the celebrities have a right be concerned about this deadly virus. They have shown a remarkable propensity to contract it. CNN has been particularly hard hit. First, gangster wannabe Chris Cuomo announced he had it, and provided regular updates from his mansion. Then, fellow anchor Brooke Baldwin came down with it, and communicated nonstop with her adoring fans via Instagram. She recently announced dramatically that “I think I’ve nearly battled this beast,” whatever that awkward, ungrammatical phrase was supposed to mean.

Tom Hanks was fittingly the first celebrity to contract the virus. As a loud supporter of the totally discredited Warren Commission, and known to tweet out bizarre images of lone shoes and gloves he supposedly finds on the sides of roads, he was a perfect choice. Hanks’ tweet, in which he informed his fans that his wife, actress Rita Wilson, was beating him by 201 points in gin rummy, with a picture of his beloved Corona typewriter in the background, was full of symbolism. Why include a random number like 201? “Conspiracy theorists” quickly caught the less than subtle reference to Bill Gates’ Agenda 201. And then attention whore Madonna tweeted out a picture of her pecking away on her own Corona typewriter that same day. Who would have thought that two fabulously wealthy celebrities bother with heavy, antiquated typewriters in the age of IPads and lap tops? And oh yes, one of the things Madonna was typing about was pasta. You’ll have to read some of the Podesta emails published by Wikileaks to understand the significance of that.

But perhaps the most ridiculous celebrity turned out to be “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling. She breathlessly announced that she’d had “all the symptoms” of COVID-19, but hadn’t been tested. Still, the mainstream media reported her triumphant “recovery” from a virus she’d never been tested for, as if she’d just beaten stage 4 breast cancer. Now former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos is said to be recovering from the virus as well. Who knows how many of these celebrities really had anything, even a common cold? No one likes to jump on the bandwagon of popular movements more than they do. And right now, having tested positive for this thing is evidently very popular.

What will the fallout from all this be? Will the growing “incel” (involuntarily celibate) community become a majority in this country, or around the world? They haven’t outlawed sex with your spouse yet, but since many lonely men in this country struggle to find dates, let alone sex, you can imagine how much more difficult this will become with “social distancing” rules in place.  Porn is going to be more popular than ever. And “social distancing” may end the world’s oldest profession as well. Maybe they’ll come up with some kind of creative virtual prostitution.

The lonely elderly spending their final days in nursing homes already were largely neglected, not only by uncaring staff members, but by their own families. Now, with visitation forbidden, how many children or grandchildren who do care will miss the opportunity to spend a precious few minutes with their loved ones, before they leave this mortal coil? How many older grandparents will die before having the chance to hold their infant grandchildren?

The shutdown of businesses now has been going on for more than a month. How many of the dwindling small businesses left in our casino economy have already closed down forever? How many mid-sized ones will ever be able to reopen? How many millions will be furloughed, laid off, fired- however they word it- because of this draconian reaction? How can an economy based on commerce exist without commerce? The fact that the business community is accepting all of this passively can only fuel more suspicion that the entire thing was contrived for nefarious purposes. A plandemic, not a pandemic.

Montgomery County, Maryland has already issued a decree that everyone must wear masks in public. Look for other areas to follow suit. Walking around in public, watching the nervous, masked figures, scurrying quickly by at an appropriate distance from each other, is like being on the set of a science fiction film. Are we all crisis actors now? Recent protests in Ohio and Michigan, as well as the refusal of Brazil and Sweden to go along with the program, provides us with some hope. Perhaps the natives will eventually get restless.

The best outcome we can hope for is a return to some semblance of reality, with our rigged economy and dysfunctional culture. At worst there will be rolling shortages- they are already announcing that food may be in limited supply, along with power outages, etc. All attributed nonsensically to the “virus.” We may regularly go back into “lock down” status, for whatever excuse our leaders devise. The majority have shown that they won’t question any measure, if it comes from our corrupt authorities. No church on Easter Sunday? The mind still reels that they were able to pull that off, without a bunch of renegade pastors refusing to comply. And where are all the gun rights activists? Apparently, they are just fine with tyranny, as long as they can keep their guns. Just don’t use them to reign in tyrannical leaders.

76% of those in my state of Virginia support Governor Ralph Northam’s actions in a recent poll. There will be no protests here. I would be shocked if the majority of states don’t reflect this as well. As Thomas Jefferson said, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” There should be no question at this point about who fears who.


About donaldjeffries

Author of the critically acclaimed best sellers "Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover Ups in American Politics,""Survival of the Richest: How the Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All," and the newly released "Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963." Author of the 2007 sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Unreals," which has been described as a cross between The Wizard of Oz and The Twilight Zone, and compared to A Confederacy of Dunces and classic Russian literature. A second edition of "The Unreals" was published in February 2015 by Pocol Press. Long time JFK assassination researcher. Seeker of truth, proponent of justice and fairness. Enemy of corruption. Sender of as many "tiny ripples of hope" as possible.

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  1. The Michigan Proud Boys are out protesting in Lansing; fully armed.

  2. What are the odds that this poll showing 76% of Virginians support Northam’s tyranny are about as real as the polls showing that Hillary Clinton was winning the presidential race by a landslide?

    I live in Virginia too and I don’t know anyone who regards Northam’s decrees as anything other than what they are: an illegal power grab. My wife went to a local Mexican restaurant yesterday for takeout and heard another woman ranting about Northam.

    Northam is facing quite a lot of anger among Virginians, though “facing” that anger isn’t really accurate. He’s in hiding, like the rest of the vote fraud beneficiaries of the recent stolen elections here.

    76%? In a pig’s eye.

    • James MacInnes

      We are all human beings, and we all have insecurities, but it’s about being healthy and happy with yourself. I’m not perfect, and I will indulge in pizza and sweets on occasion. The goal is to make the majority of your decisions good for your body. So listen to your body, and treat it like your temple.

  3. I know this won’t mean anything to you, but here goes:

    Like Russian Roulette’: Why HCPs Are So Scared of COVID-19

    F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE

    April 14, 2020

    What’s exciting in a casino when all you can lose is money becomes terrifying in a hospital when your life is on the line.

    We still don’t know what the true death rate is in COVID-19. Estimates range from 0.1% to as high as 3%, but that isn’t what scares hospital workers. That’s the mean. That matters on a population level.

    On an individual level, what matters is the variance.

    For many infectious diseases, the overall death rate is somewhat misleading as the deaths tend to cluster among the very sick. The best way to think about it is on a spectrum of health:

    A given disease may push everyone further away from health toward sickness, but only those who were already near the end of the spectrum can get pushed all the way to death.

    There is very little variance, in other words. And in a weird way, it’s comforting, because you can tell yourself (right or wrong) that those who died would probably have died soon anyway. This happens to be a talking point among some people trying to downplay the severity of the pandemic.

    But it’s not true, as any healthcare worker who has cared for these patients can tell you. Yes, mortality rates are higher in those who are older and with more comorbidities, but all of us who have taken care of these patients have seen horrible outcomes—including death—in young, otherwise healthy people. That’s high variance. That’s what’s so scary. Some people get mild disease, some people get ventilated, and some people die, despite having very similar baseline characteristics.

    That’s why COVID-19 feels like gambling. Like Russian roulette.

    We can actually quantify this. A recent JAMA Network Open letter reported on 168 patients who died from COVID-19 in China. Thirty percent of those who died had no comorbidities at all.

    I asked healthcare workers on Twitter to tell me what scared them about COVID-19. One internal medicine resident captured it perfectly: “Really scared of how people my age just die despite all the ARDS tricks we try, and that it can easily be me next.”

    That’s why we’re scared. And we owe it to the rest of the country to talk about that as we start to make decisions about opening back up. The law of averages tells us that chances are, it won’t be you next. But that doesn’t matter too much when you’re letting it all ride on one spin of the roulette wheel.

    F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, is an associate professor of medicine and director of Yale’s Program of Applied Translational Research. His science communication work can be found in the Huffington Post, on NPR, and here on Medscape. He tweets @methodsmanmd and hosts a repository of his communication work at

    Follow Medscape on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

  4. Don’t believe everything you think.

  5. Have you ever thought about interviewing Gerald Posner? From what I’ve read about Case Closed, it makes a good case for Oswald acting alone. I’m going to order the book from Amazon to see if it indeed makes a good case.

    I’m sure you don’t agree with Posner, which is why it would interesting for you to interview him. Then we could decide who makes the better case.

    Would you consider it?

    • Curious that you’d want to read a book that is defending something entirely untenable, which has been thoroughly disproved since the mid-1960s. Harold Weisberg, one of the greatest of all Warren Commission critics, wrote a blistering rebuttal to Posner, “Case Open.” He had a personal stake in this; Posner pretended to be after the truth, and visited Weisberg’s home, where he had free reign of his extensive files. Posner’s work has been demolished by many, including myself in “Hidden History.” He had the audacity to claim he’d interviewed people who subsequently vehemently denied communicating with him. I doubt that he’d consent to be interviewed by me. If he knows anything of my work, he would realize it would impossible for him to answer my questions or contradict my points.

  6. To Shapiro:


    You write about Posner as if he’s some delicate, hard to find genius hiding away somewhere in the North Woods. Rather than the 24/7 go-to guy the vampire media grabs from his box of earth whenever a conspiracy “theory” needs to be debunked (a debunking wholly dependent on Posner’s audience not knowing a damn thing about what he’s talking about). Yessir, whether it’s Dylan’s new song or Jeff Epstein or MLK or RFK or Dallas or 9/11, you’ll see this plagiarizing Botox-patient’s face everywhere you look.

    The last thing Don Jeffries needs to do is waste any of his valuable time on that very well-paid Deep State pimp.

  7. Have you guys been watching Ozark? Great show! Almost as good as Breaking Bad.

  8. After seeing images of Floridians crowding the beaches in Jacksonville, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that all Florida beachgoers who travel to New York must first be tested for I.Q.

    “Just as we’ve started flattening the curve, a surge in Florida beachgoers is the last thing our state needs,” Cuomo said. “And so, at all points of entry in New York, we will be ramping up I.Q. testing immediately.”

    Cuomo said that, in order to administer I.Q. tests to all Florida beachgoers attempting to enter New York, the state will have to purchase tens of thousands of I.Q. tests on the open market.

    “I asked the President for help in buying them, but he doesn’t believe in I.Q. tests,” the Governor said.

    In Tallahassee, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that he was “hopping mad” at Cuomo for insisting that Florida beachgoers prove that they are capable of rational thought.

    “I was on the beach in Jacksonville yesterday,” a defiant DeSantis said. “If I fly to New York right now, will my I.Q. be tested?”

    Minutes later, Cuomo issued a brief response. “In the case of Governor DeSantis, I don’t think an I.Q. test is necessary,” he said.

  9. A typical Jeff Rense radio show:

    GUEST: “…based on the facts cited (here, here, and here), we can see there’s no scientific evidence to suggest the existence of what’s being called “covid 19″… They are mislabeling coronavirus, faking the numbers, etc. Hospitals are almost empty. Overall death numbers are not increasing. Meanwhile they’re looting trillions from the economy and censoring out everyone whose trying to speak out. So the whole thing looks like a giant hoax…”

    RENSE: “Hmmm… yes it’s quite the travesty, isn’t it. So crazy, I agree. Where’s the outrage? I mean you people listening are smart… you know what’s going on. We’d all be fine if only we all had masks. I mean, you people know I’m no Hillary fan but Hillary would have handled this so much better. Trump has know about this thing since December and he totally ignored the warnings. And by the way, we’re now getting reports this thing has mutated into 30 different strains. It’s going to be so deadly. Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

  10. The detergent companies are behind all this. People are chowing down on Tide pods and injecting Clorox left and right because Trump said doing those things would help. I’m now investing in these companies. You should, too

  11. Christopher J. McKinley

    I saw a sign yesterday that read: Man eaten alive by a great white shark dies of the corona virus. Pelosi blames Trump. Obviously, all these political monkeys are in on the Fascist Lockdown. I would like to know how many of these state governors are transgendered, on board with the pedophile agenda, or just your average run of the mill Zionist toads who have a psychotic hate jones on for decent humanity? Mr. Donald Jeffries always calling a spade a spade.

    • I hope you’re drinking bleach. President Trump says you should. That deep state stooge Nancy Pelosi says you shouldn’t drink bleach. Are you going to listen to her?

  12. The Donald has been proven wrong – as usual.

  13. Questions for President Trump:

    What kind of fucking asshole lies to people about whether they can get tested for a potentially fatal virus?

    What book are you reading?

    What’s your favorite Prince song?

    What is your definition of corruption and how does it not apply to you?

    You’ve said you’re in charge AND you take no responsibility. If it’s both, you are publicly admitting you’re a moron. People are saying if you’re in charge, you’re responsible, and if you’re not responsible, you’re not in charge. It can’t be both. Which is it?

    Anybody with a working brain knows you have no credibility whatsoever. What do you have to say to the vast majority of Americans who think you are the biggest fucking idiot to ever hold political office?

    Have you ever told the truth about anything? Prove it.

    Carnival Cruise Lines isn’t an American company, has never paid a penny in taxes, is actively destroying the oceans, and they got a multi-million dollar bailout. Why didn’t you tell them to go fuck themselves?

    This turd in my pocket has a higher IQ than you. Would you like to ask it a question?

    Why aren’t there any graduates from Trump University in your cabinet?

    Can you spell ignoramus?

    Define sarcasm.

    If you were created in God’s image, how come we can see you?

    Nobody gives a shit what your TV ratings are. Why do you keep mentioning it?

    Do you think there should be an amendment to the constitution that nobody who owes money to a foreign country can run for president?

    Every resident of our planet, not just our country, knows that defunding the World Health Organization is something only a suicidal sociopath would even consider, much less actually do. Do you know what the word “sociopath” means, and how is it possible it DOESN’T apply to you, you fucking shithead?

    What’s the difference between your nepotism and Biden’s?

    Do you have any Neanderthal DNA?

    Name one single thing of President Obama’s you have reversed that hasn’t completely fucked up the country.

    Why did Potbelly Sandwich Shop get a “small” business loan but not the falafel place at my corner which has WAY better food?

    The worst crisis the US has ever faced happened at the same time as the worst president the US has ever had. Do you think this is a coincidence?

    You say Coloradans are showering you with praise. Nobody believes you. Could you name one of them?

    Are you worried that future presidents will plagiarize your incoherent speeches?

    You made a pun but you called it sarcasm. Have you ever in your entire life used a dictionary?

    I understand you have a high IQ. What’s the quadratic equation?

    That uncle of yours who is so smart? Tell us one single actual thing you learned from him.

    That wasn’t an actual thing.

    Neither was that.

    Do you actually not know what the word “actually” means?

    We are now a bigger shithole country than all the countries you called shitholes. Don’t you think they deserve an apology?

    Have you ever read a foreign newspaper? Every single newspaper from every country calls you the most incompetent idiot on earth. That’s the whole planet other than the United States. Is that why you closed the borders, to prove their case?

    Your administration has broken new ground in idiocy. You are actively sabotaging everything this country stands for and your legacy will be that you actually destroyed the United States of America. You don’t rule over a single agency that’s running correctly. Why do you hate your own homeland?

    When you leave office, you will obviously be arrested for your endless crimes against humanity. Do you have any preference for what prison you will spend the rest of your life in?

    Everybody on earth recognizes that you don’t have a shred of human decency. As the worst human being who has ever lived, this is your last chance. Can you say one single empathetic thing?

    Could you please repeat your oath of office? You’ve violated it so many times that America thinks you need a refresher.

    The United States has more deaths due to the virus than any other on earth, despite the fact we don’t have the highest population. You have now murdered more Americans than the war in Vietnam and you’ve put the entire planet in danger. By what metric are you NOT the most incompetent leader on earth?

    And finally, I swear to God this will work…

    A fucking idiot says what?

  14. Sherman was too easy on the South. There should have been total obliteration. The South should have been supervised by the North long after Reconstruction. The Jim Crowe laws should have been struck down immediately. Stone Mountain, GA should be chipped down and replaced with a carving of Thaddeus Stevens.

  15. Crow that is. I’d expect you to jump on the unintentional misspelling.

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