Surrendering the Culture War

Pat Buchanan’s strong campaign challenge to sitting President George H.W. Bush in 1992 was derailed only through typical homegrown voting fraud. Allowed to address the Republican convention, Buchanan gave a speech that seems more prescient every day, as we watch America go the way of the Roman empire.

“There is a religious war going on in this country. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we shall be as was the Cold War itself, for this war is for the soul of America.” Buchanan declared. Twenty seven years later, Buchanan is still around, and making occasional appearances on talk shows. Anyone who turns on any television station, or listens to what’s left of the music industry, or attends a movie, understands that this war was lost without a single shot being fired in retaliation.

Buchanan made his speech under less than courageous circumstances; he was capitulating to a Deep State that engineered the rigging of the primaries against him, and extending support to a soulless plutocrat that opposed him on every important issue. But his point remains. The “conservatives” who seemingly were protecting traditional America folded on immigration, toxic feminism, anti-Christianity, and the increasingly vile anti-white messages that rang out from every pillar of the establishment, never even waving a white flag. But they surrendered as surely as any army ever did.

As someone who has never been, and never will be a “conservative,” their submission to forces that were becoming increasingly angry, irrational, and prone to violence, makes me loathe them even more. It isn’t a “left” or “right” position to strive for civility, empathy, and harmony. Those fighting on the other side of this culture war, the eventual victors, were never civil, empathetic, or harmonious. They never tolerated those they claimed were intolerant, and truly hated the alleged “haters.”

Because of this needless acquiescence to in-your-face authoritarianism, we have reached a point where Netflix can feel confident in airing a show about God. Needless to say, this Almighty isn’t something to worship or be proud of; Steve Buscemi portrays an uncaring, drunken and disheveled deity. Co-star Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe has declared, “I’m an atheist, and a militant atheist.” Jesus Christ has been a decidedly non-omnipotent character on adult cartoons Family Guy and South Park. These supremely confident cultural war victors are now openly advocating infanticide.

Under the rules of these unacknowledged terms of surrender, a private business cannot be offended by a gay wedding cake. However, a private business can be offended by the likes of a Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and order her unceremoniously off the premises. This selective outrage is part and parcel of the identity politics that rules our civilization now. Some sensitivities can be more offended than others, to paraphrase from Animal Farm. 

Sure, there were a few crumbs thrown out to the “conservatives” to keep them happy. I don’t consider it any kind of victory to convert “liberal” into a dirty word. Talk radio is all but dominated by these “conservatives,” who are given free reign to castigate “liberals,” as long as they unfailingly support Israel, legal immigration, the military and medical industrial complexes, our counterfeit Federal Reserve banking system, our injustice system, and every other part of the poisonous swamp that sustains this ugly new culture. Focusing on shadowy “welfare cheats” and reminding the sheeple that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” guarantees a successful career in the industry.

When I graduated from high school in 1974, there wasn’t a single Hispanic in my large graduating class. The very word was unknown. In barely forty years, America managed to import a new underclass, that has become the largest minority group in the country. The fact that most of this was accomplished illegally makes it even more unconscionable. Until Donald Trump ran for president, the last vocal opposition from a political candidate to this nonstop invasion was from Pat Buchanan himself, over twenty years earlier. The opposition to illegal immigration had effectively disappeared until Trump.

Does anyone really think Donald Trump will “win” on this issue? Does Trump think he will win, or even want to win? He hasn’t mentioned deportations in a long time. He isn’t going to bring the troops home from the 160 countries where they are inexplicably stationed around the world, and use them to guard the border. He will probably cave into Barack Obama’s contrived “dreamers.” If he was serious about winning this particular aspect of the culture war, he would have issued an Executive Order tying all government aid to legal status. He would have ended the H-1B Visa foreign worker program. The much trumpeted “wall,” if it ever is built, will not be paid for by Mexico, and may very well be used to keep people in, not out.

And Trump, with all his flip flopping and probable insincerity, is the best the side of supposed traditional values has to offer. There is no one else even fighting this war in Washington, D.C. No public figure will even have the courage to state that the white nationalists at Charlottesburg, or any of their ilk, are human beings. No one will grant that they “breathe the same air as we do,” to quote from the greatest speech any president has ever delivered, JFK’s “peace” speech at American University. This is the essential problem; because they haven’t been countered, the emboldened social justice warriors have cut through American culture like a hot knife through butter. They have dehumanized those they label as “racists” and “nazis” to such an extent that most people shrug and accept that such demons don’t deserve any rights.

When you permit an out of control force to remain unchecked, you find yourself in the situation we face today. The large fashion house Gucci recently apologized for their ugly sweater that covers the wearer’s mouth. They didn’t apologize for the unattractive nature of their product, they apologized because some rocket scientist on Twitter responded to it with “Happy Black History Month, y’all.” This sweater became roughly the two trillionth example of modern “racism.” Adidas dropped a new white tennis shoe because it was “racist” to introduce it during Black History Month. Social Justice Warrior Katy Perry hurriedly scrapped her fashion company’s new shoe because it supposedly resembled “blackface.”

Because only one side is now fighting this culture war, outside of Donald Trump’s feeble tweets from a dark corner of the White House, the tactics will only get worse. When white tennis shoes are racist, what isn’t? Why not the color white itself? Why not just proclaim that all white people are racist, simply because they are white? This isn’t really far from what is being claimed now, by even respected college professors. When you can have campuses across the nation filled with “black studies” and “gender studies” classes, which exist solely to promote empowerment of blacks and women respectively, and to denigrate whites and men respectively, we have essentially arrived at that point. Remember their admonition that all lives don’t matter. White privilege and all that.

The most offensive anti-white, anti-Christian slurs imaginable are permitted by a social media monopoly that has banned the likes of Alex Jones for “objectionable” content. Young high school kids are threatened openly by celebrities and “journalists,” and mocked for being….white. The families of these kids have hired a high powered attorney to potentially sue some of these individuals and outlets. I am skeptical this will ever happen. If it does, it will be the first effective counter punch to the social justice warriors in decades. It would be akin to a new shot heard around the world.

I watched a bit of the Grammys the other night, exclusively for purposes of research. The Idiocracy is never more visible than in these awards shows nowadays. Every one features the same ingredients; a wildly disproportionate number of blacks, a casualness and vulgarity of fashion that would make our grandparents think this was another planet. Alicia Keys, the obnoxious host of this year’s Grammys, talked in a ghetto dialect, trying desperately to sound as ignorant as possible. Keys was raised alone by a white mother, far from any inner city. She also was dressed in what looked like a bath robe with a towel wrapped around her head.

It’s hard for someone like me to find a niche these days. Where does a populist who admires Huey Long, a pure civil libertarian who believes in genuine progress and reform, and advocates for peace, find his peers? Not in a Democratic Party that believes in 57 genders, hates white people, and wants workers fired for the slip of a tongue. Not in a Republican Party that worships Ayn Rand, thinks greed is good, and wants to eliminate the minimum wage. With the emergence of Trump, nearly all Americans have dug their heels in behind one of these two illustrious “choices.”

The culture war was lost when the opponents of the social justice warriors allowed them to define all issues in emotional terms. It was lost when white leaders refused to disagree with the “all whites are evil” mantra. It was lost when no one effectively boycotted the putrid products of Hollywood. It was lost when the educational system became hijacked exclusively by whites who hated themselves for being white, and nonwhites who were convinced that whites were holding them back. It was lost when no one objected to the systemic Affirmative Action hiring practices of government agencies and the private sector.

The election of Donald Trump was probably a last gasp effort to stop the vengeful hordes storming the castle gates. The rest of our leaders are all but speaking ebonics themselves, ready to go to battle to protect the “dreamers” who illegally entered this country, scoffing at “creationism” as they worship the fantastic fables of establishment science, faithfully consuming the products of Big Pharma as they do so. They are all waiting at Appomattox, begging for another dreadful Reconstruction.

Now Esquire magazine has invoked the wrath of the social justice warriors, merely by having a white male on its cover, under the headline “An American Boy.” The reaction on social media- where the end of the cultural war is most obvious- was predictable. One self-proclaimed “violent savage Arab queer” was incensed. Others invoked the Black History Month thing again; evidently, now anything that happens in February is automatically “racist.” Even though Esquire quickly explained this was merely part of a series, that will include nonwhite and female youths, it was still considered inappropriate that a “white boy” was chosen first.

The losers in this cultural war placidly accepted the undefinable concepts of “hate speech” and “hate crime.” They dutifully refer to the “N” word, and support the ruination of anyone unwise enough to say it, while simultaneously understanding that certain segments of the population can treat it as their favorite word. They’ve permitted schools and streets named after former American heroes to be changed to something suitably politically correct.

We have allowed a culture of vapid stupidity to be built. Texting-style shorthand has breached speech as well. Most Americans sound incredibly dumb these days, look slovenly and unattractive, and appear to lack a moral compass. It’s becoming easier and easier for those manipulating this mess to achieve their goals.

What their ultimate goal is remains unclear. But it certainly doesn’t seem to be anything uplifting, or anything for the betterment of the people.

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Author of the critically acclaimed best sellers "Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover Ups in American Politics,""Survival of the Richest: How the Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All," and the newly released "Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963." Author of the 2007 sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Unreals," which has been described as a cross between The Wizard of Oz and The Twilight Zone, and compared to A Confederacy of Dunces and classic Russian literature. A second edition of "The Unreals" was published in February 2015 by Pocol Press. Long time JFK assassination researcher. Seeker of truth, proponent of justice and fairness. Enemy of corruption. Sender of as many "tiny ripples of hope" as possible.

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  1. Your friend Roger Stone is only making things worse for himself by threatening the judge. Please try to reason with him.

    • I haven’t communicated with Roger Stone in a few years. He is not a criminal, and should not have to be facing any prospective jail time. And no American not suspected of the most violent crimes should be subjected to a pre-dawn, SWAT team raid on their private home.

  2. Donald – was that you in the Cracker Barrel restaurant in El Paso yesterday?

  3. How to spot a social media Kremlin bot.

    1. They try extra hard to be patriotic. ex. American flag or Constitution backdrop pic. They also love pretending they’re vets or work in Intelligence.
    2. Sloppy ellipses, commas, and spacing.
    3. Holes and inconsistencies in their background.
    4. Sloppy spelling, grammar, and use of capitalization.
    5. Excessive use of emojis.
    6. Make propagandist statements with no real substance.
    7. You’ll notice their work history has companies you’ve never heard of without Linkedin business profiles or don’t show the companies’ logos, current job especially.
    8. Their activity looks like something you’d see on Facebook or Twitter, very culture war politics heavy, with an unusual amount of activity (hundreds of comments, thousands of likes) on the botnet posts. Trust me real people avoid politics like the plague on Linkedin.
    9. Very short initial automated fragmented sentence comments. If they start getting more complicated, don’t be fooled, it just means a Kremlin agent logged into the account.
    10. Blurry picture, but be forewarned they are starting to use clearer pictures now and they’ve always used fake recommendations.

    Feel free to add and remember 40% of the strangers you meet online are bots.

  4. Isn’t “Ada Pai” Israeli for “fucking moron?”

  5. Was “All the King’s Men” an accurate account of Huey Long? Did Broderick Crawford act like the real Huey Long?

    • Absolutely not. It was a typical establishment attempt to smear one of the few truly courageous politicians of the twentieth century. Long was not the corrupt buffoon Crawford portrayed. In reality, he was brilliant and spent his entire life fighting corruption.

  6. You seem to like the Nixon guys: Pat Buchanan and Roger Stone.

    Is Richard Nixon one of your heroes?

    • Hardly. I’ve said that Nixon actually doesn’t seem as bad in retrospect considering what came later- Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton, Obama. It was only recently that I realized that his awful creation of HMOs paved the way for our bloated, ineffective, and incredibly expensive medical industrial complex. He was a strange man, with a personality that didn’t seem natural; it was amazing that he succeeded in politics when he always appeared so stiff and uncomfortable. Buchanan and Stone are both irrationally loyal to Nixon, in my view. Buchanan continued to defend Nixon’s legacy, even after he adopted the anti-war and populist beliefs that attracted him to me. Nixon was nothing if not classless, and crassly supported George H.W. Bush for president over Buchanan, when he could have paid him back for being just about the only prominent Republican to defend his legacy. Stone is much the same way; he has to know that Nixon wouldn’t agree with any of his more recent anti-war populism, which led to him contacting me about “Hidden History” and then later writing the Foreword to the paperback edition. Buchanan (and maybe Stone) still support Reagan as well, when his policies exacerbated the immigration problem into something nearly unsolvable, and he ushered in the first slew of neocons, who have overseen our disastrous foreign policy ever since. A foreign policy, needless to say, that neither Buchanan nor Stone support.

  7. Christopher McKinley

    Thanks for another excellent article. My opinion on all this LGBT+ sewage, and BDSM caa caa, and all-out pedophilia storm, vaccinations, poisoned food, air, and water, etc. result from a last gangster bunny standing d-ckhead scenario victory. The diseased bunny has probably been standing for about 666 years.

  8. Are you sure that nothing happened at Sandy Hook? Even Alex Jones disavowed his insistence that the Sandy Hook shootings never happened.

    The Connecticut Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision Thursday that had dismissed a wrongful-death lawsuit against gun manufacturer Remington. The suit was brought by families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. Remington is the maker of the Bushmaster XM!5-E25, the semi-automatic military-style assault weapon Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children and six school staff.

    • I am sure that the narrative as widely reported in the msm is not factual. There are tons of legitimate questions about Sandy Hook; check out my article on this blog from a few years back. For starters, if it hasn’t been scrubbed online, find the helicopter footage from local media that day. You will see that absolutely nothing appears to be going on at the school, in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting. I think someone needs to explain that.

  9. You might consider writing about important things. Things like architecture or cooking – those are topics that matter to people.

    Nodody’s really interested in politics. Poltics are soon forgotten. But a good meal is unforgettable.

  10. Hi, Connor. Thanks for reaching a 10 on the moron level. And keep scarfing those Big Macs!

    And I would bet that you know about as much about architecture as you do about flying the next space shuttle to Jupiter.

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