Trump the Psyop in Chief

One of Donald Trump’s most recent tweets has finally convinced me that he is literally an actor, strutting across the world stage. While Trump has displayed an incomprehensibly inarticulate nature, and an abysmal lack of spelling ability, this latest tweet is just too over the top. Hamberders? Are we actually to believe that the President of the United States, a billionaire in the corporate world, one who attended Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance, is not able to spell “hamburger” correctly?

Trump’s latest egregious spelling error occurred during a tweet celebrating yet another cartoonish escapade, where a “fast food buffet” was served to the NCAA football champion Clemson players. Trump, always in character, made certain to boast that he personally paid for this low-cost feast. And exaggerate the number of “hamberders” that were bought. Was it 300? Or 1000?

It was natural for Donald Trump to choose fast food. According to what we’re told, he eats almost nothing except McDonalds’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and KFC. And washes this garbage down with an alleged twelve Diet Cokes every day. This would be a suicidal diet for anyone, let alone an overweight seventy two year old.

The leader of the free world has topped George Dubya Bush, the great “decider,” in terms of grammatical gaffes. Trump has bragged about having the “best words.” Trump once tweeted out a confusing mess that included “covfefe,” which appeared to be an attempt at spelling “coverage.” During a May 2017 press release about Trump’s trip to Israel, his office mimicked his style, with misspellings that should have seemingly been caught by any educated staffer.

Trump misspelled the first name of his ambassadorial nominee Jon Huntsman. He used “council” in a sentence that should have read “White House counsel.” A week later, the president misused the word again, and this time misspelled it as “councel.” In a December 2016 snipe at China, he accused them of “an unpresidented act.” He once tweeted, “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones…”

Trump’s official inauguration poster contained the comical  ungrammatical sentence: “No dream is too big, no challenge is to great.” Trump’s crack White House staff once managed to misspell “attaker” more than twenty times in a list of supposedly under reported terrorist attacks. The White House also misspelled Theresa May’s first name as “Teresa” in the schedule for her early 2017 visit. Teresa May, coincidentally or not, is the name of a British porn star.

Trump struggled to spell the word “hereby,” misspelling it as both “hear by” and “hearby” in two different tweets. The two laughably sandwiched a call for education reform. This brought to mind one of Dubya Bush’s most hilariously ungrammatical comments that included, “Is our children learning.” An angry Trump lashed out at the media about “thr” coverage that “gas been so false and angry..” Simple typos, but clearly neither Trump nor anyone else in the White House proofreads his tweets.

The transcript of Trump’s phone call with the leader of Colombia misspelled the country as “Columbia.”  Shortly after taking the oath of office, Donald Trump set the tone clearly, when he tweeted about being “honered to serve you.” Trump has misspelled “separation.” While doling out his typical praise on the military, Trump referred to the Marine Corps as “Marine Core.” Trump has, probably intentionally, misspelled the odious Rep. Adam Schiff’s name as Adam “Schitt.” Also probably intentionally, he has spelled Obama’s first name as “Barrack.” He has even spelled his wife’s name as “Melanie” on Twitter. Well, Obama did refer to his wife as “Michael,” opening up a whole different can of conspiratorial worms.

Donald Trump’s routine misspellings, and construction of such ungrammatical sentences on Twitter, would shame your barely literate typical American teenager. Spelling “wait” as “waite?” “Smocking gun?” Predictably, Trump’s hard-core defenders maintain that his grammatical errors are done purposefully, part of the whole “he’s playing 8,000D chess” theory. Certainly, his gaffes often bring extra attention to whatever point he’s trying to make. Is Trump really a 159 IQ genius, playing to his base by trying to appear to be as “real” as they are?

Or is Donald Trump a crisis actor par excellence, summoned by forces above us all to ride in recklessly on an off-white horse, to bull rush his way through a cultural china shop?  To parrot catch phrases like “America first” and “lock her up,” which appealed to millions of disaffected voters most impacted by unbridled immigration, disastrous trade policies, and corporate greed? Is his tough talking, unapologetic style scripted to evoke a bygone era when men were men, women were women, and there were no other genders?

Trump’s recent choice of William Barr as his new Attorney General is not remotely believable as anything other than theater. We are told by no less than Lindsay Graham that Barr has been “best friends” with Robert Mueller for decades. The same Mueller that is pushing every imaginary Russian button he can invent, in order to appease all the Trump-haters out there. Why would a politician pick his supposed enemy’s “best friend” as his choice to monitor that enemy’s persecution of him? Of all Trump’s inexplicable, Never Trumper-style picks, this one was the most difficult to defend.

The Donald Trump phenomenon has succeeded in resurrecting the inane American two-party system. Thanks exclusively to his brash personality, the American electorate is pretty much split down the middle, with half-crazed Trump Derangement Syndrome haters on one side, and unreasoning “follow the plan” fans on the other side. Americans have always foolishly followed this no-choice “two party” system, and the putrid candidates it produces. But at least there were more independents before Trump. Now, one must either be “fer” or “agin” our larger than life president.

Those who irrationally hate this comic caricature in the White House, do so because he’s a “racist,” a “sexist,” and because he’s been lampooned so mercilessly by the cultural icons they admire. Those who irrationally defend him do so because he throws them a few sound bites of red meat, usually on Twitter, from some dark corner of the White House. No one talks about auditing the Fed, or bringing all the troops home, or rebuilding our collapsing infrastructure, or that promised vaccine commission chaired by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The fake unemployment stats Trump accurately called out during his campaign are now gospel, and reveal what a marvelous job he’s doing.

Trump has done some good things, and said many more good things. Getting us out of the TPP was good. The tariffs are good. Withdrawing troops from Syria, or anywhere else, was good. The summit with Putin was good. The deal with North Korea was good. If Trump acted on only a fraction of his rhetoric, this country might actually be salvageable. But instead, he regularly back tracks, and flip flops, and appoints one horrific neocon swamp creature after another to his cabinet.

The only explanation for all this nonstop drama is that Donald Trump is not a befuddled, but well-meaning businessman, unexpectedly thrust into the presidency. No one could achieve the success he has achieved, and be such an inarticulate speaker and writer. If he had any intention of “draining the swamp,” at some point he would have named someone outside the swamp to help him do that.

Donald Trump represents the Truman Show writ large. A well-paid actor, playing the part of the ultimate WWE-style villain, to anger or enthrall all the other poor players out there upon the stage.

About donaldjeffries

Author of the critically acclaimed best sellers "Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover Ups in American Politics,""Survival of the Richest: How the Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All," and the newly released "Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963." Author of the 2007 sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Unreals," which has been described as a cross between The Wizard of Oz and The Twilight Zone, and compared to A Confederacy of Dunces and classic Russian literature. A second edition of "The Unreals" was published in February 2015 by Pocol Press. Long time JFK assassination researcher. Seeker of truth, proponent of justice and fairness. Enemy of corruption. Sender of as many "tiny ripples of hope" as possible.

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  1. You finally figured that out. Congratulations.

  2. You finally figured that out. Congratulations.

  3. Reblogged this on B'Man's Revolt and commented:
    Trump Derangement Syndrome is actually a double edged sword. You have the Never Trumpers who simply don’t want him because he is a reTHUGlican. Contrarily, you have the slavish worshipers who hate democRATs.

    Neither identify the real problem of corrosive and corruptible control and influence of jews.

    No, Trump is no genius, no matter how many time HE tells you he is.

    He is a jew tool. Plain and simple. With jews, you lose.

    I doubt this jeffries guy knows this and I am confident that even if he did, he would never in a million years admit it.

    But at least we have another one pointing out what a scam Trump is. Now he needs to understand who is directing the Kabuki.

  4. Christopher McKinley

    Roy Cohn is generally regarded as President Donald Trump’s mentor. I remember reading a book about Roy Cohn back in the late 1980’s, after Cohn went on to his, well, just reward.
    The author said ol’ Roy would take the bridge from NYC over to New Jersey and visit a pornographic theater, which he owned, to latch onto the weekly receipts.
    Maybe this was where Mr. Trump learned his spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.
    Donald Trump with his six multi-million dollar bankruptcies in a row. Man, you cannot make this stuff up. Cohn died of Karposi’s syndrome AIDS. It just does not stop.

  5. Were you at the courthouse today cheering your support for Roger Stone? I would certainly hope so – he wrote the forward to your book.

    • Roger Stone did write the Foreword to the paperback edition of “Hidden History,” something I had nothing to do with. No American should be subject to pre-dawn armed police raids on their home. Even if Stone is guilty of these “crimes,” which I don’t believe he is, they are petty process offenses. This entire “Russian” fairy tale is accelerating not only our further slide into Third World status, but the cultural divide which may develop into some kind of civil war. No one who believes in freedom and civil liberties for all should support this kind of selective tyranny. Hillary Clinton admitted to destroying over 30,000 emails. Between her and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, there were revelations of hard drives being destroyed with bleach and sledge hammers. Somehow, they remain at large, uncharged with anything. Our injustice system has always been thoroughly corrupt, but the ironclad reality that every card-carrying member of the Deep State is above the law, while the likes of Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, etc., are considered potential “criminals” should frighten every American citizen.

  6. Ralph B. Seymour

    At some point, your stated agenda to drain the swamp begins to lose all credibility when you surround yourself with Jewish neocons, and then continue to appoint deep state minions to your administration.

  7. Tyler McLaughlin

    You voted for Trump and now people’s taxes are going through the roof! Everyone I know is paying more in taxes. No more home equity interest write-offs. No more state and local tax deductions. People who made the same as last year are edging into higher tax brackets. All the while billionaires are making out like bandits!

    You didn’t see this coming when you voted for Trump? You contributed to the survival of the richest.

  8. I certainly never harbored any illusions that Donald Trump would become like my political hero, Huey Long, and advocate sharing the wealth. I listened to his campaign rhetoric, some of which was truly revolutionary, and based my vote on that. What other choice was there? If he did something about illegal immigration alone, that would improve things in this country. If he did something about finally rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, that would improve things for everyone. If he brought the troops home, and stopped the endless wars, which he still tweets about doing, then things would improve. If he audited the Fed, that would be a fantastic accomplishment. He promised to do all these things and more during his campaign. The fact that he doesn’t appear to have the inclination to do any of these things is not really surprising. How many political candidates keep their promises?

    • I listened to you for the first time this evening on C to C AM.

      I listened to your derision of President Lincoln and the mis-characterization of his intentions with respect to his management of the Union and the Civil War … and I have read your thoughts on President Trump, insofar as they are contained at this web-site.

      While I have no further intention of listening to any additional content, nor will I read anything else you have authored … I shall nonetheless share my opinion of what you, based purely upon my experience of what I’ve heard you say this evening … and that is that you “sound” as though your belief system is rooted in leftist-propagandism.

      As such, I have no use for you, what you have to say, or, what you have written.

      I’ve heard you use terms such as “I think” and “I believe” and “It seems” and “They claim” and “I didn’t look into that” … all of which point towards significant opinion as opposed to anything that one may consider factual, and supports my inference of you as a contemporary leftist-propagandist. An abundance of unattributed assertions, absent any proofs.

      In the style that I have, this evening, heard you frequently use … I have to suppose that you also not only embrace the “climate-change” community, but are a full-fledged rent-paying member.

      Certainly, you have the right to espouse what you believe in and stand for … I on the other hand have the right to vigorously dismiss you.

      And I do.

      • Thanks for listening. Just a bit of clarification. I do not believe in the “climate change” nonsense. If you read enough of my work, you’ll understand that I fall outside the phony “left-right” paradigm. I especially despise identity politics and political correctness (read my recent article blasting the idea of reparations, for example).

  9. Tyler McLaughlin

    Please give generously.

  10. wandaarnold16

    As far as President Trump is concerned, I think we will need to wait a few years before we judge him as a president. The forces arraigned against him since the beginning are truly formidable. Placed in a completely unfamiliar environment and not knowing who to trust, I think it is a miracle that he has avoided assassination thus far. He is a very quick learner and he knows how to adjust as he advances his goals. The fact that he built a fortune in NYC commercial real estate speaks volumes. You don’t do this without dealing with some very unsavory characters, the very type that fill the swamp.

    But he has brought hope to millions, hope that we can somehow defeat the corruption, the sickness and the suffering. Although I never admired him as a business person and never watched his TV show, he had me in the first speech when he threw “political correctness” out the window in favor of plain talk. It was like a breath of fresh air! He’s smart enough to know that he can’t move forward without popular support, so he is revealing a little at a time as he brings the dumbed-down Americans up to speed. What you are doing is also important in bringing the truth to us. We are thirsting to know as the lies they have been feeding us for years are sitting in the stomach, undigested, and causing real pain.

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