Americans Love Their Corruption

With the recent, nonstop disclosures of official chicanery and corruption from Wikileaks, it’s fair to ask if most Americans care about the conduct of those who lead them. Julian Assange, once the darling of the Left, has become increasingly demonized by an establishment desperate to deflect attention from their own misdeeds.

Despite giving them a dreadful approval rating of under 10 percent, Americans routinely re-elect some 96 percent of all congressional incumbents. Barney Frank was sent back to Congress for decades after being exposed for running a call-boy ring out of his home. After leaving office, former House speaker Dennis Hastert was revealed to have had improper sexual relations with male students while coaching in high school, and paying to keep the scandals quiet.

Just in the past few years, bully thug Republican Rep. Michael Grimm was indicted on twenty counts of improper use of campaign funds. Jesse Jackson, Jr. pleaded guilty to misusing campaign funds as well. Both of them resigned from Congress, but does anyone doubt that they would have been re-elected, even from a prison cell, if they’d chosen to stay in office?

There are few if any public officials who don’t have the aura of corruption about them. They are often glistening with it, like greasy gangsters in expensive, tailored clothes. Many powerful business leaders fit this same profile- average people simply don’t dress and act like they are affiliated with organized crime.

Our history is replete with corruption in high places. Tammany Hall, Mayor Daley’s Chicago, the old Irish pols who advised their constituents to “vote early and often,” with a rakish wink; the examples are endless. Americans have seemingly always tolerated corruption, and many appear to view wrongdoing as something “everyone does,” as merely a reality of life. Unless they themselves, or someone they love, is directly impacted by all that charming corruption, of course.

The old adage about “stuffing the ballot box” has applied even to rapid sports fans, who have been known to vote multiple times for their hometown favorites to make various All-Star teams. We are living in a society where it is now said to be “racist” to require a voter to present identification. Without identification, exactly how does one prevent someone from “voting early and often?” Can Americans vote in any foreign elections, like illegal immigrants apparently can here? No other country would tolerate a single tourist, let alone an illegal immigrant, voting in their elections.

There is now video proof of Democratic party officials confessing to paying people to disrupt Trump events as “protesters.” This is not a “conspiracy theory.” It’s cold, in-your-face corruption. But the mainstream media simply glosses over these exposes, if they cover them at all. You will never hear any “journalist” or celebrity apologize to Trump or his supporters in light of these new revelations. The establishment never apologizes for anything.

When a Trump campaign office is firebombed, CNN blames Trump himself for his “over heated” rhetoric. This is similar to how Trump was blamed for the violence at his rallies, always incited by “protesters,” whom we now know were largely paid employees of the DNC. Wikileaks or Project Veritas could have video confessions from Clinton campaign officials about lighting the torches themselves, and it wouldn’t matter to the mainstream media, or die hard Clinton supporters.

When O’Keefe filmed Planned Parenthood officials saying some truly awful things, he was blamed for invading their privacy. Our leaders are perfectly fine with undercover agents instigating everything from drug sales to flirtations with imaginary minors online, but a real journalist simply asking questions that expose skullduggery and misdeeds is portrayed as more dishonest and reprehensible than the wrongdoers being exposed.

Those who are running this country, from elected officials to highly paid “journalists” to corporate leaders, absolutely despise whistleblowers. Thus, Bradley/Chelsea Manning sits in a prison cell for long as most murderers will, for exposing the horrific actions of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Edward Snowden remains in exile for revealing how our government spied on all of us. And now Julian Assange becomes a target of the Left who once revered him, for daring to expose just a portion of the lifetime of misdeeds associated with Hillary Clinton.

It isn’t a “conspiracy theory” to question why the dead are allowed to vote anywhere. It isn’t a “conspiracy theory” to be appalled at illegal immigrants registering to vote. It isn’t “racist” to want all voters identified, in order to make certain they aren’t voting more than once. Is it “discrimination” to limit every citizen to one vote?

This country is divided like never before. What Pat Buchanan identified as a “culture war” in 1992 is over. The side he was opposing largely won that war, as is evidenced by everything we see in the world of entertainment today, and much of what we are increasingly seeing in school systems. The new divide is a real “Us vs. Them” thing. More and more people simply don’t trust the establishment. They recognize that those who have been entrusted with running the system are largely either hopelessly incompetent or criminally corrupt.

Most of Hillary Clinton’s voting base is motivated out of sheer hatred or fear of Donald Trump. They’ve bought into the continuous loop of Goldstein-like rancor directed at the renegade billionaire. They believe he is “dangerous” and will cause a war, even though he repeatedly counsels restraint and wants to get along with Russia, while the less “dangerous” Clinton threatened to war wage on Russia over alleged cyber attacks. She has never met a war she didn’t love.

Women coming forth thirty years after the fact, with vague allegations of improper touching by Trump, are being taken seriously by the same dinosaur media that needs to thoroughly “vet” every clear cut video confession by a corrupt official tied to Clinton. The idea that Hillary would choose to make Trump’s treatment of women an issue, when her own husband has been accused of literal rape by more than one victim, while she has been accused of leading the attacks against them, is akin to Chris Christie trying to make the weight of his opponent an issue.

When Joy Behar trashed the victims of Bill Clinton as “tramps,” she spoke for too many feminists. The ones who agree with journalist Nina Burleigh that women should be on their presidential knee pads, in order to pay homage to Bill Clinton for keeping abortion legal. That’s an outright politicization of sex, and legitimizes rape and sexual assault, as long as the rapist is someone who agrees with you politically. Behar, Burleigh, and others like them ought to be ashamed. But I know they never will be ashamed, and they represent the extent to which this country is divided.

The same comedians who have joked relentlessly about Sarah Palin’s “retard” son, or about her being raped, try to claim they’re outraged over Trump’s comparatively mild comments. This is the social justice warrior mindset in a nutshell; what we or anyone we support does is irrelevant. What anyone we oppose says is cause for social and professional ostracization, and even criminal prosecution. One side of the divide appears to have rejected completely the notion that the ends don’t justify the means.

If the revelations from Wikileaks and O’Keefe’s Project Veritas cannot open the eyes of Americans to the massive corruption all around them, what will? Do they really want to have a legislative body that, in the words of Mark Twain, represent America’s only native criminal class? Do they really approve of cheating, and violence, in order to obtain a goal? Has “by any means necessary” gone far beyond what Malcolm X meant? Is anything fair game, for simple political expediency?

Americans seem to have an innate love for the “bad boy.” Witness the continuing popularity of films about organized crime. What is the perpetual fascination with brutal murderers, who have ruined untold numbers of lives over the decades?  There is nothing “cool” about hit men, or squeezing business owners. “Bad boys” and girls cheat to win. They are not averse to harming, or even killing, others in order to achieve their goals. Is this a collective case of Stockholm Syndrome?

Bruce Springsteen warned us that Trump is “dangerous,” and the first example he mentioned was the fact he was daring to suggest our elections are rigged. The late Collier brothers revealed just the tip of the iceberg to voting fraud in their excellent book Votescam, as I detailed in my own Hidden History. 

American history is replete with dubious election results. The 1876 presidential contest between Democrat Samuel Tilden and Republican Rutherford B. Hayes was the first one to demonstrate the fatal flaws in our Electoral College. Tilden, like Al Gore would over a century later, “lost” the election despite winning the popular vote. That should never happen. But “Landslide” Lyndon Johnson and countless other corrupt political hacks in both major parties have profited from this electoral fraud for a very long time.

We’ve all heard the old expression “you can’t fight city hall.” This was an admission that the system has long been rigged against the common people, at all levels. The slowly rising number of awake Americans are trying, in effect, to beat city hall here. This phrase was supposedly originated during the Boss Tweed-Tammany Hall reign of corruption in 1800s New York. Those nineteenth century Americans would be flabbergasted at the level of corruption their ancestors are confronted with.

Americans not only re-elect the representatives they seemingly hate, judging by approval ratings in polls, virtually all the time; they also swallow the ridiculous official narratives spun by the mainstream media they claim to distrust, as in the same polls, they receive less than a 10 percent approval rating.

This election will be a real litmus test, to determine just how far America has devolved into a Third World Idiocracy. It is about a willingness to approve of corruption or to at least demand some semblance of honesty. Trump is a supremely flawed candidate and individual, but to vote for Hillary Clinton- the Queen of Corruption- is to give a thumbs up to the systemic wrongdoing that has all but wrecked this once great country, and to wholeheartedly cheer corruption.


About donaldjeffries

Author of the critically acclaimed best sellers "Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover Ups in American Politics,""Survival of the Richest: How the Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All," and the newly released "Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963." Author of the 2007 sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Unreals," which has been described as a cross between The Wizard of Oz and The Twilight Zone, and compared to A Confederacy of Dunces and classic Russian literature. A second edition of "The Unreals" was published in February 2015 by Pocol Press. Long time JFK assassination researcher. Seeker of truth, proponent of justice and fairness. Enemy of corruption. Sender of as many "tiny ripples of hope" as possible.

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  1. Donald Trump is a flawed candidate but he’s by far the better choice. Trump is a real friend of working people; just ask those who worked for him. No corruption for him; just ask his contractors. Plus, he’s a really deep thinker – amazing insights into world events!

    Make America Great Again!

  2. I just heard you on Coast-Coast make the false equivalence of Trump’s refusal to accept election results with Al Gore in 2000. Gore conceded, then the FL results tightened to the point of activating an automatic recall. At THAT point, Gore withdrew his concession. Does your conspiracy rant ever include the SCOTUS’ decision to stop the FL recount, which would have Gore to be the winner and thus, the rightful POTUS? Of course not.

  3. Sandra Caughell

    Wonderful, eye opening program on Coast to Coast last night. I have had all the concerns you expressed last night for some time. The government corruption, nepotism in the news media and government, not covering important stories and those who had the guts to report the stories being fired. All of our jobs going overseas so our large corporations can make untaxed income. Lying about our unemployment rate to make us think that the country is in good financial shape. I can’t name one thing that is going right. I grew up when you could go outside to play, climb trees, play Cowboys and Indians, and forgetting to come for dinner because you were having too much fun! I am sick at heart about our country and where it’s gone. Thank God for Donald Trump, he is finally telling the American people what is going on, he is a little brash but we need that and his strength. I can’t believe anyone is supporting Hillary and her total corruption that has been her and Bills modus operandi for all their political life. I will be buying your new book and passing it on to my family and friends. Thank you Coast to Coast for having the strength to have programming where we learn what the main stream media won’t report.

    Sandra Caughell

  4. Good job on Coast to Coast and thank you for the great commentary above. Clinton supporters remind me of those who had adamantly supported the belief that the sun revolved around the earth.

  5. Great program last night and great article here. All those huge Trump crowds have got to have an impact of voting Nov 8, If not the fix is in. Even in the last debate it it was obvious she was receiving messages from somewhere.
    If Trump ever gets in, he’ll need his own private security, I don’t think he could even trust the Secret Service anymore to protect the presidency. But he is in grave danger right now if it looks like the biased barrage from MSM is not working, and I believe there is fury out there among the voters.
    It is possible that the New World Order that HW Bush started as CIA director, and implemented himself as POTUS, continuing with G Bush and about to be finished with Hillary is going to be the loss of America to it’s people, a decline into chaos, I think.

  6. Has everyone here signed the impeach Obama petition that was just posted?

    Better hurry!

  7. Don just wanted to tell you thank you for the excellent interview on C2C the other night. I am close to your age and look on in almost disbelief at how our country is being destroyed from within, and how what can only be described as the ‘hitler youth’ mentality of hellary’s (I prefer to call her the ‘whore of babylon’) followers. God help us all if she gets in and if she does it will only be through fraud. On the plus side I have been told it was patriots fed up with the corruption within our alphabet agencies that leaked the emails. Had nothing to do with Russia. This gives me a little hope our country can be saved.

  8. I would like to see a Class Action Lawsuit against HRC by the American (legal) citizens for all the crimes she’s committed. Trump was a private citizen before his candidacy and I don’t care what he “said” to anyone prior to this.

  9. Kathryn,

    Concur! Let’s git her! Git her good!

    Don Lindgren

  10. Paul Ryan must pay for his disloyalty. He’ll pay

  11. Don,

    Thanks for the great show! You are truly a light beacon in these foggy times.

    You know, I’m not queer or anything like that, but I really wouldn’t mind hitting the sack with Donald Trump. Just one night; then I’d go back to the missus.

    Any of you other men out there agree?


  12. “Peace, plenty, and contentment reign throughout our borders, and our beloved country presents a sublime moral spectacle to the world.” — James K. Polk

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