Rocking the Vote Fraud

In 1964, fresh on the heels of the coup ‘d tat which removed President John F. Kennedy from office, the responsibility for tabulating our election results was turned over to an un-audited private company, like the Federal Reserve. Known by various names over the years, this private outfit is presently referred to as the National Election Pool.

A few decades ago, the late Collier brothers launched a remarkable investigation into voting fraud, resulting in the generally ignored book Votescam. Readers can find out a great deal more about their work in my book Hidden History. But voter fraud started long before the Colliers began looking into things in 1980s-era Florida.

70% or more of American ballots are counted by machine. The electronic voting results are difficult to monitor, and easy to manipulate. The League of Women Voters were actually recorded on videotape forging ballots, but then Dade County Attorney General Janet Reno retaliated not against the vote fraud, but against the whistle blower Collier Brothers. 60 Minutes actually taped a segment on this clear voting fraud, but in typical mainstream media fashion, never aired it.

Pecinct workers in Dade County, Florida (a popular hot spot for electoral fraud) walked out in protest during the 1974 elections, after discovering the machines were rigged. The Miami Herald, in true establishment “investigative” fashion, reported the walk out, but not the reason behind it. The rest of the establishment press ignored the precinct workers when they tried to contact them, as did the local attorney general and the FBI. This is another instance where someone definitely tried to “talk” about corruption.

Alex Jones likes to talk about what he experienced at the beginning of his broadcasting career, when he was covering the grass roots Pat Buchanan 1996 presidential campaign. Buchanan stunned the Republican Party establishment by winning the New Hampshire primary that year. Jones spoke of seeing results at his election precinct in Texas that indicated Buchanan was getting 70% or more of the vote, but when the “official” numbers came out, he barely registered, at less than 10% or so.

With the Republican elite stunned over Buchanan’s New Hampshire win, which  normally results in that candidate being anointed as the “front runner” by the mainstream media, they did everything they could to stop him in the next primary, in Arizona. The “Buchanan Brigade” were irate over the irregularities and fraud they witnessed first hand in Arizona, and Buchanan unfortunately refused to speak up about it. Incredibly, the Arizona legislature approved a measure that forbid a recount in just this particular primary.

Sometimes paper ballots don’t even make a difference. In Dubuque, Iowa, Buchanan followers watched as their candidate handily won the county’s caucuses in 1996. But after the results were phoned into the Voter News Service (a previous incarnation of the National Election Pool), Buchanan had magically lost 13% of his vote, and wound up losing the caucuses.

The examples are numerous. In one Boston election, a judge simply declared nearly 1,000 ballots which had been declared “blank” due to multiple punches to be valid. These “votes” were almost all handed to the incumbent candidate. In a West Virginia case, an expert was able to demonstrate how to add 10,000 bogus “votes” with one ballot card. The judge refused to let the jury watch the demonstration and voting fraud charges were dropped.

All electronic voting machines in the competitive-unfriendly United States, as might be expected, come from only three big companies. The heads of two of these companies have been convicted of vote fraud. Much as it with the National Election Pool itself, no inspections have ever been permitted on these machines; there is no public oversight over any of our electoral system.

Ron Paul was far and away the most popular Republican presidential candidate in 2012, if you judged by the best empirical evidence- signs, bumper stickers, crowds, and unregulated internet polls. Party leaders wantonly violated their own rules, changed vote counts, and privately counted ballots that should have been publicly counted. Paul held a commanding lead in all polls leading up to the first contest, the Iowa caucus.

Iowa’s Republican Governor Terry Barnstad helpfully declared, just prior to the vote, that if Paul won, “people are going to be looking at who comes in second and who comes in third.” The final vote count for the Iowa caucus was staged at a secret location, and the results from eight precincts, each of them considered friendly to Paul, mysteriously went missing. There were “inaccuracies” discovered in 131 precincts. Despite leading comfortably in all pre-election polls, Paul somehow officially came in third place.

Ron Paul’s campaign was well organized in Nevada, but on caucus day, media access was denied to most precincts. Some of the press were thrown out of caucus sites. Even CNN aired a film clip of a Paul supporter being denied the opportunity to vote at a special caucus. CNN’s live coverage of this vote showed Paul winning almost 60%. The vote was inexplicably dragged out for days, and when the dust had settled, Mitt Romney had magically won.

In Colorado, foretelling the kind of dirty tricks Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign specialized in, Romney supporters were caught handing out fake Ron Paul slates at the state convention. During a highly irregular event in St. Charles County, Missouri, the temporary chairman banned all recording devices and wound up calling a police SWAT team on Paul supporters, one of whom was arrested. This chairman, Eugene Dokes, would subsequently admit on talk radio that state officials had deliberately broke the rules to stop Ron Paul.

In Maine, the state GOP chairman simply awarded the election to Mitt Romney, with only 84% of the vote counted, and a lead of less than 200. He then cancelled the remaining caucuses due to an impending snowstorm that never occurred. Despite promises of these votes being counted later, they never were. In at least one instance, a Maine pastor witnessed the votes being read publicly for his precinct, with Paul winning, and yet the “official” results for his precinct had Paul in third place.

In Arizona, The Examiner reported  “ballot stuffing, rule violations, and improper vote counting that occurred behind closed doors” at the convention. Supporters of Ron Paul also alleged that they were threatened physically by Romney supporters. In Michigan, countless Paul supporters were blocked from entering county conventions due to an antiquated party rule. In Wyoming, the Paul campaign claimed that members of the Republican Executive Committee, who were all Romney supporters. illegally cast votes for delegates.

In Georgia, GOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart publicly apologized for the “shoddy treatment of the Ron Paul people at that [2008] convention.” However, video from the 2012 convention revealed party leaders breaking rules in the same manner, and forcing their slate of delegates in while preventing Paul’s supporters from electing their own. Party leaders went on to adjourn illegally and then ran out of the meeting.

Even Ron Paul’s one “official” victory, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, was simply overturned and awarded to Romney. In Louisiana, a Rules Committee chairman who was also a Paul supporter, had his fingers broken by off-duty police officers providing security the night before the convention. When the Paul supporters simply chose another one of their own as chairman, the same security forces roughed him up, breaking his  hip in the process. In Oregon, Republican officials in one district were caught on tape trying to steal the ballot box, when they discovered Ron Paul was winning.

This is just a small sampling of the overt corruption and fraud that Ron Paul’s truly popular 2012 campaign endured. I attended my local Republican convention, just to vote for my son’s friend (both of them were Paul volunteers), who was running for delegate, and witnessed first hand the hardball tactics of those wishing to crush the will of the people. In another Virginia convention, the party establishment locked the Paul delegation out of the building.

The 2016 presidential primary season has taken voter fraud to frightening new levels. The Republicans simply cancelled voting in the Wyoming Caucus and just awarded all the delegates to Ted Cruz. Republican officials freely admitted that the party decides the nominee, not the voters.

As for the Democrats, Bernie Sanders was absolutely raped by the rigged electoral system. At one point, Sanders had won eight consecutive primaries, and yet the unrelenting mantra from our unbiased “journalists” was that Hillary Clinton’s nomination was inevitable. In state after state, Sanders drew crowds as large as 30,000, while Clinton struggled to fill a small room.

Even the revelations from Wikileaks, which provided ample documentation that the Democratic party had conspired to stop Sanders and award the nomination to Clinton, resulted in a quick shift of focus, to just who had leaked the damaging information. Inferences were made that Russia had leaked the information, in order to help Donald Trump. When Julian Assange himself declared that this was a ridiculous charge, the focus remained on the identity of the whistle blower, as always, instead of the wrongdoing that was being exposed.

Although Bernie Sanders was cheated repeatedly during the 2016 primaries and caucuses, winning states and still receiving fewer delegates than Clinton, in California the fraud and corruption became nearly farcical. On the eve of this crucial primary, with the candidates locked in a close race despite all the cheating for Clinton, the mainstream media simply declared that Hillary Clinton had accumulated enough delegates to secure the nomination.

I could read all the frustrated posts from my friends on Facebook, whose votes weren’t counted in California, and in some case still haven’t been counted. Even the Washington Post admitted that the “lengthy vote count stokes theories that Sanders actually won” the nation’s largest electoral prize.

There were massive irregularities, to put it kindly, in almost all of the Democratic and Republican primaries and caucuses in 2016. Young supporters of Bernie Sanders were especially shocked by the undemocratic nature of the process. In numerous places, there weren’t enough ballots. In Illinois, poll workers were seen manipulating paper ballots. Voter integrity activist Lora Chamberlain remarked, “I was watching the hand count of the early voting machines … they had to erase 21 votes for Bernie Sanders and add 49 Hillary Clinton votes.”

In Arizona, frustrated voters waited up to five hours to cast their ballots. Justice Gazette reported that more than one million Arizona voters were disenfranchised. Arizona’s Secretary of State Michele Reagan ultimately admitted that voter suppression and fraud occurred. But no one seemed to care. New York saw a slew of complaints about “irregularities” resulting in a suppression of the vote. Weeks after the New York primary, more than two million absentee ballots had yet to be counted.

Despite all this massive fraud, Bernie Sanders, like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul before him, seemed far less concerned than his followers did. Donald Trump complained more about Sanders getting cheated than Sanders did. Especially with the mess in California, we should have seen intense media scrutiny on the dubious process, with real investigations into fraud being conducted. Instead, our lapdog press did what it does best; it dutifully reported what the authorities told them, and acted as if Hillary Clinton had won the nomination fair and square.

While Donald Trump has talked often about the “rigged system,” Bernie Sanders disappointed his enthusiastic supporters by immediately capitulating right after the travesty in California, and threw his support behind the candidate on whose behalf the rigged system had engineered his defeat. One passionate speech from Sanders, highlighting even half of what I’ve highlighted here, would be something even our docile press couldn’t ignore.

Instead, Sanders angered his supporters by urging them to vote for Hillary Clinton at the absurd Democratic convention, which featured the removal of first Sanders’ signs, then canned applause to drown out the boos, media refusal to pan towards protesters, and finally the actual replacement of Sanders’ delegates with those who’d been hired from a Craigs List ad, and instructed to cheer lustily.

Thanks to all the efforts of citizen activists, and independent voices on the internet, the American people have seen how the electoral sausage is made, and they know it isn’t pretty. Our celebrated leaders always remind us, “your vote counts.” No one has an excuse now not to understand just how false this slogan is. At this point, it’s fair to question whether anyone’s vote is being honestly counted, or if trudging to the polls is just an exercise in futility. Are the results all preordained, and the whole electoral charade just some kind of mindless theater?

I have lost friends, on Facebook, because of my support for Trump. The saddest of these losses was Victoria Collier, daughter of one of the co-authors of Votescam, and seemingly an activist for honest voting herself. She wasn’t even interested in the obvious voter fraud in California, and actually seemed to question the notion that there had been anything untoward about the voting there. She is voting for the Queen of Corruption, like so many other good people, and is motivated exclusively by an intense hatred of Trump. After telling me she wasn’t going to block me (because of my anti-Clinton comments), she just deleted me as her friend.

I don’t want to ever hear again that, “if you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain.” I will vote this year, but I have little confidence that it will be counted legitimately. The process has been exposed to all as a festering cesspool of corruption and chicanery. But if the past is any indication, the majority of the public will simply forget and move on.

As MTV used to say so enthusiastically, “Rock the Vote.”



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  1. Since it’s all rigged, Donald Trump’s nomination was the result of a rigged system. So, you’re supporting a man who benefitted from a fixed primary system. Interesting.

  2. Excellent. Too many sheeple will never be aware until it’s too late.

  3. Sundance’s research is a credible, excellent source of election truth. Visit & contribute to his blog & twitter (authors Jeffries/Stone) daily from now to important ‘GAME CHANGER’ 2016 election, for evaluation of American politics, crime, trends w/archives dating back to TraVon & Zimmerman BGI. Choice: Open borders is changing everything about USA vs. Closed borders sovereignty. End shadow gov’t & gov’t conspiracy which is trying to replace Constitution with corruption. Drain the Swamp from sea to shining sea! MSM etal. MAGA2016

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