Our Electoral Corruption is Being Exposed

With the explosion of the internet, it is getting harder for our despicable leaders to hide the reality of the corrupt mess they’ve built. I thought the people would wake up to the absurd nature of our electoral system after the 2000 election, but they went back to sleep as usual. Let’s hope they finally wake up to what’s going on now.

Never has a clear front runner in either major party been treated like Donald Trump. He has been shunned and ridiculed like no one else since Pat Buchanan stunned the elites by winning the 1996 New Hampshire primary. No matter how many times he wins, the mainstream media continues to act as if he really isn’t winning. And top Republican party leaders are increasingly disavowing him, and even forming super PACs, expressly for the purpose of stopping Trump.

Yesterday, Donald Trump won 7 of the 11 states on Super Tuesday. This should have been considered a resounding triumph, and party leaders should be urging the other candidates to drop out and rally behind the presumptive nominee. Instead, we had Jeb Bush and several others, including President Obama, declaring that Trump will not be elected President, or even win the Republican nomination. Despite both the mainstream media, and his own party’s leaders overtly lobbying against him, Trump has won the vast majority of the primaries thus far.

In spite of Trump’s 7 victories yesterday, we are asked to believe that his lead in total delegates actually shrunk to less than 100, over Ted Cruz, who won 3 states on Super Tuesday. Under what sort of electoral system does this kind of math work? How do you receive proportionately more delegates than the person who’s beating you in most of the primaries? Cruz didn’t get more than 50% in Texas, so the delegates were doled out proportionately, and Trump finished second there, so that is no explanation.

In contrast, Bernie Sanders, who won New Hampshire with the biggest margin of victory since JFK in 1960 and somehow received fewer delegates there than the candidate he crushed, is so far behind Hillary Clinton in total delegates that it will be impossible for him to catch her. And yet he’s won more primaries than Ted Cruz has. What kind of ridiculous system is this? Why do “super” delegates even exist? They’re telling you that these “Super” people are party leaders who are simply permitted to go with the hierarchy’s choice, in spite of the popular vote.

Infowars reported, early Tuesday, that local Texas radio stations were getting numerous calls reporting voting irregularities. As had been reported before, some voters complained that the Trump lever wasn’t working in their precinct. The Oklahoma primary results were particularly suspect; while Trump had been leading by a good margin in pre-election polls, he wound up losing by double digits to Cruz. This brought back memories of the shenanigans in Iowa, where exit polls giving Trump a solid victory turned into a razor-thin second place finish over a mysteriously “surging” Marco Rubio. The fact that Microsoft- the second largest contributor to Rubio’s campaign- was permitted to become involved with the vote count at the last minute was only reported by alternative media and seems to have escaped the notice of the clueless sheeple.

Meanwhile, a New York Times reporter jokes about assassinating Trump as the only way to stop him, and comedian George Lopez tweets an image of drug lord El Chapo beheading Trump with the caption, “Make America great again.” Where is the public outrage? Since we’ve already given our stamp of approval to assassinating foreign leaders, and even American citizens, are we now ready to endorse the assassination of political candidates that the establishment doesn’t like? How many celebrities have claimed they’d leave the country is Trump is elected? They’ve even started their own ridiculous campaign, dubbed”Stop Hate Dump Trump.”

Rapper Rick Ross released a new song that calls for the assassination of Trump. Twitter is littered with assassination threats against Trump. Are any of these people being investigated? John Kasich’s Illinois co-campaign chairman Pat Brady was quoted as saying, in regards to Trump, “You gotta take him out with a head shot.” National Republican strategist Rick Wilson candidly advised that the party’s donor class must find a way to “put a bullet” in Trump. While our own government is clearly not interested in this, a Russian Foreign Intelligence Service report has concluded there is an active plot to eliminate Donald Trump’s threat to the status quo.

Quintessential establishment stooge Paul Ryan has joined the media chorus insinuating that Trump is “racist,” because David Duke evidently supports him. While Trump disavowed Duke’s support, the larger question here should bother anyone who values civil liberties. If I’d been Trump, I would have responded with, “How can I stop anyone from voting for me? Since I need and want votes, why would I stop anyone from voting for me? I want everyone’s vote.” And Duke has now come out and stated that he never supported Trump in the first place. But that won’t matter- the childishly transparent narrative has been set. If Trump is called “racist” enough times, much of the dumbed-down public will accept it.

Donald Trump is the only candidate that is promising to finally do something about our insane immigration policy. He is the only one who has talked about the deadly Visa programs, which bring foreign workers in to this country, and pay companies who hire them over American citizens a bonus. He’s the only one who has criticized the TPP monstrosity, as well as NAFTA and all the other disastrous trade deals that have gutted American industry and destroyed blue-collar wages. He has at least hinted at 9/11 truth. And now he’s called for auditing the Federal Reserve. Is it any wonder that the establishment is lined up against him?

Bernie Sanders also wants to audit the Fed,  and has focused on the One Percent and the sinful distribution of wealth in America. He also wants to end the burgeoning private prison industry. Both he and Trump are far too supportive of the “war” on terror and foreign interventionism, but all of the establishment-friendly candidates are militaristic authoritarians who have no respect for civil liberties. Since the Democrats are clearly handing the nomination to Hillary, even if Sanders somehow wins the rest of the primaries, I believe Trump is our best hope.

In 2012, Ron Paul was royally screwed over by the system. Despite the largest, most enthusiastic crowds in every state, he officially lost time and time again, to the robotic Mitt Romney and even Rick Santorum, who often had only a handful of people at his rallies. Ron Paul made a huge mistake, in my view, in not confronting the issue publicly. This kind of vote fraud, which I covered extensively in Hidden History, is not a “conspiracy theory.” It’s a reality of the rotten electoral system we’ve allowed to remain in place.

Our thoroughly corrupt electoral system is finally being exposed to the masses. With two renegade candidates doing well, drawing huge crowds, how obvious does it have to get that the all important delegates are simply not reflecting the will of the voting public?  And that is, of course, assuming that the votes are even being counted honestly. What is the point of trudging out to the polls if your vote is subject to the whim of a party plutocrat, or some “super” delegate who is allowed to be “committed” to the establishment’s choice, regardless of what the voters want?

Marco Rubio and other establishment Republicans clearly want a brokered convention. John F. Kennedy was the first modern candidate to realize the importance of the primaries, and to win his party’s nomination because of them, and in spite of a party leadership that desired to reward loyal soldier Lyndon Johnson. Brokered conventions used to be all the rage. Is that what the people want? An establishment stooge being picked by elitist insiders in a smoke-filled room? Well, not smoke-filled anymore. That would be politically incorrect.

The same mainstream media that lies to the people constantly, and is literally rooting against Trump, talks about the importance of our “democratic right to vote.” And in the next breath, they’ll explain, with room-brightening smiles, how Hillary Clinton was given more delegates in New Hampshire than Bernie Sanders, who beat her soundly in popular votes. “Super” delegates and all that.

Sanders has already been screwed over. I wish he’d speak out, instead of taking it like Ron Paul did. Donald Trump represents the will of a populace fed up with the corrupt establishment. If they screw him over, too, then it will be obvious to all that we are not a government of the people.


About donaldjeffries

Author of the critically acclaimed best sellers "Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover Ups in American Politics,""Survival of the Richest: How the Corruption of the Marketplace and the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All," and the newly released "Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963." Author of the 2007 sci-fi/fantasy novel "The Unreals," which has been described as a cross between The Wizard of Oz and The Twilight Zone, and compared to A Confederacy of Dunces and classic Russian literature. A second edition of "The Unreals" was published in February 2015 by Pocol Press. Long time JFK assassination researcher. Seeker of truth, proponent of justice and fairness. Enemy of corruption. Sender of as many "tiny ripples of hope" as possible.

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  1. I found your website by listening to an interview you had with Tim Kelly on his show.

    I enjoyed reading your article, especially the part about voting irregularities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Iowa. But where you write:

    “…how Hillary Clinton was given more delegates in New Hampshire than Bernie Sanders, who beat her soundly in popular votes.”

    According to the New York Times, Sanders won more delegates than Clinton in New Hampshire:

    If you consider the NYT an unreliable source for such information then please direct me to what you consider a better source.

  2. Oh, yes, the superdelegates. Except perhaps for electronic voting machines that register a vote for Rubio when one voted for Trump, nothing shouts out ‘fraud’ and ‘corrupt’ and ‘broken system’ louder than superdelegates.

    That Trump and perhaps Sanders garner as many votes as they do suggests that some people have awoken from their slumber. But in our increasingly perilous times, any one who has cast a vote for Jeb, Marco, Ted, or Hillary is signaling to the world that they are irretrievably clueless. Unfortunately, there are still far more sheeple than awaken.

    To use religious terminology, what has happened so far is a miracle, i.e., that Trump has managed to weather the hostile media storm so far. But for the awaken to cast more votes for Trump than the sheeple cast for Hillary (far more so that electronic voting machines can’t ‘decide’ the election) and for Trump then to implement positive national changes still against a hostile press and a hostile congress and possibly a hostile supreme court will require one or two additional miracles. Donald Trump has given a lot of people hope in what seemed until now a very bleak future.

    The meme should be put out there that a “brokered convention” really means a broken system.

    On one level, this is the most interesting development in politics in many decades; we are all waiting to see if Trump will win in November. On the other hand, Trump has already won because the Overton Window has moved and will move still some more before November. Trump has also already won because he has exposed to all but the dimmest of bulbs that the managerial elite holds us regular folks in complete contempt. By voting for Trump we are signaling back to them that the feeling is mutual.

  3. David Warfield

    Heya Don-We disagree on Trump. When you say the “will of the people” you have to remember that Donald Trump represents a segment of the Republican Party that’s REALLY pissed off, but just a segment of about 35% and not much more. What’s surprised us “establishment” types is just how angry people are. Trump is right-he could kill someone and people would still vote for him. In fact some people might try to vote twice! Regarding Romney: he wanted Trump’s money. Did you expect him to tell the truth?

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